Daddy I Want More!

Dear Diary,

The night after Poker night mom was off helping take care of her ailing Aunt so when my brother left for work we were all alone. I went running into Daddys room and jumped on the bed. I started rubbing him and soon he woke up with my hand rubbing his cock. Daddy was a bit hesitant toward my advances so I grabbed his cock and sucked it hard. Daddy spun me around and made me sit on his face while he ate my wet pussy. We tumbled into a hot 69 and I came really hard but I needed more. I straddled Daddy and rubbed his hard cock against my clit making us both even hornier. I rode Daddy hard and fast, twerking and bouncing my ass until I came even harder. Before long Daddy pulled out and creampied my ass cheeks bigtime. I hope he pulled out in time cause that was a small creampie he left!!

Xo Maria


File size: 158MB
Resolution: 832×476
Duration: 00:09:28
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