Happy Birthday Son

Your laying back on the bed like wondering what to do for your birthday when your mom, Charlee Chase, comes in wearing a hot skimpy lingerie outfit with fishnet stockings and heels. She crawls on the bed toward you and tells you happy birthday. She tells you that mom has a special present for you today and as she start unbuttoning you shorts she tells you to just lay right there and relax and enjoy your present. She pulls your pants down and tells you how she’s going to take good care of you. She takes your cock in her mouth and starts sucking is looking deep in your eyes as she takes your cock deep in her mouth.
Now that your good and hard she climbs on top and slides your cock deep in her pussy. She fucks you all the while looking deep in your eyes seeing the enjoyment that her present is bringing you on your birthday. After giving such a good fucking for your birthday you think that the presents are finished but she has one more for you. She takes your cock back in her mouth and has you cum in her mouth like the good son you are.

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Resolution: 720×404
Duration: 00:12:44
File type: MP4

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