Deflower Your Little Brother!

Josh is at that awkward age for boys. He is masturbating constantly….and totally obsessed with sex and girls. Josh, however….is still a Virgin. Dad has had enough of Josh spending too much time in the shower….and in his bedroom….so Dad takes measures to solve the problem. Dad takes Josh into his big Sister’s bedroom….and Dad asks Ariel for an “odd” favour. Dad asks Big Sister Ariel if she will Deflower her little Brother!!! Ariel is grossed out at first…but Dad offers to increase her allowance….and get her a new iPhone…so Ariel agrees to take her Brother’s Virginity. After asking Dad to leave, Ariel tells Josh to take his pants off, and she starts to suck his cock. “How does it feel to have your cock inside a girl’s mouth?…even if it’s your Sister” she asks him. When Josh seems ready…big Sister Ariel mounts him and inserts his cock into her Cunt…..forever taking the little booger-head’s virginity!! Ariel rides his erect penis….then lets him have a turn on top of her….before he pulls out and sprays her with his semen. The little bugger then has the audacity to ask her “now that I know how to do it….do you have any friends that will let me do it to them?”.

File size: 596MB
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:09:58
File type: WMV


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