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Neighborhood Snob

Back story: Cory Chase is the Neighborhood Snob. Her Husband is a highly paid Business Man who always takes long expensive vacations with his family. Cory’s Son is the neighborhood bully and football star. All the girls love him and the nerds fear him. Her daughter is the Hottest girl in school. She developed very early and all the men in the Neighborhood lust after her…Cory is the worst, however. She is rude to everyone and could careless about anyone else…

The Incident: One day on her way to Shop at the Designer Fashion Mall, Cory backed over something…She could not believe something would be placed behind her rental vehicle…Cory stepped out to find a smashed bike and an upset father…Before he could say a word, Cory began to yell at him…The man said he was sorry for the bike but Cory would still have to pay for the damages…The Man turned around to look at the bike but Cory did not have time for this…She jumped into her truck and ran over the remaining bike pieces that lay on the ground…
Later the Day, Cory returned with two arms full of designer clothes and shoes…Several minutes later, the Father returned demanding Cory pay for the bike Damages…Cory did not want to hear about this and attempted to close the door…The Father rushed in with the intent to teach Cory a lesson…He cuffed her and dropped Cory to her knees…He pinched her nose and forced his cock inside her mouth…He plans to teach Cory some humility and will fuck her till she loves it…
Cory has not had a taste of Cock since her husband began to take long “Business Trips”…Cory may or may not learn her lesson but the Father has all intentions to teach her a lesson in Humility…

The Conversion: Not having her pussy filled for many years, Cory began to love what the neighbor was doing…Maybe it was ready all those filthy romance novels by the pool or forced nature of the incident…He experiences every hole of Cory including her tight butt hole…When he realizes Cory has begun to enjoy the experience, he wraps up the session…He pulls his cock out of her tight twat and creams her face…There was a little shot in her mouth and Cory tasted his sweet seed…He left Cory to think about what she has done and forgave her for crushing the bike…
Cory cleaned her mouth of his cum and swallowed the excess…She might call him back tomorrow for another round of fun…

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Cuckold’s View from Below

You come home from work to find your trophy wife in the bathroom fixing her make-up. Someone else is in the shower. “That’s my new lover,” she explains. He steps out of the shower & you can feel your cheeks burn with shame. He’s build & hung, and you know that he must be pleasing your wife more than you ever have. “This is what I warned you would happen if you didn’t start acting like a real man.” And she’s right, she did warn you, but you never thought it would actually happen.
She tells you they’ve just finished having sex & are about to go out to dinner. But then they decide they’re horny for one another again, and she touches his cock. He slips it inside her wet & willing pussy, and they fuck in various positions right in front of you. At first you think you’re still standing there because you’re in shock, but then you realize that it must be something else holding you there. Your wife tells you to get on your knees and watch from below. And you do it! You actually get on your knees beneath her.
This is the strangest experience staring up at that huge alpha male cock pounding your wife. You feel so many emotions at once. But one thing is for sure, you aren’t going anywhere. Your eyes are glued to them, and even as he cums you don’t look away. You realize that this is probably just the first of many lovers your wife will take, all because you couldn’t man up.

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Blackmailed pussy

Britney gets caught by her boyfriend’s best friend sucking a fat cock. Now, she’ll have to give up a piece of that sweet pussy just to keep him quiet!

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Daddys Double Daughter Blowjob

Daddy! We heard you threw out your back! Are you okay? You must be so bored down here alone all day, stuck to your bed There must be something your two favorite girls can do to help you pass the time. Oh no, you really cant move, can you! Hmm Hehe! That means Daddy couldnt stop us if we did something. Something really naughty. Oh, Daddy, you have no idea what we get up to in our room! Shh, dont tell Mommy! She wouldnt like this, would she? We just love kissing and fondling each other when no ones around Ohhh, it looks like Daddy really likes this! We know exactly what you need right now. Daddys so hard for his little girls. Mommy can never take care of you like we can. You cant even move to relieve that frustration down there! Well do it for you, dont worry. Our hot little mouths love to kiss, and putting them on Daddys cock will be even better. We want to show you what we can do. We love you so much, Daddy! See more of Xev Bellringer!Cant get enough of us together?

