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Mother Cock Auditions

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What are you doing here today? Oh, my daughter didn’t tell you she has practice tonight? Typical. She’s going to be late. You know, I’ve been thinking today about how much my daughter looks like me. We have the same body type, but she of course isn’t blessed with my fantastic butt. Mind if I sit here & wait with you? Have you had sex with my daughter yet? No? Well that’s good. But I bet a young man like you is just aching for some… attention. I’ve been feeling a little neglected lately… and I’d like some attention too. My daughter doesn’t have to know. Relationships at your age rarely last anyway. My daughter’s tits are big, but mine are bigger. I bet you want them in your mouth. You know I want in my mouth? Your young cock. It’s so big. My daughter didn’t tell me. Now I want to ride you so you can look at how much better my ass is.
You should come over every time my daughter has practice after school. This doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. I want to make sure that you get your orgasm, but you can’t cum inside me. That would be taking it too far. Cum all over me. That’s it. Now clean yourself up. We wouldn’t want my daughter to find out that you’re not as dedicated as you claim to be.

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Hot Bitch Blackmailing Her Hubby

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Girlfriend Daughter Magical Foot

Your girlfriend’s daughter Meana is quite the handful. She often wanders around the house wearing inappropriate clothing and saying overtly suggestive things. She’s flirted with you on more than one occasion…but she’s only eighteen…and she’s your girlfriend’s daughter. You’ve been trying your best to be a good role model for her…but she’s relentless. Tonight the two of you are home alone…she’s just come back from dance class and you can’t help but stare at her as she stretches in her room. Her young, supple little body is so alluring…and her sexual confidence is obvious. She tells you to come into her room…she flat out asks you if you want to fuck her. You want to do the right thing…you tell her no. She’s clearly angry…but she promises to be good if you just massage her tired feet. Once those perfectly painted little toes are in your hands you feel your cock start to rage. She knows it too. She runs her perfect arches along the seem of your shorts and feels your swollen cock with her feet. She knows exactly how to seduce you now. But it’s all a game to her. She likes getting fucked by her mother’s boyfriends…and then she likes to throw it in her mother’s face. So she flat out tells you, “You can fuck my feet as hard as you want… my toes…rub your cock into my arches. I’ll foot fuck your cock so hard you’ll never forget it…but first I want your bare cock balls deep in my pussy”. Her perfect little toes are calling you…you can’t stop yourself. Her little body is so flexible she lifts her foot up to her face and licks her toes right before your eyes…you can’t stop yourself. You pull her leotard over to the side and jam your cock deep into her little pussy. She gasps and moans in the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing that she always wins. She then proceeds to make you fuck her silly before she jerks off your cock with her perfect fucking feet.
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My Best Friend Sister Loves Anal

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The Mouse Will Play when Cats Are Gone

