Daddy Daughter Dynamic

Vanessa has stolen her mom’s phone and, being the evil person she is, decides to text daddy some naughty things. I’ll give him a picture he wont forget she smiles and pulls her panties to the side with a giggle. A picture of her boobs and Vanessa starts texting him sexy messages. What are you doing with mom’s phone! I thought that was her! Her dad shouts walking into her room. Just pretend I’m mom Vanessa replies getting to her knees. Dad tries to argue with her but she sucks his dick and shushes him. He cums into her laughing mouth, making her so happy as she swallows him all down. Give me mom’s phone He tells her. Super giddy and giggly daughter Vanessa is a must see.

Scene Two: Mom sleeps daughter fucks

Dad and mom are sleeping soundly, when Vanessa slides her naked body into bed. Dad she whispers. I just want to have some fun Mom is on sleeping pills and doesnt hear Vanessa take off her daddy’s shorts. Oh my god! He says when his daughter sucks and deep throats him on the bed. Daddy’s being naughty Vanessa giggles as she wiggles her ass in the air. Oh daddy that feels so good She moans as her dad slides inside her little tight pussy and fucks her. Her tits bounce up and and down as the bed shakes from his thrusts. This is what Vanessa has always wanted and now she gets to be fucked by her dad.
They decide to have fun with the sleeping mom and Vanessa licks her pussy while dad fucks her from behind. It drives them both crazy fucking between her legs. Dad finishes in his daughters mouth but Vanessa doesn’t swallow. She slides on top of her mom and spits the cum into her mouth with a devilish laugh. Super giddy and giggly daughter Vanessa is a must see.

Scene Three: Cumming home from school

Mom’s wearing a tight red dress when Dad walks in and starts feeling her up. She quickly pushes his hands away from her. God really, must you! She yells at him. He leaves frustrated. Vanessa walks in and Cory has an idea. She just can’t deal with his horniness anymore and asks if Vanessa can take care of him for a little while. Vanessa is shocked, You want me to take care of daddy? she giggles. If that’s what you want Dad is told of the situation and commanded to go to the living room. Vanessa pulls down her top and pulls up her skirt as dad walks in. She toys with her father before getting to her knees with her happy attitude and sucks on her dad. He takes advantage of the situation to fully fuck his daughter. She screams and moans calling out for her daddy to fuck her. Mom walks in to see her daughter being fucked so hard and gets turned on. Wow this is hot, she thinks as she rubs herself to the live porno in her house. Hi Mom Vanessa says as Dad fills her pussy with his cum. Cory doesnt know how she feels about all of this and asks for a family meeting. Super giddy and giggly daughter Vanessa is a must see.

Scene Four: Family threesome

Cory knows all about when they had sex while she was sleeping. Dads idea Vanessa immediately shouts out, throwing her dad under the bus. It’s ok though, Cory loved it. She moves her body on top of her daughter and begins to kiss her. Vanessa shivers as her mom licks her body. With his cock getting hard, Dad watches them as they pull out his cock and suck on it mother daughter style. You like both of us daddy? Vanessa asks. He fucks his daughters tight pussy as she eats out her mom. With daughter in the middle, Mom and Dad take their pleasure from her. The wrongness and naughtiness of what’s happening make Vanessa cum and open her mouth wide for her dad’s load. He shoots all over her and she giggles. I’ll clean that up Mom says and they kiss, sharing his load. Just wait until Alex comes home from college next week Cory says with a smile.

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