Fuck Frenzy With Daughter

DAD HAS OBTAINED THE INGREDIENTS TO A MAGIC POTION HE MIXES THEM UP IN AN ATTEMPT TO TURN MOM INTO A SEX MACHINE!!! THINGS GO HORRIBLY AWRY WHEN HIS DAUGHTER JENNIFER DRINKS IT BY ACCIDENT!!! DAD ENDS UP IN A FUCK FRENZY WITH HIS WELL ENDOWED YOUNG HORNY DAUGHTER!!! Dad has a sinister plan to seduce Mom. He has obtained the secret ingredients to make a potent Magic Potion that turns any female into a sex-crazed Zombie!! He carefully mixes the ingredients together to create the Magic Potion…and waits for Mom to come home. Problem!!! Jennifer gets home first….and …….sees the Potion in a cup sitting on a table. Jennifer thinks it is some sort of cranberry juice….and she drinks it!!! Once she has imbibed it….mild mannered Jennifer becomes a raging Nymphomaniac!!! Jennifer immediately scarfs down Daddy’s cock and sucks it. When Dad’s cock is blown to full attention….Jennifer strips naked and orders Daddy to lick her Cunt. Dad knows that his experiment has gone horribly awry……but has no choice….he gives his Zombie-Like Daughter the Pussy Pounding she is demanding!! Dad Fucks his well endowed little girl hard, and then unloads in her. He knows now that the Potion works….the trick will be….trying to get Mom to drink it next time….before Daughter gets to it!!!

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  1. Jack says:

    What’s her name

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