Contributing to the Delinquency of a Nephew

It’s so great to see you, nephew…and – wow! – have you grown. I’m so happy that my straight-as-an-arrow sister decided to finally let you spend the weekend with your auntie. We’re going to have a lot of fun, nephew…grown-up fun.
Has your mother ever let you drink before? No? Doesn’t surprise me…she’s such a stick in the mud. I don’t guess you’ve ever smoked herb before either, then?… Oh nephew, are we going to have some fun!
You look a little fucked-up, sweetheart…are you okay? Can auntie help? Maybe you just need more to drink…it’ll help you relax.
Now that you’re all boozed and smoked up, let’s have some real grown-up fun…let auntie get her hands on that sweet young cock you’re hiding in your jeans…mmm…that’s right, nephew.
Ooh, baby…it’s such a big one! If I’d known that my sister’s boy had such a big dick I’d have asked to babysit you a long time ago. Mm-hmm, it feels so good in auntie’s mouth…do you like that, baby? Has anyone ever sucked your cock before? No? Mmm…then let’s go upstairs, because auntie’s going to teach you how to fuck tonight..
It’s okay if you’re drunk, baby…just lie there on auntie’s bed…I’ll do the rest.
I’m going to ride your cock now, nephew…it’s okay…you probably won’t even remember any of this tomorrow, so auntie’s going to fuck you until we both cum, baby.Fuck, it feels so good…sliding up and down on your young shaft…feeling my pussy clench against the base of your cock, nephew…mmm…auntie’s going to cum again, baby.
But don’t cum in auntie’s pussy…your mother wouldn’t like it if I got pregnant by her son, my own nephew! I’m going to ride you until you’re ready to pop that fresh young nut, then I’ll slide down and suck you off…mmm, baby…I’ll even let you cum in my mouth…but don’t tell your mom.

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