Molly has come to a decision. She WANTS A BABY!!! She is explaining her decision to her Dad……she explains that she wants to have a baby while she is young….so that she and the baby will be close in age….and will be best friends some day. Dad is against the idea, telling her that she is not old enough or mature enough to be a Mother. Dad is angry when he finds out that Molly has been having sex with every single boy she can find….in an effort to get Pregnant! Dad comes to the conclusion that, if Molly is adamant about becoming Pregnant….maybe it’s best that he is the one to knock her up….rather than some random stranger. Molly is thrilled with that idea…..convinced that Daddy making her Pregnant will ensure that the baby looks like her!! Molly takes her dress off, and lets her Daddy lick her Pussy, in preparation for intercourse. Molly sucks her Daddy’s cock, and then mounts her Daddy….only to discover that her Daddy’s cock is HUGE….and it hurts!!! Molly cries as Dad tries to shove his big cock into her tiny cunt….but Dad tells her that giving birth will be even more painful….so Molly perseveres. She manages to let Dad pound away at her with his Giant cock, until he fills her up, with what she calls “Baby-Makers”. Molly is careful to keep all the Baby-Makers inside her as she holds her knees to her chest.

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  1. Greg Evans says:

    Yes l want some nice. Young girl to take my sperm load in her vagina and have our baby!

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