I Need My Brother’s Strong Sperm

Hey! Yeah, come in and sit down, please? Oh, everyone’s out on a hike. I told them you’re still asleep and I just.. don’t want to, overexert myself before.. tomorrow. Uhm, about that. Well, my husband wants me to… to… get a tubal! He actually wants me to tie my tubes when he knows how much I want a baby! I can’t help it. I’m so ready for a baby. I have to stop this.
So… the only solution is to get pregnant, right?… Yes, please! I really need my brother right now. It has to be you! We’re so close, and you already have the best genes and no one would be able to tell. Please make me pregnant! I need to be pregnant before tomorrow’s consultation or I’ll never be! Lay there, relax, and I’ll ride it out of you. You’re the best brother ever!

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Duration: 00:12:53
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