Rachel was the sexy, horny, hedonistic and adulterous wife of an uptight, never-at-home lawyer. Because he ran his own practice, Rachel often ended going there to see what young men were available for seduction. In the past she had accidentally gotten one of them fired after her husband found out that she was fucking him. Not that that discouraged her. Lately she had her eye on her husband’s new partner. His name was Dean, and Rachel found him especially attractive. One day she decided to drop in his office to get to know him better. Being the bossa€™s wife meant she could get away with all kinds of unprofessional conduct. She flirted with him shamelessly. In her short skirt she sat on his desk, directly in his eye-line, crossing and uncrossing her bare legs. Sometimes she leaned over – pretending to read some papers – to give him a view of her cleavage. Dean thought Rachel was very hot, but he fought hard to hide it. He was well aware of the dangers of messing with the boss’s wife. As a result of his apparent coolness, Rachel began to feel awkward and disheartened. She feared that she had struck out. That evening she was at home drinking a martini. Always a provocative dresser, she wore a tight, lacy pink nightie that left little to the imagination. Its low neckline showed off the maximum of her tremendous cleavage, and its short hem was equally revealing of her long, sleek legs. It made her feel very sensual and lustful. Soon she began to think of Dean again. She was determined to take a second shot at seducing him. He was just what she needed. She had been getting ever more bored and restless of late. Besides, the situation was ripe: her husband was leaving that night for a month’s business trip. Delaying no longer, Rachel phoned Dean at his house while he was having supper with his wife. Rachel put on her sweetest, most charming voice, and requested that he come over the next day to help her fix a few problems. Dean politely agreed, and Rachel afterwards lay back smiling at how easily she had lured him. It amused her, too, that he was married. If Rachel’s plans worked out, there would soon be some double spouse-cheating going on. The following morning, Dean was at Rachel’s house, finishing some repairs on her air-conditioning vent. Rachel stood watching him, sipping on another of her martinis. She now wore a sexy black dress – short and elegant. Occasionally she made a sly, suggestive comment in hopes of turning Dean on. Later, while he was taking a break, Rachel talked with him about her husband. She confessed that she thought he was an ass, but Dean preferred to make no comment. The young partner was still reluctant to put himself in a compromising position. Rachel sensed this, and decided on a new tack. She told Dean that that there was a TV frame in her room that also needed fixing. Dean dutifully went to look at it. While he was at work, Rachel headed off to her closet to slip into something more comfortable. Presently she came out wearing a vast fur coat. She twirled and showed it off to Dean – who was very impressed. Rachel told him that her husband had bought it for her. She did not know whether it was made of mink or fox since she already had so many of them. Then, all of a sudden, she stretched one her legs out from the cover of the coat and propped her foot on the bed. It was an impressive sight. Rachel was wearing high-heels and stockings. The eye could see them all the way from her trim ankles to the tops of her thighs where the fasteners of her garter belt were visible against her bare skin. At last Dean faced the fact that Rachel was trying to seduce him. When he asked her as much, she confirmed it boldly. From that moment on there was no need for coyness or innuendo. Rachel shrugged off the fur coat so that Dean could see all that she had to offer him. He was taken aback as he beheld the absolute sexiness that was his wealthy boss’s glamorous wife – clad in the most elegant of lingerie. He was spoiled for things to appreciate – her big tits swelling in a tight bra; her shapely butt, her sweeping hips, her endless legs. His will to resist weakened by the second. Rachel told him how bored and fed up she was, and how she wanted him to pleasure her. She climbed onto her bed and posed and lolled around on it before Dean’s mesmerized eyes. Finally, the temptation was too great for him. Despite his misgivings about being dishonest to both his boss and his wife, he went over to Rachel. She cooed to him and led him on – a beautiful, decadent siren. First she pulled her big tits out of her bra, then pulled Dean’s face into them. The young partner lost the last of his self-control and began to suckle on Rachel’s erect nipples. Following a long, intense kiss, the two lay down side by side and caressed each other’s bodies. 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Her husband could never give her the kind of pleasure she felt right then. In time they moved on the doggy-position. Rachel loved being dominated that way. Again the vigor of Dean’s fucking passed into her body – the jolts of his contacting hips causing her tits to shake and her dangling hair to sway. The cheating wife’s excitement led her to talk dirty. She begged Dean to fuck the bitch out of her and make her dirty with his cum. Soon Dean himself joined in, and the two enjoyed a back-and-forth in which they laughed at what they were doing behind their spouse’s backs. At last, after giving his boss’s wife another hard, missionary-style fuck, Dean pulled out and came over her face. It was just where she insisted on taking it. The white flooded her smiling mouth and drenched her lips and chin. Afterwards, Rachel lay contented on her bed. Nothing could beat the kick she got from cuckolding her husband. She was pleased to see that Dean was not showing any signs of guilt. That was good. After all, she wanted him to stay willing and eager – so that he would be ready to fuck her again as soon possible.

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Daphne Sucks Brother Cock For Clues

Thank you for meeting me! I hear you have some information about that mysterious haunted house on the hill? You want me to pay you? Oh dear, I don’t have any money to pay you…Oh! I have an idea! How about I give you a blowjob and then you tell me everything you know about that house! Deal?
In this Daphne cosplay video I get down on my knees and suck cock for clues! I show off my breasts in my revealing purple dress, and bob my red-haired head up and down on your cock! I make sure to lick and suck ever so tenderly, making sure you get more than fair payment for that information!*
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My Aunt’s Secret Santa

