In the Office

Scene One: I need this job

Just divorced from her husband and now a single mom Krissy really needs a job. When an old friend tells her about a position at her company Krissy Lynn jumps at the opportunity. With no prior experience required and a 6 figure salary it almost seems too good to be true. “Why don’t you show her what her job entails” He says to Ms. Chase. Krissy looks on in horror and shame as Ms. Chase gets to her knees and sucks off her boss. “If you want the job stand up” Ms. Chase tells her. Half paralyzed with fear Krissy stands up and is humiliated by her friend slipping off her panties, exposing herself to everyone in the room. Her legs are spread and her tits groped by the powerful man offering her a huge salary and a huge cock. He fucks her from behind and takes away her dignity and pride. As he presses his cock against her virgin ass she screams. “No you can’t put it in my ass!” and runs out of the room, unable to keep going even for the amazing job.

Scene Two: Ms. Chase offers her ass

Luckily Ms. Chase is still there to meet her bosses needs. She happily sucks her boss hard again and more than makes up for her friends failure. Bending over the counter she gasps as his big cock presses into her hot ass. A slap of punishment on her ass and he fucks her. “That’s it master, use my tight ass.” She moans. Throwing her to the couch he fucks her like the slutty sex secretary she is. Shoving his dirty cock into her mouth and making her taste him and lube him up for more ass fucking fun. Ms. Chase has no shame anymore, doing exactly what her master wants of her until he shoots his big load into her welcoming mouth. Her duties over Cory goes to comfort her crying friend. “I needed this job. Fuck!” Krissy Lynn cries. Cory explains that she can have the job if she wants it, she just needs to put in more effort.

Scene Three: The Accountant

Putting aside her pride for her , Krissy takes the job and walks into her bosses office with her first accounting report. He makes her bend over the desk and read it to him. She tries not to whimper as he pulls up her skirt and slides down her panties. As she reads his hands slide up and down her exposed pussy making her gasp as she speaks. “Just fuck me already!’ She yells. He pushes her to the couch and grabs her big tits as his dick plunges into her. He makes her keep reading as he uses her tight milf body. He even lets her touch herself and cum on his big cock. “Thank you” She moans and he shoots a big load over her hairy pussy. “Go get cleaned up” He says, sending her back to work. “Thank you master” She replies.

Scene Four: Holiday Party

She’s been working there for a few weeks now and the pay checks have started rolling in. At the office Christmas party she walks into her bosses empty office and remembers fondly the rough fuck she got. Just then her boss walks into the room. “I wasn’t snooping, I promise master” She tells him. “Can you please do it to me again?” She asks, getting to her knees and telling him how bad she wants to be fucked. She takes out his cock and hungrily sucks on it, transformed into the perfect office slut. Looking up at him she spreads her legs and lets him use her hot horny body until she’s cumming like a whore. “Thank you master” She moans, her earrings jangling and bouncing as he fucks her. “Cum on my ass master” She begs him and feels the hot load cover her. He slaps her on the ass and tells her to get out of his office.

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