Girl slapped three times

Since Kik doesn’t allow users to sent long videos through the app, I had to upload my 10 minutes of suffering on some erotic share site. When I finally figured it out, I’ve sent it to my brother, who was already closed in his bedroom. I hoped he didn’t fell asleep yet, because it would ruin everything. The video was backed up by the “please, sir, I beg you… let me take off those clamps, it’s so painful…” message, so he would have to react if he was still conscious.
“Good girl. I had the feeling you wouldn’t disappoint me. Yeah, you can take them off, but you have to cum first”.
I’ve got close to his door. It was quiet and dark in the apartment. My heart was beating like crazy, but there was no going back. I entered his room…
He was lying on the bed, just like yesterday – one hand was holding the phone, another one was working his dick before the covers. It was such a nice sight to see his muscular arms and chest moving and working to please himself…
There was no light besides the screen of his phone, also, he had earphones on, so I was basically invisible. I looked at the video in his android and I saw my body below neck, riding the dildo and rubbing my pussy. I looked so desperate there… It was obvious that the clamps were driving me crazy.
Suddenly, he put the phone on his stomach and reached for something. I felt some warmth below my heart, when I saw my pink panties. He closed his eyes and get the panties close to his nose, rubbing them in his face…
I reached for one of his earphones and I’ve pulled it out without any warning. Showtime…
“I was wondering where they’ve got lost…”, I said out loudly.
“SHIT!”, he screamed, jumped and pulled his covers higher. “THE FUCK?!”
I sat next to him and I wrapped my arm aroud his knee. He was looking at me, shocked, like he just saw a ghost. His chest was moving intensively in deep breaths.
“Please, don’t stop”, I asked, rubbing his leg through the covers. “Making this video was really painful, don’t waste my efforts.”
“What are you talking about?”
I leaned towards him and I gently kissed his cheast. One time, two times… then I kissed his nipple and got even higher, to his neck. He didn’t stop me, he didn’t moved at all. We finally crossed looks. I was like inch away from his lips. “Don’t look at me like that” I whispered. “I’m sure I’m not the first girl that has fallen for you like that…”
“What are you doing, sis…?” he finally said something. He sounded confused.
“I am your slave girl which has happened to be your sister.” I sat on him and I felt his boner, under the layer of covers. I started rubbing it with my ass. “You want me to beg you? Alright… Please, sir… give me some relief… I want you to use me…”
He put his hands on my waist and I felt the ecstasy hitting my brain. HE ACTUALLY FUCKING DID IT. “Get rid of those clothes”, he commanded quietly.
“Yes, sir!” I responded, very eagerly and with pleading eyes. I got rid of the bra, first. Then I stood up above him and I took off my panties, very slowly. I was rarely shy, especially durning sex, but this time… I think I was blushing.
“Give them to me”, he pointed my panties. I did what he asked for and I kneeled over him. “They’re all wet”, he noticed. “You really want me, don’t you?”
“Yes… please, give me some relief… You have no idea how long I was waiting for you…”
“Not so fast, girl. You were plotting against me… that can’t get away without punishment” he looked at his suitcase. “Hand me my belt…”
Oh my god… FUCK. YEAH. “Yes, sir!” I almost screamed with joy. I knew exactly where to find it, since I was looking for it before…
I handed him the belt and he ordered me to bend over on the bed. He stood up and I must have looked at him. His hard dick and balls were sticking out of his boxers. He pulled them off and throw them away. He slapped his hand with the belt and looked at me with his rakish smile. He finally got his confidence back and I was ready to cum only from looking at him…
“Ready, girl?” he asked. I only nodded, because I was biting my lip like crazy.
The belt kissed my butt cheeks with fire and I moaned helplessly. I wanted to touch myself and fill my pussy with basically anything, but I wasn’t in charge of my body anymore. I couldn’t cheat like I did many times through Kik, because he was there, right behind me, watching…
The first three slaps were like… level easy of spanking. The rest of them were very painful, but not unbearable. He hit me eighteen times and when he finally stopped, he got closer to me and he whispered into my ear, “You did good, girl”.
“What should I do now, sir?” I asked, impatiently. I was really, really hungry for more.
He lay down behind me and he started spoonig me. His hard dick was behind my legs. “Hands behind your back”, he commanded. It wasn’t really comfy, but of course I did it.
Instantaneously I felt his big hand touching my wet clit. He wrapped his other hand around me and started playing with my nipples. “Time for a chat, sis” he whispered into my ear. His beard was scratching my cheek.
From my point of view, it wasn’t good moment for any talks… I was in heaven right now and I couldn’t focus. He knew how to take care of a pussy with his fingers. He was forcing himself in with three fingers at the same time, while his thumb was teasing my love button. Just like I lacked in sensations, he was pinching and stretching my nipples. I couldn’t help but moan.
I felt so good and safe with him. His bare cheast was heating my back and he kept me still, not letting me to move. Well, outside my feet and toes, which became a victims of my spasms. Also, that thick cock of his was constantly rubbing my inner thigts.
“Tell me your kinks. I mean, outside of being aroused by your own brother…” He started biting, kissing and sucking my neck and I was going even more crazy.
“I don’t know…” I couldn’t focus right now, I swear, and he was asking me such a complicated questions… I wanted to moan, not to use actual words. “I don’t know…” I repeated. Actually, I was going to say something else, but I was able to utter only that.
