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Women Looking for Sex on Free Sex Sites

Well when it comes to free fuck sites, it turned out that where there is smoke, there is fire. Boy, did I find out how true that old saying is because a buddy of mine, who was supposed to go on an anonymous, local sex date that he arranged via a free fuck site, had to cancel. Put simply, he had to get the earliest plane out of town for an emergency business meeting. So I had to fill in for him.

Okay, I was thinking to myself, yeah, you know, like this is going to go over well. As you probably already know, if you are playing basketball, it’s always a bad idea to believe that the ball you shoot is not going to go through the rim. Because if you believe that, you’re not going to make the shot, your body will try to live up to what you’re thinking.

So I was really, really pessimistic about the whole thing and we decided to meet at a coffee shop before we head straight to a motel. That’s the whole point of local sex dating and a free sex hookup. It’s not like a real date where you beat around the bush, bullshit around, and if you’re lucky, you get a number, or if you’re really lucky, you get your dick sucked in the parking lot.

Local sex dating is a completely different animal. It’s all about basically going all the way without even bothering to know her real name. Crazy right? Too good to be true, right? Well, sure enough, we met at the right spot and I was surprised about the quality of the chick. I mean, I thought that the women who go on local sex dating websites would post pictures of their friends, and we’re talking about their hot friends, of course. But when they show up, all 400 pounds of them, it’s like Princess Leia meeting Jabba the Hut for the first time.

I was really surprised. I mean, this chick was athletic. I mean, she had a banging, body and I felt uncomfortable because I’m fucking out of shape. Apparently, just by talking to her, she’s not really trying to hook up with an athletic guy. She’s just trying to hook up. She just wants to fuck.

So you did not need to tell me twice. We went to the motel she picked and I thought that maybe the experience is going to be basically just a sloppy blowjob and then followed by a quick in and out procedure. We were fucking like rabbits for hours on end. I don’t mean to brag, but I did not think that I had this stamina in me.

I mean, it goes like running a marathon. I mean, it’s much better than a marathon because it’s more pleasurable because you get to orgasm. But dude, I did not know I had it in me. I mean, this was like several hours of just raw, hot, nasty, sticky, sweaty, smelly, relentless, unforgiving, raw sex. I mean, it was just indescribable the amount of positions.

It seems like we were like trying to live out the Kama Sutra and all corners of that motel room were definitely used. I mean, we’re talking about fucking near the fridge, fucking near the bathroom, fucking in the bathroom, near the sink, in the tub, you name it. It’s just crazy shit.

So I share this with you because you may be skeptical about local sex dating. You may be thinking that it’s too good to be true. But believe me, if you experience even a fraction of my experience, you would say that it’s money well spent. Signing up for local sex dating is money well spent.

My Aunt’s Secret Santa

Ok so I just got home so I figured I would write this all down while it’s fresh in my memory. Not that I’ll be forgetting this anytime soon. Some backstory first. My Dad’s side of the family has been doing secret Santa for the past 6 or 7 years. Basically everyone picks a name out of a hat and that person has written down 2 or 3 things that they want but wouldn’t ordinarily spend on themselves (new pair of shoes, coat, headphones etc.). So this year I had picked my Aunt Margret (not her real name). Now Margret (Maggie) has really been into yoga for the past 2-3 years. She is 52 years old 5’5 brown hair small D cup implants always wore small to medium sized clothes. So over the past year she has been going through a divorce from her husband and he moved out. Because of this she really threw herself into yoga and has dropped from a small to an extra small. I saw her for the first time in months at Thanksgiving and she looked great. Lost a lot of weight but healthy. So naturally she asked for 2 pieces of yoga wear that were surprisingly expensive for how little material they were. So this takes us to about 2 weeks ago. Her husband who had moved out and was living out of his truck, was found dead. He had always been a bit of an alcoholic and sadly I think that’s what did him in. But I haven’t really been told much more than that. This really upset Maggie because even though they were getting divorced, a 20 year marriage will stir those emotions. The family had planned to have Christmas dinner at Maggie’s like we have for the past few years. Recent events however have really hit her hard and so she decided she no longer wanted to do dinner at her house. This annoyed my family because we all had plans and now things needed to change. And because of this changed Maggie got in a fight with my dad and her other sister. So when we changed plans and decided to do Christmas Eve dinner at my Grandfathers house about 2 hours away she didn’t want to go. This takes us to this morning. My dad called and told me that he needed me to go pick up her secret Santa gift from her house to bring it with us to dinner tomorrow so whoever she had got a gift. And I figured I might as well give her gift now and kill 2 birds. So I wrapped her gift and threw it in my car and went to workout. I finished my workout and gave her a call. She answered slightly out of breath as she had just gotten out of a hot yoga class herself. I asked her what she was up to and she said she was just about to head home to finish making the casserole she had said she was going to make for us to take to grandpa’s. So I told her I was her secret Santa and that I wanted to drop her gift off and pick up her secret Santa gift. She told me she hadn’t even wrapped it yet and the casserole would need time to cook and asked if I could pick it up in the morning. Now we had planned to leave mid morning so I had plenty of time to pick it up tomorrow but something in her voice just sounded off. After we hungup I drove over to drop my gift off for her. When I arrived she had just made it home herself. She asked what I was doing here and I told her she just sounded off in the phone and I came over to see if she needed someone to talk to. She smiled and gave me a hug and I apologized for my smell as the stench from my workout still lingered. She was still pretty sweaty herself but she looked great. We walked in to her house and went to the kitchen, she pulled out the half made casserole and grabbed a few remain ingredients from the fridge. After a few minutes of small talk she asked if I could spread the last few things on and put it in the oven when it finished preheating. I told her of course and she wandered back to her room shower. It took a few minutes to spread everything evenly and I double checked to make sure I didn’t screw anything up then I threw it in the oven when it reached the right temperature. So in that time she had showered quick and walked out with a towel wrapped around her. She bent over to check the casserole and I tried my best not to look at her great ass but it was tough. It was covered my the towel but that towel hugged her so well. I guess her no longer smelling her own sweat made my smell much more obvious to her so she told me I stink and to take a shower. I told her I only have these clothes so showering would pointless but she said just leave them outside the door an she would run them in the steam clean setting of her washer just to take the stink away. So I went into her bathroom which was different as I had always used the guest bath when I had stayed there previously. Her bathroom is setup odd. The toilet and bidet (I know she actually has one haha) is in a little room with a door so if you want your privacy you can have it. But the shower is a large shower in the corner with walls on 2 sides and a jacuzzi tub that makes a sort of half wall on another side. There is no door or curtain to the shower though. It’s so big that water won’t go out into the rest of the bathroom. I’m in the shower and I’m soaping up as one does in a shower and after a few minutes I hear a knock on the door. Maggie cracks the door open and says she needs to go to the bathroom. Which i find odd at first seeing as there are two other bathrooms in the house but perhaps she prefers this one and there is a door so she won’t be staring at me while she pees. So I turn my back to her as she walks in and heads into the private toilet area. I hear the toilet flush and immediately step further into the shower and out of the water to avoid the blast of hot water that is sure to come. I hear the door open and a few seconds later I feel a hand on my back. I jump at first and I turn to find my aunt had removed her towel and joined me in the shower. Before I could say a word she just put her finger on my lips and whispered ‘shhh just let it happen’. She stood on her tip toes and pulled my head down until my lips met hers. We kissed for a moment and the shock washed over me and I just put my hands on her waist as our lips parted and our tongues started to explore one another’s mouths. I could feel my cock hardening faster and faster until it was pressed up against her stomach. With one hand still around my head she took the other and slowly started working my shaft. I still couldn’t believe what was happening but I was so in it that I couldn’t bring myself to stop. Things started getting hotter and heavier as we started to grope each others bodies. I picked her up and held her against the wall and grinded my cock along her pussy. When I couldn’t take it anymore I carried her out of the shower and into the bedroom and laid her on the bed and climb on top and immediately lined my cock up to her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and I felt them tighten around me as I slid into her soaking wet pussy. We kissed passionately as I started to pump in and out her faster and faster. She moaned and screamed out my name telling me to ‘fuck her little pussy’ as the first orgasm overwhelmed her. Then she rolled me on my back and rode my cock hard while she leaned back and my hands felt up her tits and punched her nipples. I got back on top of her and we just kept going at it until the her second orgasm. Just sound of her cumming all over my cock put me over the edge and I blew my load inside her. The world came flooding back but we just stared into eachothers eyes and kissed again. I pulled my softening cock out of her cum filled pussy and laid down next to her. She smiled at me and got up and grabbed my arm and pulled me up too. It felt like the whole thing last 5 minutes but i checked the clock and we had fucked for 45 minutes. She lead me to the laundry room where my clothes had finished. She pulled me in to kiss her again and I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. She helped me back into my clothes and we walked toward the door. She told me to say she hadn’t even made the casserole yet and still needed to wrap her gift so I need to pick it up early tomorrow morning. She winked at me and gave me another deep kiss. We kissed for a few minutes and then she sent me on my way. On the drive home I was so torn. Everything just felt right with her in that moment. But I feel so much guilt. I mean I know I didn’t instigate it but I still feel like I should have stopped her because she was probably really vulnerable. So I don’t know what to do. Should I talk to her about everything and say it was a one time thing that she needed and just grab the gift and the food and go or should I come back tomorrow for another round.

