I’m A Naughty Granddaughter

Dear Diary,
After my 18th birthday I took a special intern position at my grandfathers agency to spend some time with him. Luckily it was part of our schools work study program. Little did I know my sexy grandfather was getting frisky with half the cheerleaders that wanted to be models. When I found out they were getting the attention I deserved I knew what I had to do.
In my position Grandpa often had me schedule his appointments so it was easy to create the opening I needed. I was so pleased with myself I even masturbated in grandpas office dreaming of him. The next day when he came in I was dressed like a cheerleader just for him.
I could tell I caught his eye so I boldly put myself in place of his date for the night. After dinner grandpa took me back to his house and we started making out in his corvette. He took me inside and pleasured me like the naughty granddaughter I am. Looks like I’ll be his only cheerleader from now on.

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  1. David says:

    What is this girls name?

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