Intimate encounters with my brother 2

After our experience There wasn’t any discomfort or anything around my brother, but he’s been checking me out non stop and sometimes touches my ass when we’re alone in the kitchen or something. It’s cute, and kinda sexy so I don’t mind. After all, I did enjoy our little experience, even though it does feel so wrong to have done it.
Like I’d said, we kind of agreed we should try something again soon, but I didn’t know whether anything would happen other than the ass touching that’s been going on.

There was New Year’s Eve party being hosted by my dad’s boss and it was a hell of a celebration to welcome the new year. My parents and I drove out to the party on the last afternoon of 2016, my brother would meet us there as he was on his way back from a friend’s party.
It was a swell night for the most part, and because of the chilly weather I decided to go with warmth and comfort; black leggings and a sweater. And of course, as soon as my brother arrived I knew he wouldn’t be able to help himself when eyeing me head to toe. I won’t lie, I liked the attention, as wrong as it may be. But I guess that’s what does it for me. The fact that it’s “taboo” is what I find myself being turned on by.
Back to the party: the dance floor was located in the lobby. Dad’s boss has a very big home, and with the music and lights it felt a little like a nightclub in there. It was dark, music loud, colored lights flashing, etc…I asked my brother to dance and he agreed without hesitation. And if things got hot and heavy out there it wouldn’t matter if people saw us because the dance floor was mostly friends of dad’s boss and/or their kids who were around my age. And my parents would be out back chatting with dad’s boss; music and dancing isn’t really their thing. So essentially nobody would know we were brother and sister, since we didn’t really know them and even dads boss hadn’t formally met us.
And sure enough things got hot and heavy. Grinding on my brother felt sexy, satisfying, and most definitely was turning me on as he danced on me from behind. His hands on my hips, all over my body felt so good. I felt his penis getting semi hard through my leggings as we danced. Then he pulled me closer,m from behind, put a hand on my waist and wrapped an arm around my midriff. When he did that I started moving my hips, gyrating my ass in circles as he held my upper body still, and his penis got pretty hard at that point. He spoke into my ear, “I hope you realize what you’re causing” with a flirty smile. I gave a flirty smile back and kept dancing on him.
After only a few songs we stepped off and sat by the staircase which was away from the commotion of the party. We had some punch, ate some snacks that were set for guests on a table, and waited for the clock to strike midnight. It was still about an hour away.
Then my brother suggested we drive back home, tell our parents that I didn’t feel well and had my brother take home home. I knew where this might lead, and frankly I was kind of looking forward to it. Especially after that episode we had in the lobby dance floor.
And we were home in a flash while my parents stayed behind with dad’s boss. They wouldn’t be home for at least another 2 hours.
As soon as we got to my room my brother came up behind me, fondled my tits and ran a hand from my belly to my crotch. He kept saying how much the leggings were turning him on at the party.
I was turned on as well and it wasn’t long before I felt wetness begin to moisten up my panties, and my leggings. His cock was rock hard by this point and he was dry jumping me from behind while my tits were being fondled and my pussy began to crave him.
I heard him pull his pants down; he took my hand, pulled it behind me, and placed it on his cock. And just like the first time, it felt huge, still surprised me for some reason. I stroked it while he touched my pussy over my leggings. God it felt amazing.
Then he pushed me onto his bed, laid me flat face down, and then I felt him start to pull my leggings and panties down from behind me. I raised myself a bit so he could pull them down from under me as I lay there on his bed and before I knew it my leggings and panties were at my knees.
I heard his pants fly off and hit the floor, the pulled my shirt up and off me. So there I was, face down on his bed, no top, leggings at my knees. And there he was with no pants, setting himself up behind me. He sat on my legs and played with my pussy from behind a little.
Then I felt him start to rub his cock on my pussy lips, teasing me, making me want to beg for it. I did so by arching my back and pointing my ass upwards towards him. Gyrating it a little to try to get him to fuck me already because I wanted it bad at that point. Then he moved his cock away.
I felt him put 2 fingers in me, slid them in and out a few times. I felt my breathing get a little louder then. And then he took them out, and put in his cock instead. Not slowly but not fast either, just kind of eased it in and started fucking me on my tummy.
Home alone, fucking, I’d never moaned with so much pleasure. Good god it was just as good as the first time with him. And he kept pumping that cock deep into my vagina, I could feel/hear his balls slam onto my pussy lips, my moaning, shaking my ass a little, I don’t know if sex was ever this good.
He slapped my ass a few times, laid on my back with his nice firm chest while fucking me, his hips thrusting into me, pushing my body into the mattress.
I felt an orgasm coming, and I was gonna hold it to keep the moment going as long as I could.
I couldn’t do it. I started cumming so hard, I lost control and my pussy was in heaven at that point. I felt my eyes close and according to my brother they rolled back. All that sent him over the edge and before I knew it I heard him grunting, pumping slower, and his hot cum was shooting into me, and he kept shooting and filling me until he finally stopped pumping.
I asked him to keep his cock in me for a little while longer because it felt so good when he did it the first time, and he agreed and collapsed on top of me for a few minutes.
We cleaned up and watched a movie downstairs as we waited for our parents to get home. We talked about how wrong it all was, but we kind of also agreed that no one had to know and that we could do it again if it stayed that way.
That’s probably the last time we’ll get to do anything until I move back from school in the summer, but I’m so looking forward to it.

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