Mom came home from dancing with her friends

When mom was about to leave, waiting for her uber, I couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked … She came down stairs in a stunning short black skirt that was cut mid thigh and a sleeveless blouse that fit very snuggly showing off her ample breasts. My mom had her mid length blonde hair perfectly styled and up, which allowed her to show off the diamond earrings she was wearing and the pearl necklace she had around her neck. I rarely ever saw her in makeup, yet her face was painted like it was a masterpiece.
I decided to just stay home and played video games in the living room most of the night while drinking some beers. Mom came home a little after 11 PM, I heard her stumbling around outside with her house key, and I was kind of dozing off but she made enough noise coming in to wake me up.
Mom started calling my name as she walked towards the living room, I decided to not respond and see if I could tell how drunk she was.
She gently touched my shoulder and said my name but I chose not to respond. She sat down next to me and said my name again. Next she rests her hand on my upper thigh over my boxers. She seemed content that I was asleep.. then she removed her jacket and lay down next to me on the sofa.
Mom has very nice legs. They are perfectly tanned, and very long and luscious. I have found myself staring at them many times in the past week. They looked exceptional tonight. Her skirt was hike up to her panties, and her bare legs were partially spread. I peeked at her silky panties beneath her skirt.
I realized her skirt had ridden up and My cock was hard as steel, as I looked at Mom’s legs. My eyes once again focused on her panties. She had now spread her legs further apart, and I could see a glimpse of her pink pussy for just a moment. My cock twitched and jerked in my pants. I could feel the precum as it seeped from my swollen cock head. I needed relief, and knew that I should just go to my room and jack off, but I was fascinated watching Mom as she tossed about on the couch in a drunken buzz.
I eventually decided to “pretend” to wake up. Mom was sorta dozing off but she told me she went dancing with a couple of her girlfriends. She said her feet really hurt and asked If I would rub them!
I was able to give her a good foot massage for about 20-30 minutes using lotion.
I had massaged mom’s shoulders before, but now she was asking for a foot massage and wearing that outfit… Of course I told her, but hoped I didn’t sound too anxious. I grabbed some lotion and watched her lay on her stomach. Her luscious ass was barely covered and I got so horny.
I didn’t have to be told twice. I squirted some lotion into my hands and moved down to her feet. I massaged her feet a little, rubbing the lotion on them and then slowly moved up one calf, switching to the other and then back. I worked my way up to her thighs and almost came when she spread her legs for me. God, she was so fucking hot. I slipped my hands as close as I could get to her cunt without directly touching it. My body was aching from being hard so long and not getting any release. I pulled away mentally fighting with myself and she sighed and said don’t stop, honey.
I had to bite my lip hard not to moan when she said that in that innocent delicious tone. I slid my hands back to her legs, massaging her thighs all the time looking at her cunt which was pressing against her panties almost enough that I could see it, and her ass. I got closer and closer to her cunt once again and this time she spread her legs wide for me. I paused and looked up at her, wanting to make sure we were thinking the same thing before I went further. She was just resting with her eyes closed and a half smile on her face.
That was all the approval I needed. I moved my hand forward and gently touched her cunt through her panties. She moaned softly and spread her legs even more. I couldn’t take it. Her face was down in the couch. I didn’t want to cum, I didn’t want to have to stop. So every time I was close to shooting off, and would stop and give myself time to slow down even though my hand on her never stopped. After a few minutes, her legs started to close and I thought she didn’t want more, so I pulled my hand away. But she lifted her ass up off of the couch and pushed her panties down as far as she could and then I pulled it off the rest of the way and dropped it by the chair. Again I almost came right there. Her delicious ass was even more delicious than I had thought. And she spread her legs for me again. I leaned down and saw her lips part and how wet she was. I reached forward with my finger and barely slid it inside her slit. She moaned for me and I pushed my finger up and down the length of her slit, stopping at her clit to tease her a little and then moving down to her opening. I gently pushed one of my fingers inside her, centimeter by centimeter and I heard her breath slowly intake. She moaned loudly as I got my entire finger inside of her. I moaned right back this time. She was so wet and tight.
I decided not to press my luck and moved back to moms legs at some point. She was kind of dozing off and I asked her if she wanted help to bed. She said the massage felt so good she didn’t want it to stop so I asked if she wanted me to massage the rest of her body. She stood up and removed the rest of her clothes without saying a word. I worked on her shoulders and back for a good while, as I continued to massage mom’s back, I would include massaging her sides, which would bring me into close contact with the sides of her tits as I worked my fingers delicately during her massage. For some odd reason, it had become a game with me to see how long, and then how far I could go. I eventually had roamed my hands all over her ass and legs, her back and sides.

We did it. I feel so wrong

I spent a good portion of yesterday out. I wanted to get some air and have some time alone to think things through.
When I got home that afternoon we had a talk. I told my mom I wasn’t attracted to her. She said she understood, and repeated what she’d said the other day. She wanted this to be a one time only thing, just to make her feel like a “woman” again.
I asked her why me. She told me after so long without any relationship I was the only man she felt comfortable around. I offered to help her with online dating (thanks for that suggestion, whoever). She agreed.
But, she said, AFTER tonight. She wanted to go all the way with me first.
Seeing how persistent Mom was, and realizing how awkward this must be for her as well as me…I relented. But I insisted this was the last time.
Mom brightened up considerably, and we actually had a great Christmas dinner, having cleared everything up.
It wasn’t long before, a few drinks in, Mom got touchy feely again. I returned her affections the best I could, half-stripping each other. I was counting on the alcohol to help get me hard. It didn’t.
I went down on her again. I made her cum, but I still couldn’t get hard.
Okay. Viagra. I suggested we get some. Mom agreed, but offered to go buy it, telling me to sit tight. “Get ready for me,” she said. She stood up and grabbed her purse, pointedly leaving her panties on the couch and wiggling her ass as she left for the garage, showing off to me that she was bottomless. I felt a chill down my spine.
I grabbed my laptop and another bottle of wine, going through some porn, trying to get that mental image out of my head. When Mom came back, she was pleasantly surprised to see me finally erect.
“Good boy,” she purred sweetly in a honeyish tone that I’d never heard her use before. My mother was trying to be seductive with me. I tried to ignore how disturbed it made me.
I took the viagra as Mom straddled me, grinding her dripping wet pussy on my cock. I closed my eyes as she started making out with me, trying to imagine it was the woman from the porn video instead. I felt breasts up against my neck as she leaned on me. I felt her fingers wrap around my cock as she guided me toward her. I felt the tip of my cock pushing through the lips of her pussy. I imagined a different woman on top of me as my mother finally lowered herself, and I entered her for the first time.
I kept my eyes closed, trying to just focus on how good it felt as the woman rode me, bucked on top of me, frantically kissed my forehead, my face, my lips. I imagined it was someone else whispering into my ears how good she felt, how much of a good boy I was being.
It worked. I felt myself getting close. I grabbed her ass. I couldn’t help it. I also couldn’t help my hips bucking upward, thrusting into her as I came. I opened my eyes, and found myself gazing into my mother’s loving eyes as I shot load after load into her. No! No! No! a voice in the back of my head screamed. Everything was wrong.
Mom locked lips with me. Buzzed, and still on the coital high, I returned her kiss. Tasting her lips, her mouth, her tongue. I was still cumming. Mom’s perfume, her familiar smell oppressed me.
I was still hard. Mom kept riding me as we made out, until I came inside her again. Then again. I stopped responding to her affections. Reality had hit again. My own mother was having sex with me. This was wrong.
Mom looked disappointed. “What’s wrong? Is it because you’re looking at me?”
It must’ve been Mom’s suggestion, but I found myself upstairs standing at the foot of her bed, my mother on all fours pointing her ass up at me. Every voice in my head was protesting, but my body moved on its own, grabbing my mother’s ass, sliding my still-erect cock back into her, and thrusting angrily.
I wasn’t fucking my mother. I was going at some faceless woman doggystyle. It wasnt my mother moaning to the rhythm of my thrusts. It wasn’t my mother crying out in pleasure. It wasn’t my mother calling my name over and over again. It wasn’t my mother begging me to fill her up. It wasn’t!
I don’t know how many times I came inside her. I slumped on top of her, exhausted, and she slid over to make room for me in her bed.
I was still hard. Mom crawled half on top of me and started rubbing my cock, trying to gaze into my eyes. I turned my head. I couldn’t look at her. Just lie there tired, limp as she coaxed my last orgasm out of me.
“You’ve been so good, baby,” mom whispered. Her breath tickeled my ear. “My baby boy.”
I fell asleep in my mother’s arms.
I woke up this morning to my mother 69ing me, cleaning me up with her mouth, her ass in my face, the smell of her pussy stifling me. I couldn’t help myself. I came again.
Mom snuggled back up to me, trailing her finger on my chest. I lay there, letting her caress me, whisper into my ear how amazing that night was, how good I was for doing this for her, how much she loved me. How hard I had fucked her…how sore she was starting to feel…how she wanted me to make love to her next time.
I realized she wanted there to be a next time. I wondered if she had, from the beginning, wanted there to be a next time.
“I’m going to take a shower. Join me?” She said.
I said no. A flash of disappointment across her face, but she conceded.
I lay there limply to the sound of the shower next door, the faint sounds of my mother singing to herself. I think I was in shock.
I was still there when Mom came out. “Your turn, honey. Take your time. Mommy will have breakfast ready for you.”
I washed myself, the events of last night fully hitting me. I felt a wave of guilt and shame. This was so wrong. What we did was so wrong.
Mom was still being flirty at breakfast, her loose bathrobe completely failing to conceal her naked body underneath. She caressed my cheek after she served me food. Against my will I got hard. Mom noticed and giggled. She trailed her finger down across my shoulder as she walked off, a spring in her step, leaving me alone with my thoughts.
I don’t know what to do. I feel so ashamed, so wrong. I made my mom happy, but it seems like I killed something important to do it. We crossed a line. There’s no going back. And it seems like it wasn’t enough. She wants more.

I finally got inside my mom!

