Deanna’s family album – Mother and Son!


When Deanna’s Son Dante disappoints her by not mowing the lawn…..Mom decides that the Spankings she has been giving him recently, don’t seem to be working… she comes up with a “unique” Punishment, that is sure to resonate with the young boy!!! Mom decides to hurt him where it counts… his cock!! Mom tells Dante that she is going to give him “multiple” ejaculations!! Dante tells his angry Mother that he can only cum one time….but Mom assures him that she knows how to make boys cum….over and over and over again!! Mom starts to suck cock….and does she ever know how to suck cock!!! Poor Dante cums in his Mom’s mouth, and figures the ordeal is over…but Mom starts sucking again….and true to her word….forces him to cum a second time!!! Dante is crying….saying that his balls ache….but Mom continues!!! Mom jerks his cock….and while he screams in agony….she forces a third ejaculation with her hand!!! The glass table in the Living room is covered in cum…..Dante’s balls are in excruciating pain……and Mom hopes this painful punishment has taught her Son a lesson he won’t soon forget!!


Dante is all set to go out on a big Date….when Mom calls him into her room. Most Moms would just give their Son a kiss….and wish him well on his Date. Dante’s Mom is NOT like most Moms!!! Deanna insists that before he goes out on his Date, that he fulfill ALL of his chores… of which is…..having sex with his Mother!!! Ever since Dad left….Mom has insisted that Dante step up and satisfy her physical desires. Dante asks if he can please skip this chore for one night…as he anticipates having sex with his Date….but Mom reminds him that…..Mother Cums First!!! Reluctantly, Dante starts to satisfy his Mother’s twisted, perverted wishes. He licks his Mother’s big Tits….then licks her Cunt…..then gives her a hard Pounding until he fills his Mother with hot cum. He is now free to go on his Date.


It’s well past Dante’s curfew, and Mom is not happy. Like most Moms, however….she won’t go to bed until he returns home… she Waits Up for him. When he finally staggers home at 1:30 AM….Deanna confronts him, and tells him that he must be punished. Deanna’s method of punishing includes….Spanking him….HARD…..and Sitting on his face!! Dante is humiliated and embarrassed as Mom spanks and face-sits him. He is unable to breathe under the full weight of Mom’s ass on his face. Deanna decides that this punishment must go even further….since this is not the first time he has come home late…so she makes her tardy Son have sex with her… a final humiliation!!! Dante is completely horrified as he is forced to mount and hump his angry Mother!!! He must keep humping….until he climaxes. That’s what Mom tells him. Dante reluctantly pumps his Mom until finally….mercifully…..he is able to ejaculate on Mom’s Tits, and is able to go to bed. Deanna’s style of discipline may just work…..Dante seemed truly horrified by the experience!!!

MOM’S MAD!!!!!

When Deanna finds her Son Dante’s Report Card hidden in his backpack….she unearths a disturbing fact!!! Apparently Dante has 33 absences on his Report Card!!! Deanna is furious, of course….and confronts her truant Son. Dante promises better behaviour next semester….but Mom will have none of it!! Deanna is very clear…..this misbehaviour shall result in…..the dreaded…….”Trip To Mommie’s Bedroom”!!! Dante is terrified and begs her NOT to resort to a “Trip To Mommie’s Bedroom”……but Deanna grabs her young Son by the ear and drags him upstairs to her torture chamber of a bedroom! Dante is forced to bend over Mommie’s Spanking bench…and take some serious and damaging corporal punishment from his Mother!!! There are welts blazed into his backside by his angry Mom!! After he cries from the hard spanking….the punishment gets worse. Mom takes her clothes off…lies back…and orders Dante to eat her pussy!! The terrified, marked up boy does what he’s told, to avoid further beating….and licks away at his Mom’s Cunt. Then, as a continuation of his punishment, Dante is ordered to mount his Mother and pump her!!! “Fuck me….Fuck me!!!!” Mom cries out as the frightened boy humps his own Mother. Poor Dante gets too excited, however….and ejaculates before his Mom has a chance to climax….prompting Mom to dump his cum all over him and call him a loser!!! After this humiliation…..he is likely to attend every class next semester!!! Who says spanking doesn’t work???

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