How I drank more than just alcohol last night

This just happened last night, so I want to get it down while it’s still freshly surreal in my mind. I lurk on this sub from time to time because of random porn interests but never thought I’d have anything to contribute. Obviously a throwaway, obviously fake names, etc etc. Just need to get it out.
A little contextual intro first, bear with me please — I am a 24yo girl, brunette, mostly slim with some curves (wouldn’t say I’m exactly skinny though), living at home with parents, my younger brother, and younger sister who is currently in Europe for the holidays… I’m also new-ishly single. Without getting into why, the guy was an all-around jerk and nothing about the relationship was pleasant. But it was one of those where you don’t realize it right away, because it’s hard to think from outside the box at first while you’re still inside. Or something like that. So it took my brother to snap me out of it after awhile. Every time I’d come home from a shitty date night, I’d get the whole thing off my chest to my brother and he’d point out exactly the reasons why I needed to end things from each experience. In a kind of loving way, almost fatherly but that’s not the right word. Stupid me took several nights of this to catch on, but I always appreciated that he did that for me.
My brother is probably my best friend (we’ll call him Adam and I’ll be Eve… Sorry, first thing that comes to mind). He is a handsome 22yo and kind of the brains of the family but also really cool. Super into music and film. Slender body in decent shape. We’ve always looked out for each other in one way or another. There’s an unspoken recognition of comfort between us, which I always cherished. But we’re always super sarcastic with each other for fun too. We have had our share of funny awkward moments too just due to living together for 20+ years. No real sexual tension, just a couple instances of accidentally catching each other in the shower or masturbating. We end up laughing about it, I’ve joked about his dick, he’s slapped my ass and ran away…it was pretty innocent at those times and nothing came of it.
One night a couple months ago I came home extremely drunk and horny, having gotten nothing from the ex-bf but a fight over something trivial. I didn’t really care about that since I was mentally done with him by that point, but I was still pretty annoyed that sex hadn’t happened for about a few weeks. Turns out Adam was home, but mom and dad were away for the weekend camping with some church friends. Adam was also super drunk thanks to a birthday party for his best friend. He jumped up from the couch and turned the TV off, which I thought was weird at first. Drunk me didn’t connect any dots until he started walking towards me with a poorly hidden half chub. Dude was watching porn. I thought it was hilarious but didn’t say anything because I was too wasted to deal with it properly. So I let it go, he offered me a beer, and we both crashed on the couch to an old silent horror movie we like. Our couch is big and we were in sorta halfway head to toe position both facing the TV. He had just fallen asleep while I was starting to doze, then suddenly his dick slightly flopped down in his sweatpants thanks to gravity, like a wrinkle had unfolded or something. This put the head of his dick on top my wrist. Completely unexpected. I was still mega horny and reacted by doing nothing at all. I was taken by surprise but being afraid to make it weird I figured the safest thing would be to just enjoy the moment. Out of nowhere I hear him mumble “X is a moron for letting a girl like you slip away…” The fucker was still semi-awake. Incredibly turned on, I sleepily reply “Well I’ve got you at least. And you’re not allowed to break up with me.” He answered with a content sounding “Hmmmm” then started to doze for real. After about a minute, I felt slight movement across my wrist — his dick was getting hard. I decided right then to live dangerously and lightly moved my hand back and forth. Adam whispered something I don’t remember now (though basically positive feedback) and slowly slipped his hand up my back, across my shoulder and under my bra strap. He was rock solid and I was getting wet. However, we soon both drifted to sleep and woke up the next day and resumed normal life with an awful hangover.
I remembered what happened but never brought it up to check his memory too. We’re very open with each other, but again, sexual tension hasn’t really been a factor for us. I broke up with the boyfriend a month later and eventually got over the initial feelings of guilt with my brave moment. Nothing really changed between us or got awkward or anything, so I figured I was overanalyzing it.