It’s been more than a month now that things changed between me and mom. We started having some pleasures but she didn’t allow me to put my penis in her vagina. I didn’t like it at all. But beside that, we did everything. She allowed me to fuck her other hole it was great too! And it was really amazing and different to be naked all the time at home and watching her naked and playing with other anytime. Infact, I even shared one of my fantasy that was of sharing her with 2-3 people. But she didn’t do it except for one. Yeah she did it with one of my friends.
Well they are in some kind of relationship more of a sexual relationship. Initially it was kinda exciting watching her getting fucked by another guy but after that it became more of disturbing I mean it was happening all the time and moreover he fucks her roughly and hardly so yeah it was kinda disturbing. So after that I started complaining and doing stupid things to which shrooid I can join them whenever I want. So yeah I did it few times but then also I desperately wanted to get inside her vagina but she wasn’t letting me, watching my friend doing with her vagina was more disturbing.
But don’t know how or when she changed her mind or whatever. Yesterday night they were having sex and momma was screaming badly so it made me hard and I decided to join them. I entered her room, I saw them. She was sitting on him moving front and back and screaming and his penis was in her vagina. I just went near her I was naked and a little hard, she held my dick and started kissing and licking my dick top. I was hard in no time. Then they changed there position she laid down on the bed then he went towards her mouth and started fucking her mouth. My penis was in her hand and she started rubbing my penis against her vagina. It was nothing new she has done it before so I wasn’t expecting anything more,but then she slowly put my penis in her vagina and moaned. I was really shocked that she herself put my penis I felt her wet and warm vagina her vagina was really very soft and in no time I cummed. She felt it and smiled and said ” don’t worry baby just come here”. She licked my penis too. It was kinda awkward because at times both our penis were touching each others and my momma’s mouth was in between of this. I didn’t knew how to react or say anything because it was really a big thing for me to fuck her vagina well after that I fucked her vagina again. I cummed in her vagina many times and made her cum twice. Then after that I left. They continued there session.
Then today in the morning we talked about it. She said I did it really good and she really enjoyed me in her vagina. So I asked her can we do it again? I was asking this for future but we had it again there and then only it was again amazing. 😀 but after that she told me she wants to get in relationship with my friend and he actually kinda proposed her. I said it’s all up to you guys.
But honestly I don’t want them to get in a relationship because all I wanted this to be a temporary thing but now watching them every time it’s kinda disturbing. Infact from yesterday I was thinking to get emotionally involved with her. So should I just tell her this thing or just appreciate her choice? I’m confused. Any comment or message will be helpful.

