Daddy Fucks Alyce Before Sleepover

Alyce is talking to her friend about a friend coming over when daddy starts touching her. she feels the only way she can have the friend over is to please daddy and give him what he wants which she does taking load all over her

Mommy is out of the house and her teenage daughter Alyce Anderson is chatting with her friend on the phone. Alyce’s Father comes to sit with her and admire the sexy all natural teenager’s tight ass while it peaks out of the bottom of her pants. He begins to massage his daughter’s thighs. Alyce Anderson knows where this is going. She rushes off the phone with her friend and turns around to service her father. He promises that this will be the last time he asks his daughter to suck his cock, but they both know it won’t be. Alyce Anderson doesn’t mind. She loves to please him and is happy to drop to her knees and let him fuck her mouth or bend over so he can use her pussy from behind. Alyce opens her legs for her daddy to abuse her tight pussy. He pushes his dick deep inside her until he is ready to cum. He doesn’t want to get his daughter pregnant so he pulls out and sprays the teenage slut down with cum.

File size: 903MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:24:12
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