I Propositioned Grandpa

Dear Diary,
After finding out what Grandpas been doing with my sisters I figured out just how to get my business going and compete with dad. I went to grandpas for the weekend and joined him right after he made 100k in the stock market. Seeing how good his mood was I put my plan in action.
Grandpa was resistant at first but my skilled hands soon made him putty. I sucked Grandpas cock to show how serious I was and inevitably we wound up fucking. Turns out that even at his age Gramps can still cum so getting my money should be easier if I wind up preggo.

Dear Diary,
After grandpa creampied me I wanted to be sure he was hooked so I went to his room and started sucking his cock. I rode his big cock for a bit getting him really hot. Grandpa started fucking me and moved me into a few hot positions before blowing his load all over my face and mouth. Suckering gramps was waay too easy, much easier than Daddy.
Xo Camille

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