Dava Foxx in Mom Gets Blackmailed

Scene One: Moms new careerYou’ve been doing really well with your new business. Running a porn modeling agency, finding hot girls and getting them work seems to be making a lot of money for you. While watching TV your mom walks in in a tight dress. You know your mom needs some extra money she starts and you know where this is going. I only hire 18 and 19 year olds. Hot young sluts who are hardly wearing anything. you tell her. I’m not too old! she pleads with you. You should give your mother a chance. You know it’s a porn modeling agency you remind her.She leaves only to come back in a even tighter, sexier dress. What do you think? she asks. Dava begins stripping saying that she’s doing a try out. Her dress and underwear slide off her tight body and you are shocked that your mom is doing this. What do girls do first? she asks as she gets on top of you and pulls down your pants. Dava smiles as she looks at your big cock. Her son is much bigger than she thought. She sucks you, trying to imitate the young girls in porn. She sucks you until you cum. Keeping her lips tight around your cock she drinks your load one swallow at a time. So do I have what it takes to be one of your models? she smiles. You tell her that you’ve recorded the entire thing, and watch her eyes widen with shock. No one is going to see that! she yells at you. Your going to say yes to whatever I want for a month or everyone is going to see you fucking your son!

File size: 887MB
Resolution: 852×480
Duration: 00:42:23
File type: MP4

DOWNLOAD:  https://fboom.me/file/056b5efe5e2cd/Mom_Gets_Blackmailed.mp4

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