Forced to Fuck Her Son

Both mom and son are unhappy that they are being made to amuse Rachel by having oral sex. Now she has told them to fuck. They are mortified but know they have no choice. Rachel forces them to do doggie style and missionary as well. There is lots of talk about it being perverted, humiliating, and they cannot believe what Rachel is making them do, the son is forced to fuck mom in the ass. Rachel says they had better talk nasty to each other or she will spill the secrets. There is a lot of talking between mother and son during the sex. Finally, Rachel makes the mom suck her son off and is so turned on from watching she joins in. Rachel jerks and sucks him too. In the end Rachel grabs his cock and jerks him off all over his mother’s face. The mother is disgusted at just having her son cum on her face. Since they have done what Rachel wants the mom and son think it is all over, but Rachel laughs and says that from now on they will fuck and suck each other whenever she tells them to. Whether they want to or not.

File size: 131MB
Resolution: 640×480
Duration; 00:12:15
File type: WMV


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