Father fuck his 9 month pregnant daughter!!!

My Father Kelli comes home early from work. She takes every opportunity to get off when she can now days. You see Kelli is 9 months pregnant. She lives with her mother and me now. Her boyfriend split on her 4 months ago. Its been a joy having Kelli back with us, especially for me. Ive been Kellis stepfather for 11 years. At 20 years old she is gorgeous. Im always imagining what she looks like under those clothes with her big pronounced belly and milk engorged tits. Kelli is only 5 tall For her 18th birthday her mom and I payed for breast implants and she took her breasts to 36DD. Now being so small and 9 months pregnant her tits are huge. She says shes going downstairs to take a shower. I wait until I think shes in it before I go down to try and catch a glimpse. I creep quietly downstairs and peer around the corner into the bathroom. Kelli is in a towel smoking a cigarette. (My other big turn on) I must have let out a small groan because she suddenly sees me looking at her. I try to come up with a reason for me to be there but finally admit my desires for her. I also put a cherry on top by feeding her a line of BS. I told her that her mother and I were having marital problems regarding sex. I suggested that we may even be splitting up over it. At this point Kelli is more receptive to the idea of us having sex she doesnt want to break up our family. We go into her room. Where I lean her back on some pillows and begin to slowly fuck my stepdaughter. Im scared to death of so many things hurting her, getting caught by my wife, but my lust will not be denied. I stick my big cock into her and its almost too much for her to take. She moans as I slow fuck her. We fuck in many positions. Finally while fucking her doggy style I feel my orgasm coming. And pull out to shoot a big load on the small of her back. That was 5 months ago. Weve kept our new relationship secret from her mom and will continue to do so.

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  1. pulkit says:

    Can someone please tell me her name??

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