Its a Mommy Thing!

Your dad’s new wife is such a cock-tease. Ever since she called you out for listening to her fuck your dad, life has been impossible at home. All she does is wear skimpy clothes and fuck your dad. Loudly. She knows you can hear it, she knows you listen to her getting fucked and jerk off. And today, she asks you to come into their bedroom. When you enter, she’s sitting on the bed, fastening the strap to her stilettos, wearing a completely see-through lace blouse. She gets up close to you, so you can see her pierced nipples pressing through the fabric, and asks if its too see-through. You say yes and she smirks, “good.”

File size: 498MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:22:15
File type: MP4


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