Daddy I’m Sorry

I had to wait til Tucker was asleep to write this down, if she found out it would be very bad. I came home from class early today to show Daddy my grades and when he saw the F he really got upset. He yelled at me and made me bend over his knee for a spanking. When he saw I wasn’t wearing panties he got even madder. He spanked my ass hard and for some reason it started turning me on. . Something inside me snapped and suddenly I wanted Daddys cock so I began to tease him.
It wasn’t long before he was fondling my big tits and getting turned on too.I sucked and licked his cock til it was wet and throbbing begging me to ride it. I got on Daddys lap and rode his cock while he licked and bit my huge boobs til I came hard. I turned around so daddy could spank me while I fucked him and it was soo hot. After a bit Daddy bent me over the couch and fucked me good….. Until he came inside me, I hope I don’t get pregnant.

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