Cheating Housewife, Party in My Panties

Rachel was a horny housewife who was not getting enough attention from her husband Frank. One day she donned a sexy outfit and had a few warm up shots of martini in expectation of going out on a date with him that evening. But Frank disappointed her as usual. This time he stood her up to go golfing with a work buddy. For Rachel, it was the final straw. Left alone at home, angry, frustrated and tipsy, she decided to look up her son Jeremy’s Facebook page and check out some of his hunky young friends. If she could not get what she wanted from Frank, maybe she could get it from one of them instead. There was a good chance of it. Rachel had noticed many an excited look directed at her from the friends whom Jeremy had brought home in the past. She did not care that she might end up cheating on her husband. In fact, she rather liked the idea. Frank deserved it – in her opinion. After browsing several of the profiles, she finally found one to her taste. His name was Eric. Smiling deviously, she sent him a message pretending to be her son. She said there was going to be a wild, three-day party her house. Eric was invited. Rachel set the time of the phony party for when Frank would be out of town on business. She did not need to worry about Jeremy. He had already left on vacation for three weeks. Fortunately for her, he hadn’t passed this info on to Eric. At the supposed start-time of the party, Rachel sat eagerly awaiting her guest’s arrival. She had the house to herself. There was no limit to the mischief she could get up to with him. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and young Eric walked carrying a bottle of bourbon. He called out rowdily to Jeremy – thinking his friend’s parents were away. On noticing Rachel, he looked surprised and embarrassed. Rachel, however, was quick to put him at ease. After politely letting Eric explain why he had come over, she told him with a straight face that there must have been some mix-up over the facebook message. It was not Eric’s fault – she said. He had nothing to apologize for. She then told him about Jeremy’s vacation. After a little small-talk, Eric said he may as well leave since the party was not on. He had a long drive home. Five hours. Rachel already knew that. It had been a factor in her planning. With perfect logic, she told Eric that he would be better off staying in her guest room for the night. He must be tired – she said. Besides, he had also drunk a couple of glasses of the bourbon he had brought along. Eric decided she was right. Rachel secretly grinned. Everything was working out just as she had hoped. Presently, she made an excuse to go get changed. Eric’s jaw dropped when he saw her return wearing a tight, low cut, short-hemmed dress with red stockings and high-heels. From that moment on he was acutely aware of Rachel’s sexy charms. He weakened to them by the second. Rachel could tell as much, and she pressed her advantage all the way. Having taken up a seat next to Eric on he couch, she nestled up close to him so that her tantalizing cleavage was just inches from his face. She allowed her dress to ride high up her silk-clad thigh. Sometimes she crossed and uncrossed her legs and stretched them out. Most of her conversation was innocent social-talk. But then, when she felt the time was right, she started telling Eric how frustrating it was for a woman of her needs to be married to such a dud of a husband. It was enough to make her cheat on him – she declared. The next thing Eric knew, Rachel proved herself as good as her word. Suddenly taking off her wedding ring tossing it aside, she grabbed Eric with a purpose. She pushed him back against the couch and straddled his lap in an instant. Eric stared at her nervously. He found Rachel incredibly desirable, but he felt a twinge of guilt and uncertainty about what was happening. After all, Rachel was not just a married woman; she was also the mother of his best friend. However, when he felt her hands caress him, and her shapely hips dry-humping his lap, he lost all remaining self-control. Rachel had been too much woman for him to resist. From then on, the horny housewife had all the fun she could with her newly seduced young man. At the beginning there was plenty of fondling and kissing. Then she lay back on the couch and opened her dress so that he could lie on top of her with his face buried between her shapely big breasts – swelling beautifully in their tight bra. Eric took the invitation gladly. Since there was no going back now, Rachel even confessed to him about her Facebook trick. Eric did not mind. It had led him to this wonderful moment, and it was impossible to be angry about that. After a whole lot more kissing, and mutual touching through their clothes, Rachel sexily stripped out of her and bra and panties. It was as pleasurable for her as it was for Eric when he fondled her naked breasts and played her exposed pussy with his fingers. The action got Rachel so aroused that she could hardly wait to return the favor by sucking on Eric’s young hard cock. Knelt before him, she greedily took his meat into her mouth and commenced to fuck her lips erotically up and down its length in an epic show of oral feasting. When she was at long last done, she threw herself down on a fur rug and parted her long sleek legs nice and wide for Eric to slip between. The young was immediately in place. His cock shoved deep into her pussy, he fucked away lustfully, kissing Rachel on lips and breasts, making her gasp and moan at the top of her lungs. The sex was wonderful for her. Being a cheating housewife was paying off big time. And there was till plenty more pleasure awaiting her – in the form of a hot doggy-style to fuck come. With her butt raised up high and her shoulders and face lowered to the rug, she welcomed her young lover pounding hell out her from behind. The sweet deep-reaching thrusts of his cock sent her into her loudest, most frenzied display of enjoyment yet. Eric kept at it for a good long while until he felt the need to cum. Rachel was adamant he shoot it right where it would be most appreciated – right in her mouth and all over her face. In the aftermath, a thoroughly satisfied MILF, she daintily wiped her cum-covered lips clean using her panties. Then she turned to Eric. He clearly worshiped the ground she walked on now that he had experienced the mind-bending joy of fucking her. This was exactly what Rachel had hoped for. It meant Eric would do whatever she wanted in future. For starters, she told him he needed to move nearer to her house so that he could come over and fuck her on a daily basis. She could help him pay for it – courtesy of Frank’s credit card. At the point, she remembered her wedding ring and put it back on. She thought it best to keep up the pretense of being a loyal wife to her husband. Making a fool of Frank was half the fun for her.

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