Farmer`s Daughter

Daisy is the typical Famer’s Daughter. She “usually” does all her Farm chores….cleaning out the stalls….milking the cows etc, but Today she was hanging out with her friends, and neglected doing her chores!! The Farmer….Dad….was NOT impressed that Daisy had not milked Elsie the cow….and done the rest of her chores….and he was also not happy about how short Daisy’s shorts were…so dad decided that Daisy should be punished!

Dad puts daisy over his knee and spanks her ass. As he spanks, dad makes further comments about how short her shorts are!!! Daisy notices something poking her in the stomach as she lies across Dad’s lap….and lo and behold….Dad has a big boner!!! Dad decides that Daisy should have the “extra” punishment. Daisy knows what that means….and pleads with her Dad to reconsider….but to no avail… come Dad’s pants….and he shoves his cock into daisy’s mouth! Daisy sucks away at her Daddy’s big fat cock….and then Daisy asks if Daddy wants to “lick my pp”. Dad DOES want to lick her pp… he starts licking….and he doesn’t stop until daisy has a strong orgasm!! Then Dad fucks Daisy hard, and cums all over her beautiful Country Girl Tits!!! Daisy is reminded that she better do her chores tomorrow!

File size: 894MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:12:31
File type: AVI


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