“Tell me what would you want me to do with you” he finally decided to help me and guide my thoughts. “Are you in pure vanilla fucking? Or do you have some specific, pervy ideas?”
I hesitated two times. First, when I was going to tell him and second, when I was going to write it here, in the update. I’m not gonna pretend that I’m a cute girl dreaming of white knight. I wanted a kinky rogue… “Well?” he urged me.
“Are you sure you want to know?” I asked.
“That heavy, huh?” he laughed. “Don’t be scared and tell me, girl. I won’t think that you’re sick, or anything. Trust me, I’m experienced.”
He sounded convicing, but even so, I could only whisper it. And I was stressed. The fear of rejection is a bitch.
“I would like to rim your ass… and worship your feet… pissing sounds like fun, too” My cheeks were burning right now…
“Hmm… I was expecting niddles and fisting” He murmured. “So, you’re into… dirty things, huh? No princess would want that, I’m telling ya…”
“I don’t want to be a princess… I want to be your fucktoy” Gee, I really wanted to use that line. “Sir… I’m slowly getting close… Please, don’t stop…”
“Sorry, sis, but we have to stop.” And he really did… He pulled his fingers out and he he pressed his hand to my wet pussy, but he stopped rubbing it. I couldn’t control myself and I started moving my hips, to get a little bit more of a pleasure. “Don’t move”, he scolded me. “Remember all the times you were a little bitch to me? Every time you were a cheeky, sarcastic brat?”
“Yes, sir… I do remember…”
“Well, now that smart tongue of yours will lick my hairy ass, until it’s clean. Don’t you think it’s ironic, sis? Everytime from now on, if you will try to be rude to me, you will remember that you were sucking my hole…”
“Yes, sir… I will never be rude to you anymore” I was ready to say anything, just to make sure that he will fulfill this fantasy of mine.
“Lay on your back” he instructed me and stood up above me. I saw the shadow of his crack and his hanging balls. “I’m going to crouch now. Follow my lead and if you will have enough or if you will want to stop for whatever reason, slap my back with your hand. Understood?”
“Yes, sir.”
He did as he planned. His ass pressed against my breasts and I felt the heat of his body again, along with captivating scent of a men. Pheromones, I suppose… “Well? What are you waiting for, girl? Spread my asscheeks and get your tongue dirty”. Now I could watch only his throbbing dick, stiffned nipples and self-satisfied smile on his face. His hairy balls blocked my nose, so I had problems with breathing…
I will save you the details, but honestly, I loved every second of it. When we finally ended, I felt humiliated and owned. I couldn’t look in his eyes anymore. He seemed to like it, because he said something along “I really like to see you broken…”.
Anyways, I didn’t had to wait long for another instructions. “Get comfortable, girl. Your tongue inside of me made me rock hard. Time to fill your pussy with it. No, I want you on your stomach” he said. “I want to have easy access to your asshole. Ok. Wait for me, I will get the condoms”.
“I’m on the pill” I assured him. The look he gave me wasn’t filled with trust, just like I would be dreaming about having a deformed child…
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Ok, then.”
He finally got inside of me. At first, it was a little bit awkward, painful and uncomfortable, but we finally found a mutual rhythm and it felt great. He pressed his thumb against my anus and slowly got it inside. I guess my ass won’t have a rest around him. He was pounding me for few minutes and suddenly… he stopped. “Something wrong?” I asked.
“Yeah, girl. I was getting close and we need to enjoy this moment”. He pressed his cheast against my back again and his free hand started to play with my tits. “Your boob fits my hand. It must be a destiny…”
“Please, sir, continue… You’re driving me crazy”, I begged. “Please, let me have an orgasm already…”
He showed mercy to me. We came almost at the same time, tho I was little bit late. My pussy milked his cock neatly and when he pulled his dick out, I felt his cum pouring out of me. We fell on the bed, heavy breathing and exhausted. He wrapped his arms around me and we started cuddling.
“I need to clean myself” I said. “I have many liquids all over me…”
“It doesn’t bother me, you will be fine”. He took the covers and throw them away. “We can produce enough of warmth to heat ourself” he said. “So, sis. How do you feel? Any regrets? We just did something big.”
“I feel ashamed and degradated, but also satisfied” I confessed. “It’s just… you gained power over me today. You’re going to abuse that, aren’t you…?”
“That’s what worries you?” he chuckled. “I will expect you to treat me with respect, nothing more.”
“Suuuuuure…” I rolled my eyes. He laughed again.
“Do you want to continue that thing between us?” he asked. “You’re not obligated to, if you don’t want to, sis. We had fun, but if you want to stop, it’s fine by me.”
“Do you want to stop?”
“Hell no. It was a lot of fun.” He got serious, all of the sudden. “I know you’re a smart girl, but I want to make sure that we understand the situation. Whatever we will decide, it must be our sweet, dirty secret, sis. No one can know, even your BFFs…”
“You’re offending me…” (I know that I’m actually sharing this secret with the Internet, but you don’t know who I am, right…?)
After that, I had the best 6 hours of sleep in my whole life.
I want to thank all of you. I would never do that alone and without your encouragement. I always thought that incest is a rarity and all those stories are fake, but now I see that it actually happens and it feels fucking great. Women, girls… go and fuck your brothers.

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