Daddy Taught Me

BABIES COME FROM CREAMPIES!Dear Diary,So today in school we were learning about sex. Our teacher was being really awkward when explaining how sex and the reproductive system worked so I thought when I got home from school I would ask Daddy for his help with a little … homework.I mean I already know where babies come from but I really wanted Daddy to show me exactly how it works so I called him into my bedroom. When he came in I didn’t even hesitate, or beat around the bush I told Daddy exactly what I wanted from him. Daddy totally didn’t seem to mind, his smile said it all! Daddy pulled out his cock and I went right to work on getting it nice and hard for my already soaking wet pussy. Once Daddy’s cock was throbbing we started fucking. OH MY GOSH! It was some of the bet sex we’ve had so far and Daddy and I have had lots of sex. We fucked one another all over and once Daddy knew I came hard on his cock he decided it was his turn to cum also! Daddy gave me a really nice deep creampie, it was so warm inside me I wanted to cum again just from feeling it ooze out of me!Although I don’t exactly get credit for this kind of homework, it’s still the only kind I’ll do!XoXo,Hope

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