I finally got inside my mom!

It’s been more than a month now that things changed between me and mom. We started having some pleasures but she didn’t allow me to put my penis in her vagina. I didn’t like it at all. But beside that, we did everything. She allowed me to fuck her other hole it was great too! And it was really amazing and different to be naked all the time at home and watching her naked and playing with other anytime. Infact, I even shared one of my fantasy that was of sharing her with 2-3 people. But she didn’t do it except for one. Yeah she did it with one of my friends.
Well they are in some kind of relationship more of a sexual relationship. Initially it was kinda exciting watching her getting fucked by another guy but after that it became more of disturbing I mean it was happening all the time and moreover he fucks her roughly and hardly so yeah it was kinda disturbing. So after that I started complaining and doing stupid things to which shrooid I can join them whenever I want. So yeah I did it few times but then also I desperately wanted to get inside her vagina but she wasn’t letting me, watching my friend doing with her vagina was more disturbing.
But don’t know how or when she changed her mind or whatever. Yesterday night they were having sex and momma was screaming badly so it made me hard and I decided to join them. I entered her room, I saw them. She was sitting on him moving front and back and screaming and his penis was in her vagina. I just went near her I was naked and a little hard, she held my dick and started kissing and licking my dick top. I was hard in no time. Then they changed there position she laid down on the bed then he went towards her mouth and started fucking her mouth. My penis was in her hand and she started rubbing my penis against her vagina. It was nothing new she has done it before so I wasn’t expecting anything more,but then she slowly put my penis in her vagina and moaned. I was really shocked that she herself put my penis I felt her wet and warm vagina her vagina was really very soft and in no time I cummed. She felt it and smiled and said ” don’t worry baby just come here”. She licked my penis too. It was kinda awkward because at times both our penis were touching each others and my momma’s mouth was in between of this. I didn’t knew how to react or say anything because it was really a big thing for me to fuck her vagina well after that I fucked her vagina again. I cummed in her vagina many times and made her cum twice. Then after that I left. They continued there session.
Then today in the morning we talked about it. She said I did it really good and she really enjoyed me in her vagina. So I asked her can we do it again? I was asking this for future but we had it again there and then only it was again amazing. 😀 but after that she told me she wants to get in relationship with my friend and he actually kinda proposed her. I said it’s all up to you guys.
But honestly I don’t want them to get in a relationship because all I wanted this to be a temporary thing but now watching them every time it’s kinda disturbing. Infact from yesterday I was thinking to get emotionally involved with her. So should I just tell her this thing or just appreciate her choice? I’m confused. Any comment or message will be helpful.

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