Daddy Its Prom Night Quicktime

Dear Diary
I was at my senior prom the other night and my date decided to dump me. When I got home Daddy was on the couch and he tried to comfort me. His touch made me soo bold I stripped out of my dress and had his cock in my mouth before he could protest. It felt soo good growing in my mouth I knew he was enjoying it too. I drooled all over his balls in my fervor and soon had to feel him inside me.
I rode his hard cock while he sucked my big titties. His balls slapping against my big ass felt soo good I came really hard. Daddy soon bent me over on the couch and pounded me from behind until he exploded deep in my pussy not realizing I wasn’t on the pill.

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Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:12:27
File type: WMV


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