Full Naughty Night With Sister

Little brother is in for a full night of teasing from his big sister. I love my brother, he is very nice to me with all the presents he buys me and the way he worships me. I use his kindness to my advantage. I start off by modeling a bunch of micro bikini’s and look ultra sexy. Brothers balls are aching. Then I step it up a notch. I invite my guy friend in and start giving him a lubed up handjob, right in front of my brother. I explain my naughty ways to him, if my brother spoils me with xmas presents, he will get this same naughty present I am giving my guy friend. I make him watch closely as I jerk him off sensually and also encourage my brother to jerk off, but not to dare finish. I like my brother better when his balls are full for me! If that was enough to drive my brother crazy, I hop ontop of my guy friend and start to wildly ride him! I stare at my little brother and tell him, he can have this, if he spoils me! I get into reverse cowgirl so I can get rammed while starring my brother in the face and letting him know how much I am enjoying this fucking. Finally I get loaded with cum. When I dismiss my guy friend, I tell brother to come closer. I show him my creampie and tell him, I think he can fill me up with more. If little brother wants all that fun to himself, he better be nice to me for xmas.

File size: 512MB
Resolution: 720×480
Duration: 00:34:12
File type: WMV

DOWNLOAD:  https://fboom.me/file/30d3a8f0e4d0e/FullNaughtyNightWithSister.wmv


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