I Had Sex With My Brother

Dear Diary,
I was really, really upset this afternoon….when a boy who asked me out, cancelled at the last minute. It was the second time that this had happened recently…..and I was very upset, and I was crying on the Living Room sofa. Josh heard me, and he came in to see what was wrong. When I told him about it….he was very comforting and understanding. I was happy that I had Josh as a shoulder to cry on. I go through these spells where I doubt myself….in particular….my looks….my “sex appeal” so to speak. I find myself wondering “why would a boy cancel on me? Am I not pretty enough? What’s wrong with me?” Josh reassured me that I was pretty….very pretty…..and that the stupid boy didn’t know what he was missing. Josh took his comforting one step furred to make love to me….to prove how pretty I was. Since I was in such a vulnerable state….I probably didn’t think it through carefully, before readily accepting his offer….at which point we started kissing passionately. I know that doing such things with my own Brother is….well…..not “typical”….but it felt good….and it was exactly what I needed at the time! Josh pulled my dress up over my head while we were kissing, and I immediately went down on my knees, and started to suck on his cock. I was so wanting to prove…mostly to myself I guess….that I was a GOOD cock sucker…..that I sucked Josh for a really long time, before he finally bent me over and penetrated me. Josh pumped really hard as I fought to keep myself from being pushed down. Josh swung me around to face him, and continued to hump me hard. I finished Josh off by sucking him until he came in my mouth. Our timing was “charmed”….because as soon as I had swallowed his load down my throat….there was a sound outside….and it was Mom and Dad arriving back home!!! That was a close call!!

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