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Fucked hard by her friend father!

Here’s a sweet family story for you. The ambitious stepmom, sleeps with her husband’s business partner, just not with her husband. The preppy son, who is obsessed with his stepmom, sleeps with his cheerleader girlfriend. Everyone gets laid except Dad. He’s fantasizing about the cheerleader. Mom really loves her stepson. They wouldn’t – would they????

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Weekends At Grandpas (Incest Movie)

They’ll do anything to make them happy! All taboo sex between young chicks and old men that take full advantage! But grandpa! It just seems so wrong! Miranda Mills – Dear Diary: The college applied rejected me or some reason. Since Grandpa is on the board of directors I figured he may be able to help. When I asked him about it Grandpa explained that in order for me to get in to the college of my dreams I’d have to do some things for him. When I figured out he meant sex I was a bit shocked but kind of turned on too. I agreed and we sealed the deal with some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had. I think I really love my Grandpa. Dear Diary: A few days later Grandpa came by and gave me the good news, my application was accepted. I was so excited I started sucking his cock right there in my room. Grandpa must have enjoyed it too, I’ve never swallowed that much cum in my life. Hope Harper – Dear Diary: I’ve been having really kinky thoughts about grandpa. Everytime he visits, he drives his corvette over and I imagine him taking me back to his house and taking me right there in the hall! Well, my naughty fantasy finally came true! Last night grandpa came and picked me up for my birthday dinner and everything happened just like I imagined it would! We started kissing in the corvette and things got steamy so we took our fun inside! We were kissing and undressing and next thing I know we are taking turns going down on one another! Oh my gosh grandpa is soooo huge! I decided to let him take me right then and there and we started making passionate love. I really want to spend more alone time with grandpa! Rachel Rose – Dear Diary: I’ve been wanting to take a trip after graduation but funds were pretty tight. I thought I could get some money out of my grandpa so I went to visit him. Apparently I’m not the first granddaughter to come looking for a favor because Grandpa already had a deal in mind. I picked up on what he was suggesting, and soon was sucking his cock. Grandpa has a pretty nice cock so it wasn’t hard to get off when I rode him but when he took over he didn’t last very long inside me before he came. I wonder if I can get more money if he knocks me up too? Dear Diary: The next morning I went into his room and started rubbing his cock through the blanket getting him rock hard. I started sucking his cock and soon we were fucking like crazy again.

