Deflowering Our Daughter

MOM AND DAD DEFLOWER THEIR OWN DAUGHTER THE DAY BEFORE SHE PLANS TO GO “ALL THE WAY” WITH HER BOYFRIEND CLAIRE DIDN’T WANT TO APPEAR INEXPERIENCED… SO MOM AND DAD TECH HER THE ROPES!!!! Claire is going to take “The Next Step” with her boyfriend the next day……”He wants to Fuck me” as Claire puts it…..and Claire is very concerned that she doesn’t know how to “do it”. Claire shares her concern with her Parents…and Mom and Dad decide to help Claire by Deflowering her the night before…so she will be ready for her boyfriend the next day. Mom tells Dad to take off his pants…and Mom shows Claire how to Suck a cock to make it erect. Mom sucks first…and then Claire takes a turn. Claire sucks her Daddy’s cock as Mom critiques her technique. Soon Claire gets the hang of cock sucking. Mom tells Claire that before her boyfriend penetrates her, that he must go down on her first to prepare her. To illustrate, Dad licks Claire’s young, tight Pussy, while Mom strokes Claire’s forehead. After her Cunt is moist and ready, Mom gets a condom and shows Claire how to apply the condom to Dad’s throbbing penis….Mom holds Claire lovingly as Dad inserts his hard cock into Claire’s Pussy. Claire moans as the big, erect penis Pounds her. Mom tells Claire about the Doggie-style position…and Dad demonstrates by flipping Claire over and Pumping her from behind. As Dad Pounds away at Daughter from behind, he ejaculates inside the condom…and Mom reiterates the importance of safe sex….and both Mom and Dad congratulate Claire on her Deflowering!!!

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Duration: 00:15:38
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