Wildest Dreams Cum True

I waited for the click. Even though Vegeta challenged the new villain in his harsh, raspy voice I was sure I would hear the click. I always did. This was what I had woken up early for. And not just that day, this had been the routine since the start of the vacations. She had liked that. She said I was becoming disciplined and responsible. Then she ruffled my hair. That tingled me.
The morning repeat of Dragon Ball Z had just commenced. The recap showed the miniscule progression the plot had made in the previous episode. Yesterday was just pander. But I had nothing better to watch. And the real show was not going to be on the TV.
Just then I heard the familiar click, the latching of the door. The tap began to run. I got up quickly, my sphincter tightening in excitement. I placed the remote in its customary position and tiptoed out of the room. She probably couldn’t hear my footsteps over the sound of water, but why take a chance.
I walked down the lobby, careful to not make a sound. I reached the wooden door in front of the main gate. Slowly, I tipped both handles together until nothing was visible from the outside. I tiptoed back to the verandah where a spare chair soaked the sunlight filtering through the iron jaal overhead. I lifted it carefully and turned towards the bathroom. From the sound of the water, I could tell that the bucket must be half filled.
I sneaked towards the bathroom door, keeping an eye on the floor for any spilled water. Any misstep could mess up today’s show. I can’t risk her becoming aware of my highlight of the day. Those few minutes played in my head the whole day. The hazy vision in the dim yellow light kept running on repeat in the back of my mind. I spent my days in a daze, nights in anticipation. The walk to the bathroom door seemed to be an arduous pilgrimage for those few seconds.
The whole house seemed to be watching me at that moment. The kitchen cheered me on. The stairs looked sideways in jealousy. They promised me horrors when I would have to get up to pee in the night. The exercise bike gave me two thumbs up. The sunlight filtering through the jaal was curious. The bedrooms patted me on the back, whispering future scenarios in my ears. A surreptitious smile crept across my lips without my knowledge.
At last I reached the door. I removed the bathroom mat at the doorstep and placed the chair in its stead gently. I climbed the chair carefully, the floor could be a treacherous backstabber. I placed my eye on the tiny hole and looked down. What I saw made me hard instantly. She had removed her kameez and was in the process of taking off her salwar. Her shoulders and the milky cleavage glowed in the light of the tiny yellow bulb in the bathroom. Her firm thighs clung to the leggings of her salwar.
They looked soft as a cake. Any touch but hers might mangle their sleek perfection. She hung the kameez along with rest of the clothes at the hooks at the wall. Oh what wouldn’t I give to be one of those hooks? I would shiver in anticipation all day, wondering what cloth she’d decide to hang on me tomorrow. I would quarrel with the rest of the hooks, who would all be either lusty bastards or pretentious saints. Some would pretend to desire her more than me, but they would know too that it wasn’t possible.
She stood for a moment, deciding whether to shower or use a bucket. Absentminded, her hands went to her back and I swear I heard the snap. Her bra came off and she hung it on a lucky hook. Her breasts bounced carelessly, the delectable nipples hardening on contact with the air. I took my penis out and held it. A part of me wanted to come then and there but the rational me stamped his foot down and forbade it. I wanted it to last as long as it could.
She paused for a moment and held her breasts up in her hand, examining something, probably their firmness. I started stroking my penis at a leisurely pace. There was a rectangular opening a couple of feet right to the top of the door. It served as a ventilator mostly but we used it if someone forgot their stuff outside like towel or soap. It was above the head of anyone bathing inside so you couldn’t peek easily. But I wanted then to climb into that, I could probably fit easily through the hole, and admire her in full. I shook off the thought, it wasn’t practical. I focused on her soft thighs as she pulled her salwar down. Her legs were shaven and looked softer than I imagined. I wanted to press every inch of her body with my lips to check if she was real.
She toyed with the seams of her panty and I was stroking my penis faster than before. She seemed to have decided to shower. What a sight that’ll be, I thought and tried to slow down a bit. Her hair hung on either side of her neck, resting on her boobs. She stuck her thumbs inside the panty and brought it down. When she rose back up, her shaved pussy was visible. I tried to pace myself but my hand began jerking faster.
She hung up the panty and turned on the shower. Oh, what a sight. Beads of water rolled down her body, the primary shower directed at her cleavage. The water fell at her boobs and bounced off and fell down the navel. Her nipples hardened a bit and she sighed. She picked up the bar of soap and began rubbing at her bosom. I took out the piece of paper from my pocket to avoid any cum emergency. I held it in my hands, I was some way yet from cumming.
She was rubbing the torso now, foam slid off her boobs and fell to the ground. She turned around and her glorious ass was visible. She was trying to reach her back it was futile. Her nimble hands were too small to wash her back, she should ask me for help. I wished I could record this somehow, but by now these images were becoming emblazoned in my memory. It had been two weeks since the summer vacations started and I’d had seen her bathe about ten times now. Her curves seemed even bigger when water and soap slid down them and shone in the light of the tiny bulb.
She was now rubbing the soap at her long legs. Oh how I would love to lighten her burden. I could massage those smooth legs all day long. I had often tried to touch her thighs when she went to sleep. I know it’s risky, but you have no idea how horny a teenager can be. I have tried to keep my penis in her hand when she slept. I have shown her my penis when her eyes were shut.
She washed her face with another soap. Her tits shone like a metal chrome body now. Her ass glistened and made my cock even harder. I imagined unloading on that giant ass. The chair wobbled a little, so I paced myself and focused on her lips, imagining them being kissed. I was close to cumming now and she was almost done. I unfolded the piece of paper and aimed my cock towards it. Her hands now rubbed her body clean in general manner and it turned me on even more. I imagined touching her all over like that, cleaning soap off her.
I was about to cum when I noticed something different. She was murmuring in a low voice and her right hand wandered onto her pussy. I slowed down, watching my wildest dreams come true. She inserted two fingers in the pussy and started rubbing the clit with her thumb. Her left hand roamed up to her nipples and began twisting them one by one.
I was in seventh heaven, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I leaned against the door, breathing heavily, in tandem with her. She threw her head back and grinded her pussy against the hand. I tried to read her lips, but could not decipher what she was moaning about.
She opened her mouth and her face was now red with blood. She took her hand out of the pussy and sucked her middle finger as though it were a cock. I couldn’t take it anymore and grew unsteady. I tried to blow my load in the paper, but I stumbled and for a moment I was cumming midair. I lost sight of her and sensed that I was falling. I tried to grab something for support but nothing came by and I fell from the chair, spewing cum all over the door and the floor.
I winced with pain and cried out for her. My shorts were down to my ankle. I dreaded that the door would open. I heard the water being turned off and then there was the familiar sound of the bathroom door being opened. She stood in front of me horrified, wrapped in a towel, while my bare ass laid askew on the floor.
“Sorry.” I muttered.
Mom was confused. So was I. The doctor asked me to wait outside while she talked to mom. I felt dizzy and sat on a bench. The pain in my abdomen had subsided, but I still had to put one leg apart from the other. I studied the nameplate above the door, Dr. Anita Vyas, M.D Urology. Referred by a family friend.
A black dog was sleeping near the door. This house doubled as the doctor’s clinic at the ground floor and her apartment on the upper one. I had heard so much about her but seeing is very different to hearing. I was limping in pain when I stepped in her office. She requested privacy and asked mom to leave, making me lay on a bed. She kept asking me if I was comfortable but I was sweating just by being around her. I had seen photos of her, she was as pretty as the fellas would say, maybe more so than I’d reckoned. When she stepped towards me, a doctor’s coat draped over her thin, revealing saree, my eyes darted towards her bosom and grew more uncomfortable.
She sensed this, unzipping my pants in a flash, easing the underwear over my hips. My cock emerged, bruised yet still standing, nerves flaring up in pain all along its length. I groaned into the pillow, but she tried to keep me straight on bed. Grabbing my cock, she gently massaged it along the length, producing a vial from her coat pocket. I focused on her face, a small nose underlined by pouting lips and topped by big coal-black eyes. There was a strange energy about her, she worked along my shaft, touching the mottled vein along the way, easing the pain out.
“Are you feeling better?” she asked.
“Yeah” I breathed, trying to stop the dull smile spreading across my face. Her hand was so soft that I felt that her skin might be ruined from touching me. She smiled back, “You’re a lucky guy. If your mom was late, you might have sustained a serious injury.”
I couldn’t talk much as the doctor was bringing me back to the climax. “Do you feel pain?” She kept asking me, I nodded for a while but then shut my eyes. She sensed that I was about to come and slowed down.
“We’ve to keep the blood pumping in the organ for as long as we can.” Her thumb played with the tip as she gripped the shaft firmly. I heard she was divorced, with no kids. I grew harder in her hand, bucking my hips to meet her.
“Don’t move.” She warned, “you’ve sustained internal injury. Just lie still, if you feel agitated I can call your mother.”
Fuck yes, I’d like that. I couldn’t stop from nodding convulsively till she eased the grip on my cock and left to find her. My penis tingled in anticipation, I felt I’d shoot if I saw her again now. I closed my eyes, the tubelight seemed too bright. I was worried someone might peer in and witness what had happened, but the doctor was in off hours currently.
She returned with mom and my cock saluted them. Dr Anita grabbed it in the air and showed it to mom. She peered in, slightly blushing as see saw the bruises on my cock.
“I still don’t understand how he fell while ejaculating.” Dr Anita smiled, seeing mom blush. A wave of pleasure surged through me as the doctor began stroking me again. Mom was staring at it with wide eyes.
“His organ seems to have sustained an internal injury,” the doctor explained, “we need to keep the blood pumping so that he can finish his ejaculation with causing any ruptures.”
“Mom” I groaned in pleasure and she looked away from my cock, the doctor motioned her to sit beside me. Mom stopped and advanced towards my side, I raised my head so that I could place it in her lap. She understood and slid beneath me, brushing my face against her pallu, giving me an opportunity to ogle at her flat tummy and the cute navel in between. She had carelessly thrown over a saree before bringing me here, her blouse was old and ill-fitting, I could see her cleavage clearly. Mom wore a puzzled expression.
“Does this happen often?” She asked the doctor who looked at her sideways, keeping the stroke steady.
“Injuries during orgasm are always risky.” Doctor began, “If proper care isn’t taken, it might lead to dysfunction and infertility.” Mom covered her face with her hands. She looked at me and ruffled my hair.
“Oh, you’re so much trouble, my dear.” She bent forward to kiss my forehead, her heaving bosom crushing into my hair. “Is this the only way?” She nodded to my cock, which the doctor was pumping and pressing her thumb on the tip to stop me from cumming early.
“This and medication. In case of sexual organs, it’s prudent to monitor and refresh them while recovering from an injury.” The doctor said. My mother gawped, but I was ready to cum. The doctor was reaching for a bowl with her free hand.
“How often?” Mom asked.
“Well, twice a day, with the medication.” The doctor said, holding up the vial, “Along with this oil, which keeps the organ healthy. The procedure is simple, keeping the blood circulating in the member while ensuring proper ejaculation.”
“And the medication?” I asked, they looked at me as if I was a petulant child. I could see mom’s nipples becoming erect under the pallu. I was bucking into the doctor’s hands while trying to smell mom’s tits.
“To be consumed with milk before the exercise.” Dr Vyas replied, “Once in the morning, once in the evening.”
“Can he keep It pumping tomorrow this long?” Mom asked, and I grew harder still, the pain flaring up in my member. I shut my eyes and groaned, burying my nose under mom’s blouse.
“I’m afraid not. A responsible adult has to carry out the task. Usually I don’t do this part.” I could hear the doctor, and I opened my eyes to stare at her. She was sweating, her nipples seemed hard as well. She was teasing me now, fondling my balls and keeping the tip shut. I reached my mouth and tried to bite mom’s nipple. She flinched and stared at me.
“I’m afraid his fixation with you has landed in this trouble.” Dr Vyas spoke softly, “You’ll have to carry out his exercises.” I bucked my hips violently in the doctor’s hands, she still wouldn’t let me cum.
“Let him breastfeed, it’ll calm him.” The doctor was the voice of reason. I had managed to pull down her pallu with my teeth, uncovering her cleavage and the sweat beads racing down her bosom. She instinctively understood and slipped her right boob under the blouse and shoved the nipple in my mouth.
I was in heaven, but I still wanted to remove her blouse so I could enjoy freely. The doctor saw my hand roaming around mom’s back and let the tip go. I had not been expecting this in the 10 seconds I had been feeding, but I instantly felt a thick rope fly out of my cock. Fortunately, Dr Vyas is a consummate professional and had the bowl ready at the right angle. The thick rope of my million possible children flew out and splattered across the metal bowl at unheard velocities. Some of it splattered and fell on Dr Vyas. She didn’t flinch, and held my cock towards the bowl.I came for what seemed an eternity and fell asleep sucking mom’s nipple.
When I came to, I was in the main bedroom, and the blinds were half open. The morning sun had caught my eye, and I noticed mom sleeping beside me. She wore a cream nighty which had rustled up along her thighs. Her left boob wasn’t tucked inside properly, I suspected that she breastfed me during the night.
I was naked, my cock was still hard under the sheets. I felt a strong urge to fuck her then and there. I tried to remember what happened after the doctor let me cum, but my mind was a blank slate. My breath smells foul, I abandoned the plan to fuck her and decided to brush. I slipped out of the bed and walked towards the bathroom. I switched on the light inside and saw my reflection in the wash basin mirror. I peed quickly and examined my cock. It was sore, red patches mixing in with blue ones, making it seem like a blotchy experiment.
Putting the toothpaste on the brush, I stepped back into the bedroom, watching mom’s ass as she heaved in sleep. What a fantastic turnaround. 24 hours ago, I was masturbating to her through a hole, hoping to remember it all for ages. But now, she was in bed with me, sleeping half naked and a doctor’s promise of bonafide sexual exercises together. Maybe I should wake her up.
I walk towards the bed, sitting beside her ass, contemplating the strong hips that birthed me. I pull up her nighty just a little, riding up her thighs. She’s still sleeping, which is a good thing or a bad thing depending on the kind of son you are. I had never done something so forward before, but I picked a spot and pulled up her nighty to see the pussy.Unfortunately, she was wearing panties. I stared at her camel-toe, unaware that she was waking up. I looked up and saw her mildly annoyed, frowning upon me and rubbing her eyes.
“Mom, the exercise.” I blubbered. What an idiot, she wakes up first thing in the morning with her son looking up the skirt and asking for a handjob. She was getting up though, her eyes searching and finding my throbbing erection.
“Is the pain better?” she asked, her cheeks growing red as I stood up to show her my cock.
“A little bit” I lied, the pain was almost gone. But I felt that this cock is going to be shoved somewhere in her, it’s up to her how she wants it. Mom felt it as well, and grabbed it casually, dragging me towards her.
“My, my” I don’t know if she was exclaiming about the blotches or it hardness, “Don’t you have to take medication first?”
“Yeah, right.” I said, “With milk.”
“Just wait here, I’ll warm some for you.” She got up, avoiding touching me otherwise, and stepped towards the door.I followed her, staring at her as she wiggled into the kitchen, the nighty reaching a respectable length down her thighs. I stood behind her, my cock pointing towards her ass as she checked the fridge for milk. Standing back up, she stumbled into my cock, which nestled up under her pussy. She got off and went towards the stove. This was enough to encourage me.
“What did the doctor say?” I followed her. Mom didn’t turn to face me when I pressed my dick in her ass. She lit the stove and placed the milk to heat.
“The doctor said……” she seemed a little out of breath as I placed my hands under her nighty and let them roam across her belly.
“What did she say?” I bit her earlobe and let my hand run across her bra, tweaking her nipples.
“that I help you manage these feelings.” She continued, “the injury is just a symptom of the love you feel I owe you.”
I turned her to face me, her hair were loose and fell dangerously close to the stove. I pulled her back and planted a kiss on her lips. She was responsive and I grabbed her by the ass and lifted up above my knee.
“You’re my favorite woman mom.” I placed her thong line on my cock. She was moist down there. “I wanna make love to you.”
“That’s what the doctor said” she placed her hand on my chest, pushing me away half-heartedly.
“What did she say?” I paused and held her in my grip, my cock nestled underneath her thong. Her face was puffy, a little out of breath, hair unravelling and falling down on her neck. Her cheeks were reddening at an alarming rate.
“She told me to find a womb for you to keep your……” she trailed off.
“Cock?” I added, thrusting it further into the soft mounds of flesh. Her nighty was in disarray, a line of cleavage deepening as I drew her closer.
“that it’d help nurse the veins back to health” she whispered, it was the only sound audible in the kitchen. My hands were already underneath her nighty. I lifted it up and she closed her eyes, her boobs heaving as the nipples poked out of the fabric. My cock had assumed a life of its own, and despite my hands being busy, it tried to force its way in her pussy. It took some of the panty with it as the tip parted the lips.
She moaned and her eyes grew wider. Her hands were still trying to hide the boobs, but I pulled them away and admired the view.
“What about the milk?” Mom pleaded, and I tore my eyes away from her nipples.
“I wish you still had that.” I grinned, pulling down her panty. I bent down and peeled it slowly down her legs, staring at the perfect orifice between her waxed legs. She turned her upper body around and fiddled with the stove.
“No dufus,” she laughed, “I mean your medication.”
The panties were down to her ankles but she made no move to step out of them. She turned around completely towards the stove, turning the gas off, leaving me to stare at her gigantic ass.
“Let the milk cool down for a while.” I whispered between her ass cheeks, as I buried my face into them. My nose bumped against her butthole, and I heard her gasp, she was easing herself onto my face. Readjusting my position, I darted my tongue towards the pussy lips. Grabbing her ass cheeks, I pulled her onto my tongue, penetrating her pussy with the strongest muscle in the body. Mom emitted an obscene moan which echoed around the house, I could hear her biting her lips.
Grabbing the shelf, she eased herself onto my face as a seat, I found her to be surprisingly light. The rest of my body fell away as I focused on my tongue, darting, twisting, slithering its way into the juicy walls. It felt like heaven, my whole body was numb with pleasure, though my cock had begun to ache. My left hand shot upwards to fondle her boob, while I found soft fabric clinging to her ankle. Must be the nighty. I pulled it towards me and placed it under my knees, my footing now stable, I grabbed her boobs with both hands and pulled myself deeper in, the tip of my nose wedged in along with the tongue, the scent of her pussy driving me crazy.
Mom couldn’t control herself anymore and shrieked as if she saw a scary cockroach in the store but somehow it turned her on as well. She let go of the shelf and floated in pleasure, while I grabbed her waist to keep it from breaking my jaw, nose and head bones. She wobbled upon me for a few seconds, my tongue still wedged inside, darting, drooping, unaware of the trouble rest of me was in.
Mom had settled into a steady rhythm of heavy moans and wasn’t paying attention to me. Unfortunately, my balance was so disturbed that I felt her falling upon me. Trying to ease myself off my knees and onto my back, I placed my ass carefully on the cold floor, letting her guide my head down. I pulled the nighty bunched up under me and spread it below my head and back.
My face was out of her for a moment as I saw up to her face, the boobs almost blocking the view. She smiled at me and grabbed my cock.
“Can you do that thing mom?” I asked as she lowered herself upon my face again, my view being blocked again.
“What thing?” she tugged my cock and I felt the throbbing pain flare again.
“The one where you rub my cock between your tits.” I whispered into her pussy but she got the message.
“I’ll do something better.” I was buried in her again. But I felt my cock being wrapped in two humongous, soft balloons who rubbed along the shaft, easing my pain away. I closed my eyes and relaxed as I felt her settle on top of me, our abdomen rubbing together in heat.
Her lips closed around the tip of my cock and I groaned into her vagina.The tongue teased the tip as she rubbed her boobs on my cock. I bucked forward, trying to insert it all at once, she was very accommodative. Her head bobbed up and down along my penis, licking and sucking in tandem.
Feeling closer to coming, my tongue sped up in excitement, I rubbed her clit above the pussy with my free hand. She grinded her pelvis on my face, her juices began to flow out and dribble down my chin. Mom grabbed my hair and responded by sucking furiously. Not wanting to come right away, I pulled out, feeling her orgasm shudder through her body into my mouth.
When I emerged, my nose and lips were drenched with her come, a blissful smile playing on her lips. I got up and slid beside her, sliding my cock in her pussy. She stopped me and motioned to get on top of her. Kissing along her body, I slid up and pressed my body against her.
When I reached her mouth, playing with our lips, I felt her grab my cock and guide towards her pussy. No more motivation needed, I slid easily up her valley, for the first time, feeling completely submerged in pleasure.
“Here,” she held up her legs in air, “put them on your shoulders.”
I followed her instructions, while thinking about all the unsexy things in the world, I did not want to come right away. Mom was good at matching my rhythm, opening and closing her legs at angles which drove me to greater heights of pleasure.
My hands were busy kneading her boobs, tweaking the nipples which had turned into turgid metal bullets, looking ready to lactate anytime.
I kissed her thighs for a while, but eventually I pulled her legs into normal position, leaning in to bury my face in her boobs and groan till orgasm. Her moans were getting louder again, she grabbed my hair and pulled me up to kiss her. She moaned while our tongues danced together, locking, freeing, sliding, twisting. My cock was locked in though and my million possible children seemed ready to come out.
“Can I come here?” I breathed in her face, pinching her nipples.
“It’s alright.” She whispered back, “You can come in me. Doctor said to maximize the time inside the womb.”
“Does that mean I don’t have to pull out later as well?” My cock was in pain again, I should not have humped so fast, but the pleasure had overwhelmed it.
“Exactly.” Mom said, raising her hips to match my strokes.
“I love you, mom.” I whispered and fell on top of her, the thick rope flying out again, squashing against the walls, travelling upstream. Her nails dug into my back, but she soothed it with the kissing, and let me fill her up with my spunk. The final bits dribbled off my cock, and I clung to her breasts and went to sleep.