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Selfish Aunt Rachel

Rachel was a busty, sexily dressed cougar. One day she got a call a from her uptight sister Julia. The woman’s husband had fallen ill and needed to spend some time in hospital. Since this would keep Julia busy, she wanted to know if Rachel would take her son Max off her hands for a while. Rachel agreed, but she was a little surprised at Julia. Max was a grown man – 22 years old. Surely he was capable of being by himself and did not need anyone to look out for him. Nevertheless, Julia insisted. She was a fretful, possessive woman, and did not want Max to be left alone at such a stressful time. Wary of Rachel’s notorious wild-side, she begged her to behave around the young man and not corrupt his morals. Rachel assured her straight-laced sibling that she would be the model of a responsible aunt. But then Max arrived. Seeing him for the first time in years, she was surprised and impressed. He was a tall, bespectacled youth – somewhat nerdy thanks to a sheltered upbringing. Beneath that veneer, however, she could see he had all the appealing traits of any typical young man. For his own part, Max felt a sense of awe in his aunt’s company. She seemed to exude sexual charisma from every pore. Though he stood politely nodding to what she was saying to him, he could think of nothing but how hot she looked in her tight, low-cut dress. He felt his gaze drawn to her deep cleavage, and could not pull it away. Suddenly, he had a fantasy of seeing her strip out of a robe to reveal herself in lingerie and stockings. The image was powerfully vivid. There she was – his own aunt – giving him a sultry look and a coy smile as she assumed a sexy, sensual pose for his benefit. Never had Max seen such a wonderfully built woman – even in his dreams. He had been with her for less than an hour, and already she was effecting him in ways he had never known before. Rachel guessed as much from the tell-tale look in his eyes. The fact was pleasing to her. Nephew or not, Max was virile and good-looking. All he needed was an understanding, open-minded woman to show him the ways of the world and turn him into a real man. Rachel was perfectly willing to take on that role. Thus, by the end of her first brief talk with Max, she was already thinking up a scheme to seduce and fuck him. Julia’s request that she behave herself was soon forgotten. For the rest of the day, Rachel strove to become more intimate with Max. She found opportunities to talk and flirt with him and bring him out his shell. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an easy task. Max had been well conditioned by his mother. He did not drink, did not go out much, and did not have a girlfriend. His big ambition was to be an account manager. To Rachel, this was as bad as becoming a monk. Through sheer persistence, however, she managed to get Max to accompany her to a movie. The pair had a lot of fun and returned home in high spirits. Rachel herself was a little tipsy after having a few martinis at a bar. But she had no desire to turn in for the night. Instead, she called Max into the games room to shoot some pool. There she made sure to give him some sexy views of her butt as she bent over the table with her cue. Under the guise of merriness, she occasionally came up and put her arm around him. Max showed outward shyness, but inwardly he was getting deeply turned at the sensation of his aunt’s soft, shapely and warm body pressed against his. Presently, he experienced a variation on his earlier fantasy involving her. Again he saw her in her sexy lingerie and stockings. This time she was stood beside the table, caressing her cue and pressing it into the valley of her big breasts. Her head was tilted back and she seemed to be panting with sexual need. There was a shift in Max’s vision, and he next saw Rachel lying back on the pool table. She opened her long legs, raised them slightly, and extended them to their full length. Clad as they were in silk, they looked especially sleek and lovely. Then Max saw himself stood over her. He touched her breast, ran his hand down her stomach, and slipped it between her legs. Eagerly he began to the massage her pussy mound through the crotch of her panties. Moments after that the fantasy dissolved, and he was back with his fully-clothed aunt. The martinis had finally effected Rachel and made her so tired the she excused herself and went up to bed. However, no sooner had she changed into her nightclothes than she felt wide awake again. More to the point, she felt immensely horny. Max was so near right then – so available. Yet he had proved to be incredibly reserved so far. She did not know whether it was the right time to make her move, but she knew she wasn’t going to put it off any longer. Max was in a sad way. He needed what Rachel had to offer him. He needed to be turned into a confident and independent young man – instead of a 22 year old boy dominated by an uptight mother. Motivated to action, Rachel went into her bathroom and put on her favorite and most seductive lingerie. By a curious coincidence, it was identical to that which Max had seen in his fantasies. Having put on her stockings and shoes in a sexy, ritualistic manner, she stood for a moment, trying out some poses. Then she put on her robe and headed to Max’s room. She was ready to change his world. He was asleep when she got there, but he woke easily at her gentle urging. Rachel then asked him to come to her room because she really needed to have a talk with him. Max agreed, and he was soon sat facing his aunt on her big double-bed. Rachel did not hold back in what she had to say. She questioned Max and got him to admit that he was sexually inhibited. He confessed, too, that it was due to the influence of his overprotective mother. Rachel said it was big shame that such an attractive young man as himself should be denying himself a full, fun life. This gave her all the opening she needed. Drawing close, she told him that things could change – and that she could be the one to make it happen. With that, she opened her robe and showed him her cleavage. The effect on Max was total. One glimpse of his hot aunt in the fantasy lingerie was enough to wipe away years of his mother’s moralizing. From that moment on, despite some nervousness, he followed his aunt into the world of sex and passion and self-realization. First, Rachel gave him a long and loving French kiss. Then she removed her bra, squeezed her naked breasts together before his face, and invited him to suckle on them to his heart’s content. Next she took off her panties, lay back on the bed, and opened her legs so that he could lay between them and feast himself on her hot, wet pussy. Max was a virgin, but he was clearly a natural as well. He soon had Rachel gasping and panting and caressing her breasts as spasms of pleasure rocked her body. With every second he became more and more of a man and a lover. There was no let up in his licking. After he had done it to his aunt while she lay on her back, he went on to give her more of it on her hands and knees – his face buried into her pussy from behind, his tongue instinctively finding her sweet spot and driving her wild. Eventually, the action switched to Rachel stroking and sucking on her nephew’s hard cock. The motions of her hands were expertly tactile, and the fucking of her lips up and down his length was exquisitely graceful and sensual. Following this highly erotic foreplay, aunt and nephew were ready to fuck each other’s brains out. Back on her hands and knees, Rachel invited Max to assert him and dominate her from behind. His hands on her hips, the young man proceeded to pound his cock into his aunt with such vigour that her big breasts shook and her voice rose up in ecstasy. Even after that, he still had the stamina to fuck her while she lay on her side – her long leg draped against her shoulder. As for Rachel, she got every last bit of enjoyment from her nephew that she could. For a final, mutual treat, she stroked the cum out of his cock and into her open, smiling mouth. Nothing tasted better to her than the juice of a horny young man. Afterwards, Rachel hugged Max and gave him some words of advice on how to live his life. Yet, to her own surprise, she found herself telling him not to get involved with any other women for the time being. This was not a moral request. She simply wanted Max to save all his sexual energies for her alone. She deserved this preferential treatment from her nephew after being such a wonderful aunt to him.

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Son watching mother get fuck by big black dick

Jewels Jade hasn’t been married long, and she’s already giving the eye to her new step-son’s pals. I guess you could say it’s pretty standard behavior for Jewels. Way back in 2002, Bruce Vain and Julian St. Jox brought her to the secret Dogfart mansion. Since then, Jewels has been addicted to big black cock. Fast forward 13 years and Jewels is the epitome of “MILF”. When she’s around these younger men, Jewels takes delight in what she can get away with. Whether it’s a “nipple slip” in a sheer shirt or “accidentally” walking out of the bathroom with nothing on, Jewels gets off on seducing younger men. And if it’s a black man, well…game on! In fact, she’s been flirting with her step-son’s “black” friend Isiah for months, and now that the house is empty (hubby on a business trip, son’s on a road trip), it seems the time is right for Isiah and Jewels to take the “friendship” to the next level. Only one problem: step-son’s road trip went sour, fast, and he’s back, unexpectedly…and walks in on his buddy getting sucked off. Jewels knows how to handle the situation, though, even if it’s in one of the most unconventionally taboo ways ever imagined. Jewels sucks on his big dick before he fucks her bareback in missionary cowgirl, and reverse cowgir positions in front on her step-son.