Ok so I just got home so I figured I would write this all down while it’s fresh in my memory. Not that I’ll be forgetting this anytime soon. Some backstory first. My Dad’s side of the family has been doing secret Santa for the past 6 or 7 years. Basically everyone picks a name out of a hat and that person has written down 2 or 3 things that they want but wouldn’t ordinarily spend on themselves (new pair of shoes, coat, headphones etc.). So this year I had picked my Aunt Margret (not her real name). Now Margret (Maggie) has really been into yoga for the past 2-3 years. She is 52 years old 5’5 brown hair small D cup implants always wore small to medium sized clothes. So over the past year she has been going through a divorce from her husband and he moved out. Because of this she really threw herself into yoga and has dropped from a small to an extra small. I saw her for the first time in months at Thanksgiving and she looked great. Lost a lot of weight but healthy. So naturally she asked for 2 pieces of yoga wear that were surprisingly expensive for how little material they were. So this takes us to about 2 weeks ago. Her husband who had moved out and was living out of his truck, was found dead. He had always been a bit of an alcoholic and sadly I think that’s what did him in. But I haven’t really been told much more than that. This really upset Maggie because even though they were getting divorced, a 20 year marriage will stir those emotions. The family had planned to have Christmas dinner at Maggie’s like we have for the past few years. Recent events however have really hit her hard and so she decided she no longer wanted to do dinner at her house. This annoyed my family because we all had plans and now things needed to change. And because of this changed Maggie got in a fight with my dad and her other sister. So when we changed plans and decided to do Christmas Eve dinner at my Grandfathers house about 2 hours away she didn’t want to go. This takes us to this morning. My dad called and told me that he needed me to go pick up her secret Santa gift from her house to bring it with us to dinner tomorrow so whoever she had got a gift. And I figured I might as well give her gift now and kill 2 birds. So I wrapped her gift and threw it in my car and went to workout. I finished my workout and gave her a call. She answered slightly out of breath as she had just gotten out of a hot yoga class herself. I asked her what she was up to and she said she was just about to head home to finish making the casserole she had said she was going to make for us to take to grandpa’s. So I told her I was her secret Santa and that I wanted to drop her gift off and pick up her secret Santa gift. She told me she hadn’t even wrapped it yet and the casserole would need time to cook and asked if I could pick it up in the morning. Now we had planned to leave mid morning so I had plenty of time to pick it up tomorrow but something in her voice just sounded off. After we hungup I drove over to drop my gift off for her. When I arrived she had just made it home herself. She asked what I was doing here and I told her she just sounded off in the phone and I came over to see if she needed someone to talk to. She smiled and gave me a hug and I apologized for my smell as the stench from my workout still lingered. She was still pretty sweaty herself but she looked great. We walked in to her house and went to the kitchen, she pulled out the half made casserole and grabbed a few remain ingredients from the fridge. After a few minutes of small talk she asked if I could spread the last few things on and put it in the oven when it finished preheating. I told her of course and she wandered back to her room shower. It took a few minutes to spread everything evenly and I double checked to make sure I didn’t screw anything up then I threw it in the oven when it reached the right temperature. So in that time she had showered quick and walked out with a towel wrapped around her. She bent over to check the casserole and I tried my best not to look at her great ass but it was tough. It was covered my the towel but that towel hugged her so well. I guess her no longer smelling her own sweat made my smell much more obvious to her so she told me I stink and to take a shower. I told her I