Fast forwarding to last night, Adam and I went to a concert together at a small club for some band he liked. A friend flaked on him, and I didn’t mind being the backup. The club was packed and we ended up squished together somewhere toward the left middle, with me in front of him since I’m shorter. That actually wasn’t a first for us, but this band was playing this really good deep bassy shit that had the crowd moving to the beat almost collectively. A few songs in, and we get pushed around a little by the crowd. Adam stabilizes himself on me so he doesn’t fall, which brings my hips toward him as he pulls them. Like 30 seconds after that happens, I start to feel something grow behind me. He had nowhere else to go being squeezed together, and as he got harder I felt the pressure very clearly through his pants. I was wearing yoga pants under a thin cotton dress, so everything translated fairly well on my end. And it was soon pushing right into my ass as the crowd continued to move on and off. Adam stayed hard the rest of the show, and having a few drinks in both of us already, the bumping maybe became less accidental near the end… At least thats how I felt. The whole time, he was still holding my hips for balance, and I suddenly forgot about my guilt from last time. I wanted so badly to reach my hand back there and feel him just once, but I ultimately chickened out. The show ended, and we went bar hopping for a couple hours after. Nothing to really note there as we were mostly winding down from the show and ended up making random silly drunk conversation over more beers, just generally enjoying ourselves. Until he brought up my ex towards the end of our adventure and asked if I was getting on okay. I said I was, and he told me not to worry too much since I was too beautiful to remain single for long. That made me feel good and I remember saying something about being surprised girls weren’t all over him (he’s been single for a year minus some hookups that I know of).
Anyway, after that we did a final round of shots then Ubered home and quietly slipped inside, changed into pajamas upstairs, made snacks in the kitchen, and went back upstairs to his bedroom (he’s got a TV). Our parents (bedroom on the first floor) usually don’t mind if we’re out late like this as long as neither of us drive and we come home unscathed. Adam turns on his Playstation and plops down on his bed. I plop down next to him with some pizza rolls, and we pig out for a bit while he plays Batman. We’re both admittedly trashed at this point and I’m feeling horny again. He thanks me at some point for going with him to the show, and I drowsily tell him I was really glad I went despite the crowd forcing us to play Sardines for 90 minutes straight. I noticed this made him smile for a couple seconds. That was a good feeling. We finished off the pizza rolls after some time, and I fell asleep leaning against him while he kept playing
I have no idea how much time passed but I woke up later with him still playing, and found I had slipped a little down the bed and curled up with my face and feet buried into his side. Or what used to be his side… When I opened my eyes some, his body was now also slightly turned towards me but not all the way, so he could still play the game. I immediately froze when I realized his crotch was near my face. I don’t think it was intentional on either side at all. We were still out of our heads.
I glanced up briefly and he was drunkenly immersed in Batman, and I suddenly got brave again. No idea what really compelled me but drunk confidence got the best of me, and I softly pushed my face into his pajama pants waistband as if I were going back to sleep. Right after, his dick started growing and I felt the resulting pants tent hit my shoulder within a minute. That was it. I got so wet and savored my position for a couple more minutes. Then drunk confidence overruled again and I slowly let my left arm come up and rest on his legs. I couldn’t believe it but he got even HARDER. His dick pushed its way past my shoulder and up towards my chin. Only when it touched this time, it wasn’t through the pants. The tip had started to poke through the pajamas fly. He didn’t budge, probably feeling a little awkward I’d guess. But i very lightly nestled my head deeper which brought his tip closer to my face. I could barely see it through the sleepy squinting and TV lit room, but it was right there in front of me. All it took was a couple light breaths, and it twitched a few times. I let it hit my lip after it did that, and I heard Adam breathe in. Jesus, I could’ve came right then and am pretty positive my pj’s were soaked in between.
All Adam could see was the top of my head, so he flinched a little in shock when I stuck my tongue out and gently licked his tip. It tasted like precum. His dick twitched again and found its way a little further into my lips. I planted a soft kiss on it, and he twitched more. Adam wasn’t objecting to my boldness, so I kissed it a couple more times, and his dick twitched forward enough to where my lips were now starting to take in more of the tip. I start licking more intently now while my mouth starts to move down his tip. Adam is making these cute short breaths and very slightly moves his hips in response. In my final act of drunk confidence, I start sucking too and then use my tongue to slowly guide myself down the rest of his shaft bit by bit with light licks. He is BIG. It was so hot in that moment to know my own brother was packing. I finished with my tongue and barely pushed his dick back into my mouth as Adam let out a moan. No one said a word while I worked his cock further into my throat very carefully. It filled me up so good, and I picked up the rhythm after a minute or so. I was now sucking my brothers cock. Can’t believe it. All I could think about was how much I loved him. He rocked his hips more and I heard him pause the game. He tried to mumble something but wasn’t sober enough for coherent sentences. Instead he reached down with his left hand and worked his fingers into my pj’s waistband as I kept sucking. Eventually he pulled them down some and explored my ass and thighs with his hand, giving a squeeze at intervals. I went all the way down a couple times with him moaning louder in response. After what felt like an eternal bliss, he body tensed up without warning, and he was about to pull away. I didn’t let him and kept on with my mission until he came down my throat. So much cum squirted out and he had moved his hand to the back of my head with his fingers through my hair. He pulled my hair a little as he came buckets which was so fucking hot. Then he finally said “Wow, Eve” as I gulped it all down. I slid my mouth off his cock and tucked it back into his fly with my free hand, keeping my hand on his bulge after. We never looked at each other after that or said anything else and eventually passed out within the next few minutes or so.
I woke up early this morning alone in the bed and with a pounding headache. I forgot Adam had to drive his friend to some convention. My parents were still downstairs probably still in bed, so I slinked off to my room and fingered myself hard before passing out again. It’s now several hours later, and here we are.
I have no clue how to proceed without making things awkward or uncomfortable. He was into it, but we were sooooo wasted, so I still feel bad about it. He comes home tonight, so we’ll see if it comes up. On a side note, we’re having a new years party this weekend with a few friends since mom and dad will be out of town again. So there’s one more soonish opportunity for us to be drunk together again. So much is racing through my head right now. Never thought I’d find myself typing something like this and am glad i did. Feels therapeutic lol.
So yeah, there’s my story and hopefully our relationship isn’t ruined. Any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated if anyone happens to have them. Thank you for reading!

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