Daddy Spanks

Some Daddy’s Spank…..some don’t. Sky’s Daddy DOES Spank!!! When Dad finds out that Sky skipped class, he tells his rebellious young Daughter that her punishment shall be….in his words…..”The Spank & Fuck”!! Sky begs Daddy NOT to invoke the Spank & Fuck…..”Please Daddy NO!! Not the Spank & Fuck….anything but the Spank & Fuck!!”. It’s no use, however, as Daddy has made up his mind. Sky is ordered to strip naked and Daddy alternates back and forth between ramming his cock into her tight, young vagina…and Spanking her. Back and forth he goes…Spanking….Fucking…..Spanking….Fucking, until finally Daddy tells Sky that he is going to cum on her. Through her tears Sky says “I don’t like it when you use me as a cum dumpster Daddy…” as she receives Daddy’s semen on her face. Maybe this will teach her a good lesson.

File size: 696MB
Resolution: 960×540
Duration: 00:09:46
File type: AVI


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