How I drank more than just alcohol last night

This just happened last night, so I want to get it down while it’s still freshly surreal in my mind. I lurk on this sub from time to time because of random porn interests but never thought I’d have anything to contribute. Obviously a throwaway, obviously fake names, etc etc. Just need to get it out.
A little contextual intro first, bear with me please — I am a 24yo girl, brunette, mostly slim with some curves (wouldn’t say I’m exactly skinny though), living at home with parents, my younger brother, and younger sister who is currently in Europe for the holidays… I’m also new-ishly single. Without getting into why, the guy was an all-around jerk and nothing about the relationship was pleasant. But it was one of those where you don’t realize it right away, because it’s hard to think from outside the box at first while you’re still inside. Or something like that. So it took my brother to snap me out of it after awhile. Every time I’d come home from a shitty date night, I’d get the whole thing off my chest to my brother and he’d point out exactly the reasons why I needed to end things from each experience. In a kind of loving way, almost fatherly but that’s not the right word. Stupid me took several nights of this to catch on, but I always appreciated that he did that for me.
My brother is probably my best friend (we’ll call him Adam and I’ll be Eve… Sorry, first thing that comes to mind). He is a handsome 22yo and kind of the brains of the family but also really cool. Super into music and film. Slender body in decent shape. We’ve always looked out for each other in one way or another. There’s an unspoken recognition of comfort between us, which I always cherished. But we’re always super sarcastic with each other for fun too. We have had our share of funny awkward moments too just due to living together for 20+ years. No real sexual tension, just a couple instances of accidentally catching each other in the shower or masturbating. We end up laughing about it, I’ve joked about his dick, he’s slapped my ass and ran away…it was pretty innocent at those times and nothing came of it.
One night a couple months ago I came home extremely drunk and horny, having gotten nothing from the ex-bf but a fight over something trivial. I didn’t really care about that since I was mentally done with him by that point, but I was still pretty annoyed that sex hadn’t happened for about a few weeks. Turns out Adam was home, but mom and dad were away for the weekend camping with some church friends. Adam was also super drunk thanks to a birthday party for his best friend. He jumped up from the couch and turned the TV off, which I thought was weird at first. Drunk me didn’t connect any dots until he started walking towards me with a poorly hidden half chub. Dude was watching porn. I thought it was hilarious but didn’t say anything because I was too wasted to deal with it properly. So I let it go, he offered me a beer, and we both crashed on the couch to an old silent horror movie we like. Our couch is big and we were in sorta halfway head to toe position both facing the TV. He had just fallen asleep while I was starting to doze, then suddenly his dick slightly flopped down in his sweatpants thanks to gravity, like a wrinkle had unfolded or something. This put the head of his dick on top my wrist. Completely unexpected. I was still mega horny and reacted by doing nothing at all. I was taken by surprise but being afraid to make it weird I figured the safest thing would be to just enjoy the moment. Out of nowhere I hear him mumble “X is a moron for letting a girl like you slip away…” The fucker was still semi-awake. Incredibly turned on, I sleepily reply “Well I’ve got you at least. And you’re not allowed to break up with me.” He answered with a content sounding “Hmmmm” then started to doze for real. After about a minute, I felt slight movement across my wrist — his dick was getting hard. I decided right then to live dangerously and lightly moved my hand back and forth. Adam whispered something I don’t remember now (though basically positive feedback) and slowly slipped his hand up my back, across my shoulder and under my bra strap. He was rock solid and I was getting wet. However, we soon both drifted to sleep and woke up the next day and resumed normal life with an awful hangover.
I remembered what happened but never brought it up to check his memory too. We’re very open with each other, but again, sexual tension hasn’t really been a factor for us. I broke up with the boyfriend a month later and eventually got over the initial feelings of guilt with my brave moment. Nothing really changed between us or got awkward or anything, so I figured I was overanalyzing it.

