Daddy Was Waiting – Punish Me Daddy

After mom and Dad devorced I went with mom but after a few months she couldn’t handle me. I kept flirting with her boyfriend and she didn’t like it or my partying. Needless to say she sent me packing to dads. Over the first few weeks I stayed out later and later really pushing his buttons. I had the perfect plan going as always cause I caught Daddy sneaking peeks at me. I knew he would be waiting up one night to punish me and sure enough he was. Daddy started spanking me hard and I made my move and teased his cock. Daddy hadn’t been laid in so long it was easy to seduce him. He fucked me pretty good and even came inside me per my plan. Wait til he finds out I’m gonna blackmail him.

More Later,

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Resolution: 854×480
Duration: 00:09:19
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