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Molly Jane cumshot compilation (Incest included)

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Mother teaching daughter how to fuck her boyfriend

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My Grandson’s Girlfriends

There is something about a rich older man that appeals to young women. When my grandsons began bringing their girlfriends around the office to intern it was inevitable that wind up falling for my charm. Treating them like ladies, seducing them passionately with deep kisses and lots of foreplay makes them putty in my hands. Sooner or later my grandsons may figure it out, but for now I’ll keep banging their teenage girlfriends.

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Krissy fucks her stepdaughter and boyfriend [Behind the scenes]

Behind the scenes entire photoshoot and filming of the scene. Krissy has been checking out her step daughters boyfriend for weeks, She has wanted to fuck him so bad, masturbating over him daily! She gets home from work and finds her in the bedroom and that’s where it all starts, she begins playing with her step daughter, before her step daughters boyfriend interrupts them both and joins in.. Krissy gets what she wants… young pussy and some big dick! He stacks them both and gives them a good hard fucking.. all over the bedroom, in all different positions, before he pulls out makes them both lay with the heads off the edge of the bed and busts a huge load in krissys mouth, and her and her step daughter Kimmy Granger, swap and share his come, just loving it! Starring chad white and kimmy granger

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Stepmom Busts Amateurs Fucking

Cali Sparks thought she was alone with her boyfriend, but when her man’s stepmom Savannah Frye busts these two in the act, things really start to heat up. Savannah turns out to be a good teacher, showing sweet Cali how to take on a cock like a pro!

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Rachel’s Incest Rival

Rachel and her Brycen live alone on their farm in Florida. One afternoon while lounging and enjoying a well deserved day off, an old high school friend called Rachel and told her she was on her way to visit. Rachel panicked as this woman (Grace) was her rival in school. Grace was the prom queen, voted most likely to succeed, and she certainty did. She married a wealthy tycoon and became a famous model. She was skinny and blonde. Rachel felt like she was nothing special to compare. When Grace arrived she was surprised to see how well Rachel looked. She told Brycen about Rachel’s kinky hair, braces, chunky figure, bad skin and how unpopular she was back in high school. Brycen and Grace chuckled about that, and Rachel felt all her rage come flooding back.
After a while, Rachel showed Grace to the guest room. Grace was going to stay with them for a week. That night Rachel tossed and turned trying to come up with a way to make Grace jealous of her. At breakfast Rachel decided to reveal stories about her sex life, she told Grace that she had been carrying on with younger men, men half her age. Grace was shocked. As Rachel went into juicy details Grace could not help but imagine the new hot Rachel fucking a young man. Rachel saw Grace going off into a daze and loved it. Rachel quickly excused herself to make breakfast.
After breakfast. Rachel decided to have Brycen seduce grace to shame her. Rachel would sneak pictures to blackmail the perfect model against her perfect husband. The first part of the plan happened the next morning at breakfast. Grace and Rachel sat at the kitchen table sipping coffee and Brycen walked in naked. Rachel smiled and opened her arms for a morning hug and kiss. He hugged her and gave her an open mouth kiss. Rachel stroked his smooth hard ass and acted as if everything was normal. Brycen grabbed a soda and left. Grace had her head in her hands. Rachel told her the story of how they became lovers.
Grace left to go to her room. Little did she know, Brycen was in there jerking off. She stopped to watch through the door. The stories Rachel had told her had turned her on. Brycen knew she was at the door so he stroked it hard for her. He called out her name and she fled down the hall to the living room. Brycen followed her naked. He began his seduction. Grace was reluctant. Brycen told her he knew she wanted him and it had been a long time since she had sex. Grace was very horny, so she let Brycen undress her. He started licking her sweet pussy, she moaned as he sucked her clit. Soon Grace had his cock in her mouth before she knew it. This was Rachel’s time to snap the photos. She got photos from front and back so Grace could never deny it. Brycen gave her a thumbs up while Grace was on her knees taking his cock deep. Rachel left to change.
Brycen put Grace on her back and fucked her hard. Rachel came in the room and took some more photos. Grace was so focused on getting fucked that she did not notice Rachel until it was too late. She tried to cover up her face but it was pointless. Rachel knelt behind Brycen and encouraged him as he pumped her rival. Rachel and Brycen laughed. Brycen continued to pound her. Rachel joined in after verbally belittling her rival. They sucked Brycen’s cock together. Brycen gave both MILFs a good fucking, and then when he was ready, he shot his load across their faces. Rachel took another snap shot of the prom queen’s cum-covered face. Finally, all those years of ridicule wiped away!

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