Fast forwarding to last night, Adam and I went to a concert together at a small club for some band he liked. A friend flaked on him, and I didn’t mind being the backup. The club was packed and we ended up squished together somewhere toward the left middle, with me in front of him since I’m shorter. That actually wasn’t a first for us, but this band was playing this really good deep bassy shit that had the crowd moving to the beat almost collectively. A few songs in, and we get pushed around a little by the crowd. Adam stabilizes himself on me so he doesn’t fall, which brings my hips toward him as he pulls them. Like 30 seconds after that happens, I start to feel something grow behind me. He had nowhere else to go being squeezed together, and as he got harder I felt the pressure very clearly through his pants. I was wearing yoga pants under a thin cotton dress, so everything translated fairly well on my end. And it was soon pushing right into my ass as the crowd continued to move on and off. Adam stayed hard the rest of the show, and having a few drinks in both of us already, the bumping maybe became less accidental near the end… At least thats how I felt. The whole time, he was still holding my hips for balance, and I suddenly forgot about my guilt from last time. I wanted so badly to reach my hand back there and feel him just once, but I ultimately chickened out. The show ended, and we went bar hopping for a couple hours after. Nothing to really note there as we were mostly winding down from the show and ended up making random silly drunk conversation over more beers, just generally enjoying ourselves. Until he brought up my ex towards the end of our adventure and asked if I was getting on okay. I said I was, and he told me not to worry too much since I was too beautiful to remain single for long. That made me feel good and I remember saying something about being surprised girls weren’t all over him (he’s been single for a year minus some hookups that I know of).
Anyway, after that we did a final round of shots then Ubered home and quietly slipped inside, changed into pajamas upstairs, made snacks in the kitchen, and went back upstairs to his bedroom (he’s got a TV). Our parents (bedroom on the first floor) usually don’t mind if we’re out late like this as long as neither of us drive and we come home unscathed. Adam turns on his Playstation and plops down on his bed. I plop down next to him with some pizza rolls, and we pig out for a bit while he plays Batman. We’re both admittedly trashed at this point and I’m feeling horny again. He thanks me at some point for going with him to the show, and I drowsily tell him I was really glad I went despite the crowd forcing us to play Sardines for 90 minutes straight. I noticed this made him smile for a couple seconds. That was a good feeling. We finished off the pizza rolls after some time, and I fell asleep leaning against him while he kept playing
I have no idea how much time passed but I woke up later with him still playing, and found I had slipped a little down the bed and curled up with my face and feet buried into his side. Or what used to be his side… When I opened my eyes some, his body was now also slightly turned towards me but not all the way, so he could still play the game. I immediately froze when I realized his crotch was near my face. I don’t think it was intentional on either side at all. We were still out of our heads.
I glanced up briefly and he was drunkenly immersed in Batman, and I suddenly got brave again. No idea what really compelled me but drunk confidence got the best of me, and I softly pushed my face into his pajama pants waistband as if I were going back to sleep. Right after, his dick started growing and I felt the resulting pants tent hit my shoulder within a minute. That was it. I got so wet and savored my position for a couple more minutes. Then drunk confidence overruled again and I slowly let my left arm come up and rest on his legs. I couldn’t believe it but he got even HARDER. His dick pushed its way past my shoulder and up towards my chin. Only when it touched this time, it wasn’t through the pants. The tip had started to poke through the pajamas fly. He didn’t budge, probably feeling a little awkward I’d guess. But i very lightly nestled my head deeper which brought his tip closer to my face. I could barely see it through the sleepy squinting and TV lit room, but it was right there in front of me. All it took was a couple light breaths, and it twitched a few times. I let it hit my lip after it did that, and I heard Adam breathe in. Jesus, I could’ve came right then and am pretty positive my pj’s were soaked in between.
All Adam could see was the top of my head, so he flinched a little in shock when I stuck my tongue out and gently licked his tip. It tasted like precum. His dick twitched again and found its way a little further into my lips. I planted a soft kiss on it, and he twitched more. Adam wasn’t objecting to my boldness, so I kissed it a couple more times, and his dick twitched forward enough to where my lips were now starting to take in more of the tip. I start licking more intently now while my mouth starts to move down his tip. Adam is making these cute short breaths and very slightly moves his hips in response. In my final act of drunk confidence, I start sucking too and then use my tongue to slowly guide myself down the rest of his shaft bit by bit with light licks. He is BIG. It was so hot in that moment to know my own brother was packing. I finished with my tongue and barely pushed his dick back into my mouth as Adam let out a moan. No one said a word while I worked his cock further into my throat very carefully. It filled me up so good, and I picked up the rhythm after a minute or so. I was now sucking my brothers cock. Can’t believe it. All I could think about was how much I loved him. He rocked his hips more and I heard him pause the game. He tried to mumble something but wasn’t sober enough for coherent sentences. Instead he reached down with his left hand and worked his fingers into my pj’s waistband as I kept sucking. Eventually he pulled them down some and explored my ass and thighs with his hand, giving a squeeze at intervals. I went all the way down a couple times with him moaning louder in response. After what felt like an eternal bliss, he body tensed up without warning, and he was about to pull away. I didn’t let him and kept on with my mission until he came down my throat. So much cum squirted out and he had moved his hand to the back of my head with his fingers through my hair. He pulled my hair a little as he came buckets which was so fucking hot. Then he finally said “Wow, Eve” as I gulped it all down. I slid my mouth off his cock and tucked it back into his fly with my free hand, keeping my hand on his bulge after. We never looked at each other after that or said anything else and eventually passed out within the next few minutes or so.
I woke up early this morning alone in the bed and with a pounding headache. I forgot Adam had to drive his friend to some convention. My parents were still downstairs probably still in bed, so I slinked off to my room and fingered myself hard before passing out again. It’s now several hours later, and here we are.
I have no clue how to proceed without making things awkward or uncomfortable. He was into it, but we were sooooo wasted, so I still feel bad about it. He comes home tonight, so we’ll see if it comes up. On a side note, we’re having a new years party this weekend with a few friends since mom and dad will be out of town again. So there’s one more soonish opportunity for us to be drunk together again. So much is racing through my head right now. Never thought I’d find myself typing something like this and am glad i did. Feels therapeutic lol.
So yeah, there’s my story and hopefully our relationship isn’t ruined. Any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated if anyone happens to have them. Thank you for reading!

