Daddy Was Watching

Dear Diary,
Today I stopped by Daddy’s office to grab a few things and meet this really sweet guy that just loves to bring me presents but while I was shuffling for my things Daddy snuck up behind me!
Apparently, he knows exactly what I’ve been doing because he installed cameras all over everywhere! Daddy just kept going on about whatever and I couldn’t help but shut Daddy up by putting his cock in my mouth then stuffing it in my hot little pussy until he gave me a big warm load all over my clit! Maybe he won’t be so mad and I’ll make the nice list this year.
Now that I think about it, I can only imagine all the naughty things Daddy has seen me doing. OH MY GOSH! What if he saw when I fucked the delivery guy a few week ago! FUCK! Maybe I won’t make the nice list!

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