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Incest Pornstars Go Crazy After Party

Nightmoves awards draws pornstars and producers from all over the nation to kick off the award season. With an action packed 4 days of Tampa’s finest strip clubs everyone gets pretty ramped up and there’s no telling what happens back at the rooms… Until NOW!!!! DNA Studio b takes you behind the scenes with the Desperate Pleasures family causing all sorts of hotness to erupt all night long. Camille Black and Hope Harper brought Lauren Phillips back to the room for a night of pornstar insanity. Russel grand hooked up with 2 young hotties all week and barely set foot outside the room between shows. If you want a look inside the pornstar life then this is for you.

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Blackmailing Sarah

Guys, there is this scorching hot MILF that lives near me, I’ve wanted to bang this broad for a while! Well, it just so happens that I found out she’s been cheating on her boyfriend…with a guy that I know! So, I used the information to try and get her to fuck me (some would call this blackmail)….and it fucking worked! She was resistant at first but she finally saw things my way, before I knew it I was balls deep in some primo MILF pussy!

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Mom Got Caught

Cheating housewife Nina Elle sneaks outside to talk to her secret lover on the phone and whispers quietly not to wake up her step son Tyler Nixon who is sleeping in the house. With the outside noise being too loud for her to hear, she takes the chance of going back in the house to continue her cell phone sex-capades. She sits on the couch and spreads her legs, touching her soft pussy in between her panties as she gets riled up sexually, anxious to fuck her lover’s big cock this weekend. Nina’s horniness gets the better of her and Tyler hears her moaning from afar and takes out his phone to record his step mother in the act. Finally he has enough proof to kick her to the curb once and for all.
Tyler jumps out of nowhere scaring the hell out of Nina and calls her out on her adulterous actions. She denies everything and claims Tyler has no proof that she did anything wrong. But Tyler is smart and backs up his evidence before Nina tries to erase the incriminating proof. She becomes helpless, knowing she’s caught in a corner she can’t get out of and in desperation, she tries to coax Tyler into fucking her for his silence. Tyler doesn’t fall for her slutty tricks and refuses to engage in any sexual activity with his mom but she busts out her massive tits and begs Tyler to touch them making him completely vulnerable like a dog in heat.
Tyler drops on his knees motor boating Nina’s huge tits and pinches her pink nipples as she demands that he calls her mommy and has him swear she won’t say a peep to her husband. At this point Tyler is blinded by Nina’s milfy sex drive with his stiff erection bursting out of his jeans. She takes a hold of his cock and strokes it with her hands and mouth, gagging on his shaft as he idolizes her soft, plump ass. They 69 as Tyler tongue fucks Nina’s pussy while she continues to gag and worship his cock until she sits on his cock and rides his boner enthusiastically. Her inner thighs slam Tyler’s cock as she reverses herself and rides his baloney pony until his groin cannot resist her tight pussy and explodes his hot jizz over her face!

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Spying Eyes

When Matt Ice bumped into his girlfriend’s stepmother doing yoga in the living room, he couldn’t help but feast his eyes on Lili D’s juicy ass as she moved through the positions. When Lili spotted him peeking, she called him over to try it out himself, and put her hands on his body to guide him through a few moves. It didn’t take long before Lili’s hands had wandered places they shouldn’t go, and she started sucking his cock right there on her mat. Crissy Fox walked in on her Milf stepmother humping her boyfriend, and after she recovered from her shocked surprise, she joined them right there for a naughty threesome!

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Taboo Blowjobs and Handjobs

Edging Blowjobs And Handjobs stars Cadence Lux, Anastasia Rose and more! Knee high socks and cum shots are sure to ensue!

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Taboo Sex and Creampie

This is a really fun and sensual scene with Anna Tyler. Lots of making out, oral sex, and energetic sex with slapping and spanking. This scene shows a bunch of positions with different angles as well as some POV shots from Anna’s and Owen’s perspective. The scene ends with Owen cumming in Anna’s pussy and the two of them making out.

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Taboo Sex In Pantyhose With 2 Cumshots

Hot Blonde stepdaughter in black pantyhose and Father Hardcore

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Neighborhood Snob

Back story: Cory Chase is the Neighborhood Snob. Her Husband is a highly paid Business Man who always takes long expensive vacations with his family. Cory’s Son is the neighborhood bully and football star. All the girls love him and the nerds fear him. Her daughter is the Hottest girl in school. She developed very early and all the men in the Neighborhood lust after her…Cory is the worst, however. She is rude to everyone and could careless about anyone else…

The Incident: One day on her way to Shop at the Designer Fashion Mall, Cory backed over something…She could not believe something would be placed behind her rental vehicle…Cory stepped out to find a smashed bike and an upset father…Before he could say a word, Cory began to yell at him…The man said he was sorry for the bike but Cory would still have to pay for the damages…The Man turned around to look at the bike but Cory did not have time for this…She jumped into her truck and ran over the remaining bike pieces that lay on the ground…
Later the Day, Cory returned with two arms full of designer clothes and shoes…Several minutes later, the Father returned demanding Cory pay for the bike Damages…Cory did not want to hear about this and attempted to close the door…The Father rushed in with the intent to teach Cory a lesson…He cuffed her and dropped Cory to her knees…He pinched her nose and forced his cock inside her mouth…He plans to teach Cory some humility and will fuck her till she loves it…
Cory has not had a taste of Cock since her husband began to take long “Business Trips”…Cory may or may not learn her lesson but the Father has all intentions to teach her a lesson in Humility…

The Conversion: Not having her pussy filled for many years, Cory began to love what the neighbor was doing…Maybe it was ready all those filthy romance novels by the pool or forced nature of the incident…He experiences every hole of Cory including her tight butt hole…When he realizes Cory has begun to enjoy the experience, he wraps up the session…He pulls his cock out of her tight twat and creams her face…There was a little shot in her mouth and Cory tasted his sweet seed…He left Cory to think about what she has done and forgave her for crushing the bike…
Cory cleaned her mouth of his cum and swallowed the excess…She might call him back tomorrow for another round of fun…

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Cuckold’s View from Below

You come home from work to find your trophy wife in the bathroom fixing her make-up. Someone else is in the shower. “That’s my new lover,” she explains. He steps out of the shower & you can feel your cheeks burn with shame. He’s build & hung, and you know that he must be pleasing your wife more than you ever have. “This is what I warned you would happen if you didn’t start acting like a real man.” And she’s right, she did warn you, but you never thought it would actually happen.
She tells you they’ve just finished having sex & are about to go out to dinner. But then they decide they’re horny for one another again, and she touches his cock. He slips it inside her wet & willing pussy, and they fuck in various positions right in front of you. At first you think you’re still standing there because you’re in shock, but then you realize that it must be something else holding you there. Your wife tells you to get on your knees and watch from below. And you do it! You actually get on your knees beneath her.
This is the strangest experience staring up at that huge alpha male cock pounding your wife. You feel so many emotions at once. But one thing is for sure, you aren’t going anywhere. Your eyes are glued to them, and even as he cums you don’t look away. You realize that this is probably just the first of many lovers your wife will take, all because you couldn’t man up.

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Blackmailed pussy

Britney gets caught by her boyfriend’s best friend sucking a fat cock. Now, she’ll have to give up a piece of that sweet pussy just to keep him quiet!

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