only have these clothes so showering would pointless but she said just leave them outside the door an she would run them in the steam clean setting of her washer just to take the stink away. So I went into her bathroom which was different as I had always used the guest bath when I had stayed there previously. Her bathroom is setup odd. The toilet and bidet (I know she actually has one haha) is in a little room with a door so if you want your privacy you can have it. But the shower is a large shower in the corner with walls on 2 sides and a jacuzzi tub that makes a sort of half wall on another side. There is no door or curtain to the shower though. It’s so big that water won’t go out into the rest of the bathroom. I’m in the shower and I’m soaping up as one does in a shower and after a few minutes I hear a knock on the door. Maggie cracks the door open and says she needs to go to the bathroom. Which i find odd at first seeing as there are two other bathrooms in the house but perhaps she prefers this one and there is a door so she won’t be staring at me while she pees. So I turn my back to her as she walks in and heads into the private toilet area. I hear the toilet flush and immediately step further into the shower and out of the water to avoid the blast of hot water that is sure to come. I hear the door open and a few seconds later I feel a hand on my back. I jump at first and I turn to find my aunt had removed her towel and joined me in the shower. Before I could say a word she just put her finger on my lips and whispered ‘shhh just let it happen’. She stood on her tip toes and pulled my head down until my lips met hers. We kissed for a moment and the shock washed over me and I just put my hands on her waist as our lips parted and our tongues started to explore one another’s mouths. I could feel my cock hardening faster and faster until it was pressed up against her stomach. With one hand still around my head she took the other and slowly started working my shaft. I still couldn’t believe what was happening but I was so in it that I couldn’t bring myself to stop. Things started getting hotter and heavier as we started to grope each others bodies. I picked her up and held her against the wall and grinded my cock along her pussy. When I couldn’t take it anymore I carried her out of the shower and into the bedroom and laid her on the bed and climb on top and immediately lined my cock up to her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and I felt them tighten around me as I slid into her soaking wet pussy. We kissed passionately as I started to pump in and out her faster and faster. She moaned and screamed out my name telling me to ‘fuck her little pussy’ as the first orgasm overwhelmed her. Then she rolled me on my back and rode my cock hard while she leaned back and my hands felt up her tits and punched her nipples. I got back on top of her and we just kept going at it until the her second orgasm. Just sound of her cumming all over my cock put me over the edge and I blew my load inside her. The world came flooding back but we just stared into eachothers eyes and kissed again. I pulled my softening cock out of her cum filled pussy and laid down next to her. She smiled at me and got up and grabbed my arm and pulled me up too. It felt like the whole thing last 5 minutes but i checked the clock and we had fucked for 45 minutes. She lead me to the laundry room where my clothes had finished. She pulled me in to kiss her again and I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. She helped me back into my clothes and we walked toward the door. She told me to say she hadn’t even made the casserole yet and still needed to wrap her gift so I need to pick it up early tomorrow morning. She winked at me and gave me another deep kiss. We kissed for a few minutes and then she sent me on my way. On the drive home I was so torn. Everything just felt right with her in that moment. But I feel so much guilt. I mean I know I didn’t instigate it but I still feel like I should have stopped her because she was probably really vulnerable. So I don’t know what to do. Should I talk to her about everything and say it was a one time thing that she needed and just grab the gift and the food and go or should I come back tomorrow for another round.

