Following Dad to the Gym

In the living room Daughter is dressed to head out and meet up with her friends. She tells her Mom her plans. Dad walks in and tells Cory he’s going out to the gym. On his way out, the dad is brought into the garage by the daughter. She wants another go at it before she heads out. They start fucking in beside the car. Cory abruptly walks in during the action to get something in the garage, while they hide for a moment. Cory cannot locate the item for which she entered garage. Mom the leaves the garage and they once again freely engage in dirty talk and sex. Since the Daughter is short on time to meet up with her friends, and it would look suspicious if she comes back home for some reason, she does a swallow finish. She cleans off her dad’s cock and goes on her way, while the dad enters the house, sweaty and worked up like he DID just go to the gym.

File size: 354MB
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:10:43
File type: WMV


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