Daddy’s Dirty Dream With His Slutty Daughter

Daddy fell asleep dreaming about his little girl. She was all grown up now and he fantasized sexually about her all the time. He jacked off smelling her panties and peeked when she showered. Shirley knew how to push his buttons and she purposely teased him to get whatever she wanted. She went into his bedroom one night and stripped off her night dress. His cock was hard. Shirley baby talked to him and asked him what he fantasized about. He told her he wanted her to suck his cock. She smiled and sucked. He fingered her sweet wet pussy. Shirley moaned and told him how good he made her feel. She asked him what else he wanted. He wanted to fuck his little girl; she got on top and rode her daddy’s cock with pleasure. When she came she sucked her daddy’s cock until he was ready to explode. He laid her head on his lap and jerked his cock onto her pretty face. She smiled and sat up, looking him in the eyes. She licked her lips tasting her father’s cum. Dad was so happy this finally had happened and he could not believe she would just go for it, he thought she would be grossed out. Dad woke up the next morning and felt his cock was out, He looked around the room but there were no signs of his daughter, this was all a dream!!!

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