Freezing Females, Sex Doll Sister

Kyle was having trouble with his bratty sister, Misty. Their parents were away on vacation and Misty was acting as if she were left in charge. She nagged Kyle for lounging around and making the place a mess, and threatened to tell their mom about him when she got home. Fed up with his sibling’s pestering, Kyle retreated to his workshop. The young man was a brilliant scientist, and it was there that he carried out his experiments and tested his inventions. On a nearby was a special mind-manipulation device he had been working on for some time. Looking at it now, he suddenly got a wicked idea to use it on his annoying sister in order to get revenge on her. All he needed to do was add some finishing touches. When he was done, he took the device with him into Misty’s bedroom – where she lay curled and sleeping in sheer robe. Immediately Kyle woke her and showed his sister his latest invention. Misty was half-asleep and very irritated by her brother’s interruption. She called him a nerd and told him to go away. But Kyle hung around. He insisted that Misty press a button on his device. It was essential that she do so – in order for his plan to work properly. Misty was no in mood to think about what silly things her brother was up to. She quickly pressed the button to get rid of him. She then settled back down to sleep. Kyle thanked her and headed out the door. A moment later, however, he came back in. His device had now been activated, and he was eager to put it to the test. First of all, he told Misty to get up and follow him. His sister reacted like a robot following a computer command. She moved in a swift and rigid way – without grumble or hesitation. In the living room, Kyle lay back on the couch and used his device like a remote control on Misty. He had her tidy up any mess he made. Misty had never come close to doing such a thing for her brother before. But now she was his dutiful slave. Every now and again Kyle would amuse himself by pressing the freeze button on his device. It caused Misty to pause in the middle of whatever she was doing – often in the most interesting of positions. With night coming on, Kyle hit a button that sent Misty to sleep. The next morning, he rose fresh and cheerful. Already he was feeling better for the change that had come over his sister. Where once she had nagged him, she now only spoke when he wished. Her comments were always a meek yes sir. Using his device again, Kyle got Misty to serve him some breakfast in the kitchen. Before he did so, he told her to remove her robe and put on an apron. He wanted his newly acquired human doll to look a good, sweet house-keeper. For a while, Kyle had lots of fun ordering his sister around – watching her make him coffee and mop the floor. Always she went about the jobs quietly, willingly, robotically. Because Misty wore only her apron, Kyle got a very good view of her body. He saw her long legs, her bare butt, and the sides of her pert tits. Freezing her again, he was able to look and enjoy for as long as he wanted – in whatever way he chose. Soon, he was so turned on that he could not help getting a new kinky idea of idea of what to do with his mind-enslaved sister. He did not need to worry about consequences. Under the effects of the device, Misty would not remember anything that happened for her. And so it was that Kyle removed his pants, pressed a button, and told his sister to start sucking his cock. Bending rigidly, Misty went straight to work. She spend a long time bobbing her head, fucking her lips up and down her brother’s long, hard shaft. She pleasured him in a way that she had never done to another man. Kyle loved every moment of it. Finally he had to admit that his sister’s nagging mouth was good for something after all. Afterwards, he was aching to fuck her tight pussy. He started by taking her from behind. It turned him on incredibly to have Misty so utterly at the mercy of his device – and of his thick, plunging cock. He relished pumping her deep, making her gasp and moan. Like the perfect sex-slave, his sister kept her butt nice and high, hornily slamming it back to meet her brother’s incoming thrusts. This was followed by a long, intense missionary-style fuck. Legs spread very wide, Misty’s pussy was totally vulnerable for the taking. Kyle gave it a relentless pounding. He drove his cock right to his sister’s tightest depths while heaping on more pleasure by rubbing her clit. Again Misty’s body responded eagerly – lifting her hips in an effort to fuck back. Kyle was delighted at how much under the power of his device she was. Eager for yet more of his sister’s pussy, he got her to ride him reverse-cowgirl style. Now Misty fucked her master with a real wildness. On her brother’s cock she bounced and bucked her lithe, pert-titted body with a slutty insatiability. There was a brief return to missionary-style fucking to wrap things up. Then Kyle ordered his sister to kneel down and suck him off until he came. When he did so, he blasted a huge wad of hot cream into her open mouth and over her chin and cheeks. Not once did Misty flinch or protest. Right to the end, her brother’s device had maintained its control over her.

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