Cheating Wives Stories

Rachel was the beautiful, busty, sexy wife of businessman Frank. Of late she had grown frustrated with their marriage. Her husband seldom showed her any attention or affection, and entirely failed to take care of her huge sexual needs. For a while it seemed Rachel would go spare from such boredom and neglect. That was until Frank hired a young man named Brad to maintain the house. Rachel immediately hit it off with her pleasant young handyman. By themselves all day long, they often talked together – gradually forming a deep bond. In time their attraction to one another became ever more apparent. Rachel started to wear her sexiest clothes about the house. Often Brad made Rachel blush with suggestive compliments. They became so close that the boss/employee relationship all but disappeared. One day Rachel even invited Brad to share a bottle of scotch of with her. They had just finished it off when Frank came home from work – partly overhearing Rachel complain about him. Angrily, he sent Brad home, then turned on his wife. The couple had a heated argument. Frank disapproved of the way Rachel had been behaving with a mere handyman. Rachel retaliated – citing her boredom, the lack of sex and attention she was getting from Frank. Eventually they parted on bad terms. A week later, while back at work, Brad saw Rachel undressing in her room. He crept up and spied on her. Her was totally taken by the sight of her lovely long legs when she slid her skirt down – by her huge tits with their tantalizing cleavage when she unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged it off. Suddenly he was filled with an fiery lust for his employer’s hot wife. At that moment, however, Frank caught him in his compromising position. Before he knew it, Brad was out of a job and leaving the house. Frank tod her what had happened. She was much more upset that Brad had been fired than that he had been spying on her. But Brad’s absence did not last long. With the passage of another week, he returned to the house to ask Frank if he could have his job back. Rachel chimed in on his behalf. When Frank flatly refused, Brad pulled a shocker – drawing a and making his ex-employer his prisoner. Frank remained calm, but he knew he was in a tight spot and had to play ball. As for Rachel, Brad calmed her with assurances that she would not be harmed. Brad worked swiftly after that. He marched the husband and wife to their bedroom, tied them each to a chair, and gagged Frank. Now Brad was able to achieve his double objective: to revenge himself on Frank for firing him, and to experience the pleasure of fucking Frank’s sizzling hot wife. With pleasure he taunted Frank about Rachel – told him how sexy she was, and what a fool he had been to neglect her. Rachel seemed far from distressed as she sat there. After caressing her and giving her a long, passionate kiss, Brad undid her bindings and helped her to feet. At last he told Frank his intention of fucking Rachel. Frank squirmed vainly in his seat. Rachel’s eye suddenly lit up. Despite the drama of her situation, she found herself wanting Brad’s words to come true. She had desired the young man ever since he had come to work for them. Eagerly she walked with him over to the marital bed – gleefully giggling at the idea of tormenting her helpless on-looking husband. In no time she was in Brad’s arms, French-kissing him, falling with him on to the bed. There she stripped him naked – went to work sucking his cock with a hunger and sensuality that she had never shown with Frank. She practically purred as she sank her lips all the way down Brad’s shaft, taking him throat-deep while he stroked her hair. Frank seethed as he watched his wife and her new lover. He was consumed with jealousy and insecurity at the intimacy and intensity of their passion. Every moment of it was made worse by Rachel’s constant jibes at him. Soon she was stripped down to her lingerie, her big tits spilling out her bra as she licked Brad’s cock to maximum hardness in readiness for fucking. Getting on to her back, she made sure Frank saw her take off her wedding ring and cast it aside before she welcomed Brad between her parted legs and took his big cock into her hot, hungry pussy. Her every ecstatic moan and gasp was a blow to Frank’s ears. It was a bitter torment for him to see his wife and the young handyman so caught up in each other – their mouths locked, Brad’s hips working fast and hard to give Rachel the deep, persistent fucking she had missed for so long. They were consumed with lust. In time they switched to the -position, and Rachel’s sounds of pleasure became louder than ever as Brad pounded her with extra penetration. Again and again she hurled her taunts and insults at Frank, rubbing his nose in the infidelity she was committing against him. The tied-up husband was paying a heavy price for the many years he had neglected his wife. In spite of himself, he continued to watch his wife getting her epic fucking in their own bed. After a long time of Brad pleasing Rachel to wildness, taking her relentlessly on her hands and knees, the couple finally separated. But they still were not finished. Rachel slid over Brad’s lap and started jerking his cock, holding her mouth open over its head. At last she was rewarded with a thick white spray of cum that passed between her lips and coated her chin. Sitting up and smiling, she told her husband how tasty she found it. Frank could only lower his head in response. He was a broken man by now. It was a much different story for Rachel and Brad. They both felt on top of the world. The young man had gotten the hot wife he had lusted after, while she had finally ended her sex-drought. Better yet, with Frank out of commission, there was a chance for plenty more fun ahead. Together they raced off to the shower to get cleaned up – with Rachel urging her new lover to give her a wet, soapy fuck.

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