Eat Your Broccoli Son

I want my son to eat healthy but he pouts. When his father has him during the week, he eats junk food, but I care about his young body. I want him strong, muscular, toned, just like his Mommy. He catapults a piece of broccoli at my forehead and I send him to his room.. NO, I’ve changed my mind, MY room! There are far too many distractions in his room for a time out. I finish off a bottle of red wine while I think about how to punish my son, he’s a good boy, just behaving naughty. I bend him over his knee and spank him but then I feel his boner! “Oh my!” It’s all coming into focus now. The boy is behaving badly because he needs to pop off. I teach him exactly how to do it. I didn’t mean to behave badly myself, things escalated so quickly! I saw his thick, throbbing erection, and my motherly instinct kicked in. I needed to relieve him of his tension, my poor baby needed to release, he was uncomfortable. I took his virginity, and I should feel bad about it, but I don’t. I’m his mother for Christ’s sake, it’s only natural for a mother to teach him how to please a woman. His hot cum exploded deep inside of me and every muscle in my body felt the throes of our powerful orgasm. Nothing will ever be the same with my son, I smile as he is fucking me on top now, sweating, wide eyed, eager little boy. A son should please his mother, and oh yes, he certainly does.

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