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Natalia Grey Taboo Gamer

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The twins fight for who gets to fuck him

Silvia and Eveline are having a fun, playful afternoon. Their male friend is hanging around and they have a pillow-fight for who gets to fuck him. The pillow-fight is fun, but no clear winner. So they decide to call it a draw and fuck him both.

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Sisters Playing With Fuck Machines

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No Incest, Just amazing 18yr old girl in nasty video

As I was grabbing a t-shirt to wear on a warm summer day, I realized I have old rock concert shirts that are way older than Chelcee, our newest naughty midwest girl. Chelcee had just turned 18 a few months ago and graduated high school. Not sure what to do with her summer, she decided to try porn. When I saw how young and cute she was I thought there was no way she wanted anything to do with an old pervert like me and told her I was a little unsure about her comfort level. When we met at the door and she grabbed my cock I started to think otherwise. And when she popped her bra off and let out those absolulutely PERFECT 34C tits, my guilt went away. She had told me she had a bit of a fetish for much older guys, but I was a bit skeptical. But, when I felt how wet her tight young pussy was, I realized it might be true. Looking down at this cutie with my cock in her mouth, it didn’t take long to blow my load on her cute face and mouth in a dripping facial. After fucking in several positions she got two more cumshots out of me. I think the class of 2015 has a bright future taking care of their elders!.

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Daddy’s Anal Video Virgin

Anneliese Snow was working a normal job when she answered an ad for adult work. This college educated professional couldnt resist the chance to make money doing what she enjoys, having KINKY sex. After a brief but enlightening interview this beautiful blonde was ready to do all sorts of kinky things. We got so carried away in her first scene she even wound up getting her first creampie on film too.
Anneliese Snow – Young Anneliese enjoys anal toys in her personal life so when we asked her to do her first anal scene on camera she was more than ready. After getting herself ready with a hitachi and some toys we sent her upstairs to the bedroom. Annelliese jumped right to sucking Traces cock then the fun began. Trace gave her tight ass the gaping of a lifetime but I’m sure she’ll be back for more.

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Summer at Aunt Rachel’s

Rachel is the perfect wife. Her nephew Timmy was staying the summer. Her husband Jack traveled for his business. Rachel was beginning to feel her sexual peak and was frustrated with the long lonely nights. Jack was an old fashioned man, sex was predictable and always in missionary. He insisted Rachel wear dresses he bought for her that were practically from the 50’s. Rachel did what he wanted to keep her marriage going but she secretly resented it and him. One afternoon, Jack headed off for 2 weeks on business. Timmy and Rachel were alone. The company car was pulling out of the drive when Rachel squealed with joy. Timmy was shocked at the change in her; she gulped down a martini and headed to her bedroom. Rachel changed out of the goofy dress that Jack made her wear and into a low cut number. She put some porn on the TV and settled in with another martini. After watching the porn she called Timmy in so he could let loose too. Timmy was a book worm and did not have a girlfriend. He did not know what to do with Aunt Rachel. She laughed when she realized that he really was a nerd and she decided to have some adult fun with her innocent nephew. Rachel changed into sexy lingerie she purchased at the naughty store for nights when Jack was away. Rachel would masturbate and watch porn. Something Jack would never allow. Timmy sat and watched his Aunt as she spread her legs and used a vibrator; she moaned and thrust her hips with pleasure. Timmy felt his cock in his pants grow. Rachel told him to strip naked and get on the bed. Timmy did what she said. Rachel took a hold of his hard on and stroked it while burying his face in her tits. He sucked her like a bay-bee. Aunt Rachel was having too much fun with him. She opened her legs and pushed his face between her hot thighs. Timmy licked his aunt’s juicy wet pussy. Rachel rolled a condom on him the sat on his cock. Timmy never had been fucked. He loved it. Aunt Rachel used his young cock to satisfy herself. She had him fuck her doggy then she jerked him off until he shot his load. He did without warning Aunt Rachel put his cock in between her tits to catch the cum. She made Timmy promise to keep it a secret. This would be the summer Timmy would never forget.

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