Kylie and her Daddy are commiserating together. They are both suffering from different sources of depression. As they talk it through together….it becomes apparent that Dad is depressed because Mom is going through menopause….and has lost all interest in sex…..while Dad walks around horny all the time. Kylie is depressed because every one of her friends has the new iPhone6 except her!! After a few minutes of wallowing in self pity….Kylie has a brainstorm!! She proposes something to her dad , that she describes as a “mutually beneficial arrangement”…..something she learned about in school. Kylie points out that they each are in a position to help each other. She points out that she has no money to buy a phone…and Daddy does….and that she has something Daddy wants. When Dad inquires as to what it is she has that he might want……Kylie lifts up her skirt….and flashes her cunt!!! Dad is intrigued. Since Mom is not home….he warms up to the idea of her “mutually beneficial” proposal…and refers to her as his “Daughter With Benefits”!! Kylie jumps on dad’s cock before he has a chance to change his mind…and starts sucking his cock. Dad returns the favour by giving Kylie’s sweet, young Cunt a good licking…before the two conspirators fuck each other’s brains out. Dad finishes off by requesting a sexual position that Mom is not flexible enough to perform….. and Kylie easily obliges!!! dad Pounds her upside down!! Kylie is filled up…..not only with Daddy’s sperm….but, apparently lots of air too, from the acrobatic final position…..and lets out a massive series of pussy farts!!!!

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