Girl slapped three times

Since Kik doesn’t allow users to sent long videos through the app, I had to upload my 10 minutes of suffering on some erotic share site. When I finally figured it out, I’ve sent it to my brother, who was already closed in his bedroom. I hoped he didn’t fell asleep yet, because it would ruin everything. The video was backed up by the “please, sir, I beg you… let me take off those clamps, it’s so painful…” message, so he would have to react if he was still conscious.
“Good girl. I had the feeling you wouldn’t disappoint me. Yeah, you can take them off, but you have to cum first”.
I’ve got close to his door. It was quiet and dark in the apartment. My heart was beating like crazy, but there was no going back. I entered his room…
He was lying on the bed, just like yesterday – one hand was holding the phone, another one was working his dick before the covers. It was such a nice sight to see his muscular arms and chest moving and working to please himself…
There was no light besides the screen of his phone, also, he had earphones on, so I was basically invisible. I looked at the video in his android and I saw my body below neck, riding the dildo and rubbing my pussy. I looked so desperate there… It was obvious that the clamps were driving me crazy.
Suddenly, he put the phone on his stomach and reached for something. I felt some warmth below my heart, when I saw my pink panties. He closed his eyes and get the panties close to his nose, rubbing them in his face…
I reached for one of his earphones and I’ve pulled it out without any warning. Showtime…
“I was wondering where they’ve got lost…”, I said out loudly.
“SHIT!”, he screamed, jumped and pulled his covers higher. “THE FUCK?!”
I sat next to him and I wrapped my arm aroud his knee. He was looking at me, shocked, like he just saw a ghost. His chest was moving intensively in deep breaths.
“Please, don’t stop”, I asked, rubbing his leg through the covers. “Making this video was really painful, don’t waste my efforts.”
“What are you talking about?”
I leaned towards him and I gently kissed his cheast. One time, two times… then I kissed his nipple and got even higher, to his neck. He didn’t stop me, he didn’t moved at all. We finally crossed looks. I was like inch away from his lips. “Don’t look at me like that” I whispered. “I’m sure I’m not the first girl that has fallen for you like that…”
“What are you doing, sis…?” he finally said something. He sounded confused.
“I am your slave girl which has happened to be your sister.” I sat on him and I felt his boner, under the layer of covers. I started rubbing it with my ass. “You want me to beg you? Alright… Please, sir… give me some relief… I want you to use me…”
He put his hands on my waist and I felt the ecstasy hitting my brain. HE ACTUALLY FUCKING DID IT. “Get rid of those clothes”, he commanded quietly.
“Yes, sir!” I responded, very eagerly and with pleading eyes. I got rid of the bra, first. Then I stood up above him and I took off my panties, very slowly. I was rarely shy, especially durning sex, but this time… I think I was blushing.
“Give them to me”, he pointed my panties. I did what he asked for and I kneeled over him. “They’re all wet”, he noticed. “You really want me, don’t you?”
“Yes… please, give me some relief… You have no idea how long I was waiting for you…”
“Not so fast, girl. You were plotting against me… that can’t get away without punishment” he looked at his suitcase. “Hand me my belt…”
Oh my god… FUCK. YEAH. “Yes, sir!” I almost screamed with joy. I knew exactly where to find it, since I was looking for it before…
I handed him the belt and he ordered me to bend over on the bed. He stood up and I must have looked at him. His hard dick and balls were sticking out of his boxers. He pulled them off and throw them away. He slapped his hand with the belt and looked at me with his rakish smile. He finally got his confidence back and I was ready to cum only from looking at him…
“Ready, girl?” he asked. I only nodded, because I was biting my lip like crazy.
The belt kissed my butt cheeks with fire and I moaned helplessly. I wanted to touch myself and fill my pussy with basically anything, but I wasn’t in charge of my body anymore. I couldn’t cheat like I did many times through Kik, because he was there, right behind me, watching…
The first three slaps were like… level easy of spanking. The rest of them were very painful, but not unbearable. He hit me eighteen times and when he finally stopped, he got closer to me and he whispered into my ear, “You did good, girl”.
“What should I do now, sir?” I asked, impatiently. I was really, really hungry for more.
He lay down behind me and he started spoonig me. His hard dick was behind my legs. “Hands behind your back”, he commanded. It wasn’t really comfy, but of course I did it.
Instantaneously I felt his big hand touching my wet clit. He wrapped his other hand around me and started playing with my nipples. “Time for a chat, sis” he whispered into my ear. His beard was scratching my cheek.
From my point of view, it wasn’t good moment for any talks… I was in heaven right now and I couldn’t focus. He knew how to take care of a pussy with his fingers. He was forcing himself in with three fingers at the same time, while his thumb was teasing my love button. Just like I lacked in sensations, he was pinching and stretching my nipples. I couldn’t help but moan.
I felt so good and safe with him. His bare cheast was heating my back and he kept me still, not letting me to move. Well, outside my feet and toes, which became a victims of my spasms. Also, that thick cock of his was constantly rubbing my inner thigts.
“Tell me your kinks. I mean, outside of being aroused by your own brother…” He started biting, kissing and sucking my neck and I was going even more crazy.
“I don’t know…” I couldn’t focus right now, I swear, and he was asking me such a complicated questions… I wanted to moan, not to use actual words. “I don’t know…” I repeated. Actually, I was going to say something else, but I was able to utter only that.
“Tell me what would you want me to do with you” he finally decided to help me and guide my thoughts. “Are you in pure vanilla fucking? Or do you have some specific, pervy ideas?”
I hesitated two times. First, when I was going to tell him and second, when I was going to write it here, in the update. I’m not gonna pretend that I’m a cute girl dreaming of white knight. I wanted a kinky rogue… “Well?” he urged me.
“Are you sure you want to know?” I asked.
“That heavy, huh?” he laughed. “Don’t be scared and tell me, girl. I won’t think that you’re sick, or anything. Trust me, I’m experienced.”
He sounded convicing, but even so, I could only whisper it. And I was stressed. The fear of rejection is a bitch.
“I would like to rim your ass… and worship your feet… pissing sounds like fun, too” My cheeks were burning right now…
“Hmm… I was expecting niddles and fisting” He murmured. “So, you’re into… dirty things, huh? No princess would want that, I’m telling ya…”
“I don’t want to be a princess… I want to be your fucktoy” Gee, I really wanted to use that line. “Sir… I’m slowly getting close… Please, don’t stop…”
“Sorry, sis, but we have to stop.” And he really did… He pulled his fingers out and he he pressed his hand to my wet pussy, but he stopped rubbing it. I couldn’t control myself and I started moving my hips, to get a little bit more of a pleasure. “Don’t move”, he scolded me. “Remember all the times you were a little bitch to me? Every time you were a cheeky, sarcastic brat?”
“Yes, sir… I do remember…”
“Well, now that smart tongue of yours will lick my hairy ass, until it’s clean. Don’t you think it’s ironic, sis? Everytime from now on, if you will try to be rude to me, you will remember that you were sucking my hole…”
“Yes, sir… I will never be rude to you anymore” I was ready to say anything, just to make sure that he will fulfill this fantasy of mine.
“Lay on your back” he instructed me and stood up above me. I saw the shadow of his crack and his hanging balls. “I’m going to crouch now. Follow my lead and if you will have enough or if you will want to stop for whatever reason, slap my back with your hand. Understood?”
“Yes, sir.”
He did as he planned. His ass pressed against my breasts and I felt the heat of his body again, along with captivating scent of a men. Pheromones, I suppose… “Well? What are you waiting for, girl? Spread my asscheeks and get your tongue dirty”. Now I could watch only his throbbing dick, stiffned nipples and self-satisfied smile on his face. His hairy balls blocked my nose, so I had problems with breathing…
I will save you the details, but honestly, I loved every second of it. When we finally ended, I felt humiliated and owned. I couldn’t look in his eyes anymore. He seemed to like it, because he said something along “I really like to see you broken…”.
Anyways, I didn’t had to wait long for another instructions. “Get comfortable, girl. Your tongue inside of me made me rock hard. Time to fill your pussy with it. No, I want you on your stomach” he said. “I want to have easy access to your asshole. Ok. Wait for me, I will get the condoms”.
“I’m on the pill” I assured him. The look he gave me wasn’t filled with trust, just like I would be dreaming about having a deformed child…
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Ok, then.”
He finally got inside of me. At first, it was a little bit awkward, painful and uncomfortable, but we finally found a mutual rhythm and it felt great. He pressed his thumb against my anus and slowly got it inside. I guess my ass won’t have a rest around him. He was pounding me for few minutes and suddenly… he stopped. “Something wrong?” I asked.
“Yeah, girl. I was getting close and we need to enjoy this moment”. He pressed his cheast against my back again and his free hand started to play with my tits. “Your boob fits my hand. It must be a destiny…”
“Please, sir, continue… You’re driving me crazy”, I begged. “Please, let me have an orgasm already…”
He showed mercy to me. We came almost at the same time, tho I was little bit late. My pussy milked his cock neatly and when he pulled his dick out, I felt his cum pouring out of me. We fell on the bed, heavy breathing and exhausted. He wrapped his arms around me and we started cuddling.
“I need to clean myself” I said. “I have many liquids all over me…”
“It doesn’t bother me, you will be fine”. He took the covers and throw them away. “We can produce enough of warmth to heat ourself” he said. “So, sis. How do you feel? Any regrets? We just did something big.”
“I feel ashamed and degradated, but also satisfied” I confessed. “It’s just… you gained power over me today. You’re going to abuse that, aren’t you…?”
“That’s what worries you?” he chuckled. “I will expect you to treat me with respect, nothing more.”
“Suuuuuure…” I rolled my eyes. He laughed again.
“Do you want to continue that thing between us?” he asked. “You’re not obligated to, if you don’t want to, sis. We had fun, but if you want to stop, it’s fine by me.”
“Do you want to stop?”
“Hell no. It was a lot of fun.” He got serious, all of the sudden. “I know you’re a smart girl, but I want to make sure that we understand the situation. Whatever we will decide, it must be our sweet, dirty secret, sis. No one can know, even your BFFs…”
“You’re offending me…” (I know that I’m actually sharing this secret with the Internet, but you don’t know who I am, right…?)
After that, I had the best 6 hours of sleep in my whole life.
I want to thank all of you. I would never do that alone and without your encouragement. I always thought that incest is a rarity and all those stories are fake, but now I see that it actually happens and it feels fucking great. Women, girls… go and fuck your brothers.

How My Aunt Made Me Into A Man

There I was laying in bed with my cock out after just having finished jerking off into my aunt’s panties while looking at a picture of her in a bikini, and there was my aunt at the door shocked and speechless. I just looked at her, no words to say, in utter shock, unable to move or speak. My initial thoughts were: how long was she standing there, what part of it exactly did she see, will I ever come back from this?
My aunt stepped forward still neither of us saying anything. She began walking around the bed without breaking her stare. I didn’t look at her, kept my eyes on the doorway and was still in too much shock to move. She came around to where I had my pants laying on the floor and where I had tossed her cum soaked panties. She stood over me for a few seconds then began to kneel down when I finally turned to her and said “no, don’t please…please dont”.
“Don’t what? Pick up MY panties?” she asked with bit of frustration in her voice.
I didn’t know what to say at that point. I reached for my boxers to pull them up and all of a sudden my aunt softly but sternly said “no, leave them where they are”. I just looked at her in utter confusion. Is she telling me she wants me to keep my cock out in front of her? I slowly put my hands to the sides of my hips flat on the bed and kept eye contact with my aunt. She took the panties that were now in her hand and grabbed each end of the waistband with her fingers. She opened them up and held them in front of her.
“Soooo, care to tell me why you have my panties and why are they covered in your cum?” she asked.
I figured the jig was up. I had been caught red handed and there’s no use in lying. “I…I took them out of your panty drawer when I went into your room to talk to my mom” I said with my voice shaking.
“I see…so why would you take them out of my drawer? What did you plan to do with them?” she asked calmly.
“Um…I planned to smell them…”
“While you jerked off…is that why?” she interrupted.
Without looking at her, I nodded and felt like I had just ruined everything.
“Kind of like what you had done to my panties I left on the bed earlier today? You honestly thought I didn’t notice there was cum all over them?” she asked still calmly.
I looked at her with eyes wide open desperately trying to put together a coherent sentence. She knew I came on them and decided to put them on anyway? Why would she do that? “You knew? But…” I said.
“But I put them on anyway, yeah, I did. You think I don’t notice the way you’ve been looking at me all these years? I finally decided to test you, see what you would do” she explained.
I was stunned and felt so stupid.
“So, you like jacking off into my panties, huh?” she said then threw the panties she was hold down, slightly parted her robe, grabbed the waistband of the panties she was wearing and pulled them down. Once she took off her panties, she held them up to me and simply said “show me”.
My head was spinning. What the fuck was happening? My aunt wants to watch me jerk off into her panties? The same ones I came on earlier. Except now she had been wearing them for several hours and I’m sure they had the smell of her pussy all over them. I looked at her extended hand holding the panties and then at her. “Are…are you serious?” I asked her.
“I’m dead serious. The thought of you cumming on my panties, well, let’s just say it’s an interesting thought. I put these panties on hoping that I could leave them out again tomorrow after I’ve worn them and see what you’d do but this works too. So go on, take them, and show me” my aunt demanded.
Without looking away I grabbed the panties from her and she gave me a subtle nod. I looked down and realized I was fully hard again.
“Wow…how time flies huh?” my aunt said while looking and admiring my cock. “I was right earlier, you’re all grown up now. Go on, Mi Amor, show me.”
I opened the panties up and turned them inside out. I found the little white patch on them that rests right on the pussy. On my aunt’s panties there was a small wet spot. My heart started racing and I felt my cock throbbing. I looked at my aunt before I continued any further. I could see that she was eagerly waiting for me to do what she’s asked of me. She gave me a final subtle nod. I looked back at the panties and looked at the wet spot. I was going to smell fresh panties that my aunt had worn. I was going to smell what her pussy smelled like. In that moment I felt my nervousness replace with eagerness. I closed my eyes, brought the panties to my nose and took a deep breath. I smelled heaven. My aunt’s pussy had left its mark on them and I was taking it all in. The smell was so intoxicating. It smelled sweet and creamy with just the most subtle hint of tart. I felt my cock harden even more. I lowered them slightly to my mouth, stuck my tongue out, and gave her panties a slow lick. I felt that the wet spot was definitely fresh and it tasted exactly like what it smelled like. I couldn’t take it any more. I grabbed my cock and started pumping slowly at first. I was kind of nervous again but I had to touch myself. I looked up at my aunt with her panties still pressed to my nose and mouth. She was looking into my eyes without saying a single word. Then she shifted her gaze to my cock and bit her lip ever so slightly. I started pumping harder looking at her mouth. She gave her lips a little lick then started looking back at me. I began to scan her up and down while I sniffed and tasted her pussy soaked panties that I had covered with my cum hours earlier. The thought that I had my cum on them turned me on more. As I scanned my aunt up and down, I noticed her touch her index finger to her bottom lip very gently then slowly run her pinky down between the fold of her robe that rested on her chest. Her finger parted the robe just enough for me to see the crack of her busty cleavage. I looked back at her face while I jerked off harder and faster. She was looking right at me biting her lip. All of a sudden, she finally spoke but only in a quiet whisper and said “Así, mi amor, just like that, así”.
She kept repeating it several times in such a quiet whisper almost as though she’s trying to say it so only she could hear it. Then I heard her say “ven por mi, come on, just like that”. Those were the words that did it. The combination of her sultry sexy voice speaking both spanish and english, the smell and taste of her dirty panties, simply having her looking at me jerk off to her made the cum shoot out of my cock so hard. My body tensed up so much I thought I’d break, I moaned and grunted louder than ever before, and my legs began to spasm. As I came, she was saying “así, just like that” louder than before. Cum was all over my stomach, some got on the sheets, and to my horror, I saw a tiny bit resting on the index finger of my aunt’s left hand.
“Oh my god! I’m…I’m so sorry!” I scrambled trying to sit up and wipe it off.
“Don’t get up. You lay there” she said in her calm yet stern tone.
I laid back down and continued to look at her in horror. She raised her hand, brought her finger with cum on it to her mouth, and licked it right off. What the fuck just happened? My aunt watched me jerk off and cum for her then tasted it! She let out a quiet “Mmmm” and said “let’s get you some new sheets”.
Next update coming soon!