Mom came home from dancing with her friends

When mom was about to leave, waiting for her uber, I couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked … She came down stairs in a stunning short black skirt that was cut mid thigh and a sleeveless blouse that fit very snuggly showing off her ample breasts. My mom had her mid length blonde hair perfectly styled and up, which allowed her to show off the diamond earrings she was wearing and the pearl necklace she had around her neck. I rarely ever saw her in makeup, yet her face was painted like it was a masterpiece.
I decided to just stay home and played video games in the living room most of the night while drinking some beers. Mom came home a little after 11 PM, I heard her stumbling around outside with her house key, and I was kind of dozing off but she made enough noise coming in to wake me up.
Mom started calling my name as she walked towards the living room, I decided to not respond and see if I could tell how drunk she was.
She gently touched my shoulder and said my name but I chose not to respond. She sat down next to me and said my name again. Next she rests her hand on my upper thigh over my boxers. She seemed content that I was asleep.. then she removed her jacket and lay down next to me on the sofa.
Mom has very nice legs. They are perfectly tanned, and very long and luscious. I have found myself staring at them many times in the past week. They looked exceptional tonight. Her skirt was hike up to her panties, and her bare legs were partially spread. I peeked at her silky panties beneath her skirt.
I realized her skirt had ridden up and My cock was hard as steel, as I looked at Mom’s legs. My eyes once again focused on her panties. She had now spread her legs further apart, and I could see a glimpse of her pink pussy for just a moment. My cock twitched and jerked in my pants. I could feel the precum as it seeped from my swollen cock head. I needed relief, and knew that I should just go to my room and jack off, but I was fascinated watching Mom as she tossed about on the couch in a drunken buzz.
I eventually decided to “pretend” to wake up. Mom was sorta dozing off but she told me she went dancing with a couple of her girlfriends. She said her feet really hurt and asked If I would rub them!
I was able to give her a good foot massage for about 20-30 minutes using lotion.
I had massaged mom’s shoulders before, but now she was asking for a foot massage and wearing that outfit… Of course I told her, but hoped I didn’t sound too anxious. I grabbed some lotion and watched her lay on her stomach. Her luscious ass was barely covered and I got so horny.
I didn’t have to be told twice. I squirted some lotion into my hands and moved down to her feet. I massaged her feet a little, rubbing the lotion on them and then slowly moved up one calf, switching to the other and then back. I worked my way up to her thighs and almost came when she spread her legs for me. God, she was so fucking hot. I slipped my hands as close as I could get to her cunt without directly touching it. My body was aching from being hard so long and not getting any release. I pulled away mentally fighting with myself and she sighed and said don’t stop, honey.
I had to bite my lip hard not to moan when she said that in that innocent delicious tone. I slid my hands back to her legs, massaging her thighs all the time looking at her cunt which was pressing against her panties almost enough that I could see it, and her ass. I got closer and closer to her cunt once again and this time she spread her legs wide for me. I paused and looked up at her, wanting to make sure we were thinking the same thing before I went further. She was just resting with her eyes closed and a half smile on her face.
That was all the approval I needed. I moved my hand forward and gently touched her cunt through her panties. She moaned softly and spread her legs even more. I couldn’t take it. Her face was down in the couch. I didn’t want to cum, I didn’t want to have to stop. So every time I was close to shooting off, and would stop and give myself time to slow down even though my hand on her never stopped. After a few minutes, her legs started to close and I thought she didn’t want more, so I pulled my hand away. But she lifted her ass up off of the couch and pushed her panties down as far as she could and then I pulled it off the rest of the way and dropped it by the chair. Again I almost came right there. Her delicious ass was even more delicious than I had thought. And she spread her legs for me again. I leaned down and saw her lips part and how wet she was. I reached forward with my finger and barely slid it inside her slit. She moaned for me and I pushed my finger up and down the length of her slit, stopping at her clit to tease her a little and then moving down to her opening. I gently pushed one of my fingers inside her, centimeter by centimeter and I heard her breath slowly intake. She moaned loudly as I got my entire finger inside of her. I moaned right back this time. She was so wet and tight.
I decided not to press my luck and moved back to moms legs at some point. She was kind of dozing off and I asked her if she wanted help to bed. She said the massage felt so good she didn’t want it to stop so I asked if she wanted me to massage the rest of her body. She stood up and removed the rest of her clothes without saying a word. I worked on her shoulders and back for a good while, as I continued to massage mom’s back, I would include massaging her sides, which would bring me into close contact with the sides of her tits as I worked my fingers delicately during her massage. For some odd reason, it had become a game with me to see how long, and then how far I could go. I eventually had roamed my hands all over her ass and legs, her back and sides.

