I love my Brother

I’ve been living with my brother for a few months now, and life is simple with him. He goes to work every morning. I stay at home, take walks, clean the house, and I have dinner ready for him every night when he gets back. It’s not the life I expected, but I think I’m finally happy. He’s good to me… Sometimes I think about Dad and I miss him, but the times I feel that way seem farther and farther apart. I’m going to stay right here with my brother. He loves me. And I love him….

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3 Responses to I love my Brother

  1. kristoffer says:

    Who is this girl, I have the biggest hard on for her! What is her name and is there more!!!

  2. ziavance says:

    who is this girl,. can anyone may give me her contact…..

  3. Yuhuuuuuu says:

    Marsha May

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