Intimate encounters with my brother

So I just finished my first semester away of college and as I’ve begun to experience the sexual tendencies of being a college student I thought I might share some of my experience with my older brother.
He’s 4 years older than me, we’ve always been close, always share everything with each other, and when he moved away to college it made his visits to home that much more enjoyable since he wasn’t around as much anymore. We’d have movie nights, just the two of us in the porch behind the house which has a projector and home theater system. So we’d grab junk food and watch a movie or two out back on a really big couch that my dad put back there when we first bought the house.
My brother was always a sports guy so he’d work out a lot, walk around shirtless, and as I went through high school I found him more and more sexually attractive.
Puberty had given me a good pair of boobs, and since I was a volleyball player I always had nice legs and a nice round butt. On top of all that I was always thin, and managed to maintain a thin waist through these developments in my body: not to brag but I turned quite a few heads around school most of the time.
I had also noticed my brother eyeing me a few times when I’d get out of the shower: it was normal for me to be seen in a towel around home after exiting the shower, no one was uncomfortable with it. And there was definitely some sexual tension building up, which felt odd, but fun at the same time.
A few months ago my brother moved back in after finishing school. He’d bring girls home often, they’d stay the night, and they’d have sex. Our rooms shared a wall, I could always hear sex going on if it was happening in my brothers room. It kinda turned me on knowing this.
On saturdays both my parents work until late, my brother has the day off, and I’d get out in the early afternoon.
One Saturday I got out early because I had some studying to do for a summer class so I headed home. I knew my brother was home. But he didn’t know I’d be home so early, so I crept upstairs to his room to try and scare him, but as I inched closer to his door I could hear the unmistakeable sounds of sex. When I looked through the partially open door to his room his cock was thrusting into a girl’s vagina.
I couldn’t get my eyes off it, it was big. BIG.
I quietly grabbed my school stuff and slipped out the house to go study at the library, but the thought of my brother’s cock stayed with me.
Fast forward to a few months later and I’m home from college for thanksgiving break. My family decided to throw a little party for my return and they set up the DJ in the backyard, the colorful lights, the snacks, the drinks, etc…
I had a few friends from college attend and we spent most of the night dancing, drinking a little, and talking to a few guys that showed up. I had decided to wear a short tight black dress, something simple I thought, sexy too.
As I was dancing with my friends I felt someone grab me by the waist and start dancing up on me. It was dark and the lights didn’t help much, my friends cheered us on and I danced a little on him before deciding to turn around and identify which of the guys we’d been talking to had come up to dance on me.
It was my brother, and he was wasted drunk. He didn’t even know where he was. I sneaked us off to the inside of the house to call it a night for him. The party was near its end too, so I said goodbye to some people and guided my brother to his room.
I sat him on his bedside and told him to call it a night. As I headed out the door I felt him pull me back by the hips and sit me on his lap. He started smelling my hair, then kissing my neck softly, to which I said in a shocked tone “what are you’d doing?”
Then he touched the inside of my thigh. His hands felt so strong, and I could feel his firm chest and abs on my body as I sat on him, and it felt good. Then he slid his hand up my inner thigh, slowly making my dress slide up higher on my upper thighs.
I don’t know why but I didn’t make an effort to stand up and leave. I was lost in lust and it felt so good. I could feel myself breathing harder, and then he slipped a hand into my panties, and my hips bucked ever so slightly.
Then I snapped out of it and left. He fell asleep shortly after, and I concluded that he had no idea that was me in his room.
Fast forward to a few days ago, I’m home for the holidays, and we hadn’t spoken much since that night. I think he may have remembered what happened but was too ashamed to admit that he remembered it and would rather leave it to his drunken self’s blacked out mistake.
But there was still some sexual tension that I felt. He’d still eye me up and down and I could feel it in the corner of my eye.
I decided to just deal with all this and spend some time with him, maybe it’d be for the better.
We agreed on a movie night the day after Christmas. We set up pretty late, parents were heading to bed, but their room was on the other side of the house, so our movie out in the back porch wouldn’t be much of a bother for their sleep.
It was a chilly night and we had blankets and hot drinks out. I had on a t shirt and sweats while he was wearing a t shirt and sweats as well. In the middle of the movie he told me he was cold and asked if I wanted to cuddle up a little, I said why not, I was cold too. So he set up laying sideways, basically in a spooning position, and I set up in front of him, his chest on my back, etc…
It was definitely a comfy way to watch the film. We had blankets covering us up to our shoulders, it was a nice night.
Then I felt my legs start to get tired so I wiggled a little for breathing room, I also unintentionally wiggled my butt a bit to get more comfy, then I felt his penis go from soft to semi hard. Because of how we were positioned my butt was on his cock basically, and it may have aroused him a bit.
He got more comfortable by putting an arm over my waist and hugging me, it felt warmer that way and we continued watching the movie.
As we lay there my shirt started to ride up a little, leaving my lower tummy exposed to his arm, and the skin to skin contact kind of turned me on a little. His arms felt nice and strong and his chest and abs felt good behind me.
I felt my breathing get a little faster too. And although I tried to hide it, he definitely noticed.
Then he leaned into my ear and whispered, “did you enjoy what happened at the end of your party a few weeks ago?”
He remembered. And I most definitely had enjoyed it.
So I half whispered a yes to him, to which he replied with, “wanna try it again?”
“Uh huh” was all I could muster out of my mouth.
The moment was heating me up and then his hand went from my lower abdomen and up my shirt, slowly running up my tummy, until he got to my tits.
He fondled me and I couldn’t help but breathe out a light moan of pleasure. His cock also got harder, and I could feel it through our sweats as it poked between my ass cheeks.
I was lost in lust once again.
Then I felt him grab at my waistband and tug my sweats and panties to my knees. All this under those blankets that we had over us. And he began to play with my lips, which were already warm and moist from all the build up.
I reached back and pulled his bottoms down a little and grabbed his cock, which felt even bigger than I’d thought once I gripped it in my hand.
I stroked it a little and he put some fingers in me, and he used his other hand to fondle my boobs. Then he took my hand away from his cock and told me to poke my butt back a little. He began to touch my pussy lips with his tip. Rubbing it up and down my moist lips, up and down. Teasing me. I felt myself getting ready to orgasm. I had never had anything nearly as erotic as that happen to me.
We froze when we heard footsteps coming from inside the house, nearing closer to the back porch which were in. It was mom, she’d gotten out of bed to get some water and decided to check up on us. Under the blankets my brother was teasing my pussy with his cock, and it was hard to hide my pleasure so I just bit my lip hard and tried to act cool.
As soon as she was gone and we knew she was gone for good he continued his teasing and I nearly orgasmed until he stopped and made me hold it.
“You sure you wanna do this?”
I just nodded.
And slowly his tip started to part my wet pussy lips, slowly making its way in, and then his cock’s length slowly disappeared inside me, and it kept going and going that I once again couldn’t believe how big it was. And finally he was all the way in and my pussy was full to its capacity.
My brother’s cock was inside me. I’d been craving him for quite a while and now here we were.
He kept it in and didn’t move. Enjoying it to the fullest. I couldn’t hold on any longer so I started grinding my hips and wiggling my ass to feel him moving inside me, and soon enough he started to fuck me. I moaned so softly to try to not make any noise, but my breathing felt like it was so loud from all the pleasure I was feeling. It was ok though as the sound of the movie was loud enough to drown out our sounds of pleasure.
His thrusting was slow and his cock just felt awesome. I knew I’d cum soon from all the build up and he said he’d cum soon as well. We both knew I’d been on birth control for a while and then he asked where I wanted his load.
I didn’t answer and just kept backing my ass up into him until he said “oh fuck I’m cumming!”
And as soon as I felt him shooting that cum into me I felt a trembling from my orgasm that shook my whole body and made my pussy clamp down on his cock, milking every last ounce of cum out of it. His cock was pulsating inside me while my pussy squeezed the cum out. I was in heaven.
We laid there with him inside me for a few minutes, got up and cleaned up and smiled at each other and called it a night. On our way inside we agreed we should try it again sometime. Hopefully I’ll get lucky before I move back to school for the rest of of the school year 🙂