Daddy’s Hard At Work And At Home Too

Dear Diary,
Ever since I can remember I would spend my Saturdays going with Daddy to the construction jobs he supervised. Last Saturday was no different until Daddy was under a sink and a very strange feeling came over me. As I handed him a tool my hand daringly touched his cock as if it had a mind of its own. Daddy must have thought it was an accident because he kept on working. I noticed his jeans did begin to bulge and that was all the encouragement I needed. Knowing Daddy wouldn’t be able to resist I began to live out my darkest fantasy. I ripped open his pants and before he could protest I started sucking his cock. Shocked and bewildered Daddy feebly asked me to stop but it was too late, my hormones were in complete control now. After I got him nice and hard I rode him til I came then begged him to really fuck me. Daddy pounded my pussy all over the sink then exploded deep in my womb. I was soo shocked I almost forgot I wasn’t on the pill.

Wish Me Luck,

Dear Diary,
Daddy and I kept our secret well and soon we were stealing moments daringly. One afternoon while mom ran to the store I was really in a wild mood. I started riding Daddy on the couch after a nice long blowjob and a sudden urge came over me. I had been playing with anal toys and finally wanted Daddy to take my rosebud. He asked if I was sure and I practically begged him to finger fuck my little hole while I rode him. After he loosened me up he eased his cock into my virgin ass and played with my pussy making me cum hard. Once his cock was snug in my ass Daddy fucked me gently until finally I begged him to “Hammer My Ass” and he did. It felt so good I came several times before Daddy finally did. At least you can’t get pregnant from anal.

More Later,

P.S. Just as I suspected all the time I’m spending with Daddy caught up to me. The doctor just told me I’m pregnant and I’m not sure what to do. Since it’s my stepdads baby maybe he’ll get a divorce and stay with me. I’ll just have to make sure he does.

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