We did it. I feel so wrong

I spent a good portion of yesterday out. I wanted to get some air and have some time alone to think things through.
When I got home that afternoon we had a talk. I told my mom I wasn’t attracted to her. She said she understood, and repeated what she’d said the other day. She wanted this to be a one time only thing, just to make her feel like a “woman” again.
I asked her why me. She told me after so long without any relationship I was the only man she felt comfortable around. I offered to help her with online dating (thanks for that suggestion, whoever). She agreed.
But, she said, AFTER tonight. She wanted to go all the way with me first.
Seeing how persistent Mom was, and realizing how awkward this must be for her as well as me…I relented. But I insisted this was the last time.
Mom brightened up considerably, and we actually had a great Christmas dinner, having cleared everything up.
It wasn’t long before, a few drinks in, Mom got touchy feely again. I returned her affections the best I could, half-stripping each other. I was counting on the alcohol to help get me hard. It didn’t.
I went down on her again. I made her cum, but I still couldn’t get hard.
Okay. Viagra. I suggested we get some. Mom agreed, but offered to go buy it, telling me to sit tight. “Get ready for me,” she said. She stood up and grabbed her purse, pointedly leaving her panties on the couch and wiggling her ass as she left for the garage, showing off to me that she was bottomless. I felt a chill down my spine.
I grabbed my laptop and another bottle of wine, going through some porn, trying to get that mental image out of my head. When Mom came back, she was pleasantly surprised to see me finally erect.
“Good boy,” she purred sweetly in a honeyish tone that I’d never heard her use before. My mother was trying to be seductive with me. I tried to ignore how disturbed it made me.
I took the viagra as Mom straddled me, grinding her dripping wet pussy on my cock. I closed my eyes as she started making out with me, trying to imagine it was the woman from the porn video instead. I felt breasts up against my neck as she leaned on me. I felt her fingers wrap around my cock as she guided me toward her. I felt the tip of my cock pushing through the lips of her pussy. I imagined a different woman on top of me as my mother finally lowered herself, and I entered her for the first time.
I kept my eyes closed, trying to just focus on how good it felt as the woman rode me, bucked on top of me, frantically kissed my forehead, my face, my lips. I imagined it was someone else whispering into my ears how good she felt, how much of a good boy I was being.
It worked. I felt myself getting close. I grabbed her ass. I couldn’t help it. I also couldn’t help my hips bucking upward, thrusting into her as I came. I opened my eyes, and found myself gazing into my mother’s loving eyes as I shot load after load into her. No! No! No! a voice in the back of my head screamed. Everything was wrong.
Mom locked lips with me. Buzzed, and still on the coital high, I returned her kiss. Tasting her lips, her mouth, her tongue. I was still cumming. Mom’s perfume, her familiar smell oppressed me.
I was still hard. Mom kept riding me as we made out, until I came inside her again. Then again. I stopped responding to her affections. Reality had hit again. My own mother was having sex with me. This was wrong.
Mom looked disappointed. “What’s wrong? Is it because you’re looking at me?”
It must’ve been Mom’s suggestion, but I found myself upstairs standing at the foot of her bed, my mother on all fours pointing her ass up at me. Every voice in my head was protesting, but my body moved on its own, grabbing my mother’s ass, sliding my still-erect cock back into her, and thrusting angrily.
I wasn’t fucking my mother. I was going at some faceless woman doggystyle. It wasnt my mother moaning to the rhythm of my thrusts. It wasn’t my mother crying out in pleasure. It wasn’t my mother calling my name over and over again. It wasn’t my mother begging me to fill her up. It wasn’t!
I don’t know how many times I came inside her. I slumped on top of her, exhausted, and she slid over to make room for me in her bed.
I was still hard. Mom crawled half on top of me and started rubbing my cock, trying to gaze into my eyes. I turned my head. I couldn’t look at her. Just lie there tired, limp as she coaxed my last orgasm out of me.
“You’ve been so good, baby,” mom whispered. Her breath tickeled my ear. “My baby boy.”
I fell asleep in my mother’s arms.
I woke up this morning to my mother 69ing me, cleaning me up with her mouth, her ass in my face, the smell of her pussy stifling me. I couldn’t help myself. I came again.
Mom snuggled back up to me, trailing her finger on my chest. I lay there, letting her caress me, whisper into my ear how amazing that night was, how good I was for doing this for her, how much she loved me. How hard I had fucked her…how sore she was starting to feel…how she wanted me to make love to her next time.
I realized she wanted there to be a next time. I wondered if she had, from the beginning, wanted there to be a next time.
“I’m going to take a shower. Join me?” She said.
I said no. A flash of disappointment across her face, but she conceded.
I lay there limply to the sound of the shower next door, the faint sounds of my mother singing to herself. I think I was in shock.
I was still there when Mom came out. “Your turn, honey. Take your time. Mommy will have breakfast ready for you.”
I washed myself, the events of last night fully hitting me. I felt a wave of guilt and shame. This was so wrong. What we did was so wrong.
Mom was still being flirty at breakfast, her loose bathrobe completely failing to conceal her naked body underneath. She caressed my cheek after she served me food. Against my will I got hard. Mom noticed and giggled. She trailed her finger down across my shoulder as she walked off, a spring in her step, leaving me alone with my thoughts.
I don’t know what to do. I feel so ashamed, so wrong. I made my mom happy, but it seems like I killed something important to do it. We crossed a line. There’s no going back. And it seems like it wasn’t enough. She wants more.