I Texted My Dad By Accident

Tiffany has the Hots for a cute, new boy at school. His name is Dan. She has come up with a….”fool proof”….plan to get Dan to notice her, and come over and have sex with her. Tiffany gets all dressed up like a slutty Porn Star and her plan is to take sexy pictures of herself….and text them to Dan. That’s what she does. At least….that’s what she THINKS she has done!! Tiffany takes some VERY revealing pictures and sends them. Apparently, however, in her haste….Tiffany accidentally sends the pictures to “Dad” instead of “Dan”!!! Tiffany’s Dad can’t believe the rude images he sees on his cell phone!!! dad runs upstairs to Tiffany’s room to ask her “What the Fuck she is doing??!!”. Tiffany is absolutely horrified when she learns of her embarrassing, careless mistake. Tiffany tells her Dad that the pictures were NOT meant for him….that they were meant for a cute boy, named Dan. Problem she has now is, however…….is that her Dad has become VERY aroused by the sexy pictures!! Horny Dad wants to sample the sweet, young fruit that he witnessed in the texts. Tiffany, still embarrassed by her mistake feels sorry for cock teasing her Dad….and she lets him lick her cunt….and Fuck her Hard!!! Dad cums all over Tiffany’s ass……and comments that “Dan” doesn’t know what he’s missing

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