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Wife Wants Your Brother

I have a suprise for you tonight! A big surprise. Gosh look at you! I don’t even know if I should tell you now. It looks like the suspense is getting to you.
I went out and bought some nice lingerie. Do you like it? Well, that’s not the surprise, and I didn’t buy it with you in mind so don’t get your hopes up. Do you remember when we got married? You promised me that I could do whatever I want… with other men. I know, I havn’t really rested you on your promise to me. But I’ve really been wanting to, and have finally decided, tonight is the perfect night.
Can you guess who I invited over tonight? I bet you will never guess. You look so fucking nervous and you should be. Tonight…I invited over… your brother! Yes! Stop it, quit whining. You said any guy and this is the one I want. No. Quit Complaining! You don’t get any say in this and my decision is final. Maybe if you had pleased me better I wouldn’t want your brother so badly.
Do you know what I want to do with him? I’m gonna sit your brother down this evening. I’m going to unzip his pants, and I’m going to give him the best head he has ever had. I’m going to suck him like I’ve never sucked you. I’m going to lick up and down his shaft and milk every last drop of cum out of him. Do you want to know the best part? I’m going to make you watch. You’re going to sit there and listen to me moan with his cock in my mouth. He is going to get everything you’ve always wanted from me and you’re going to get nothing.
I’m going to record everything I’m going to do. Whenever you forget your place, I’m going to make you relive every last moment of pleasure I give to your brother tonight. He is going to enjoy my mouth so much while you just sit there and stare. Now go in the living room and sit down. He will be here soon and I don’t want another word out of you.
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In the Office

Scene One: I need this job

Just divorced from her husband and now a single mom Krissy really needs a job. When an old friend tells her about a position at her company Krissy Lynn jumps at the opportunity. With no prior experience required and a 6 figure salary it almost seems too good to be true. “Why don’t you show her what her job entails” He says to Ms. Chase. Krissy looks on in horror and shame as Ms. Chase gets to her knees and sucks off her boss. “If you want the job stand up” Ms. Chase tells her. Half paralyzed with fear Krissy stands up and is humiliated by her friend slipping off her panties, exposing herself to everyone in the room. Her legs are spread and her tits groped by the powerful man offering her a huge salary and a huge cock. He fucks her from behind and takes away her dignity and pride. As he presses his cock against her virgin ass she screams. “No you can’t put it in my ass!” and runs out of the room, unable to keep going even for the amazing job.

Scene Two: Ms. Chase offers her ass

Luckily Ms. Chase is still there to meet her bosses needs. She happily sucks her boss hard again and more than makes up for her friends failure. Bending over the counter she gasps as his big cock presses into her hot ass. A slap of punishment on her ass and he fucks her. “That’s it master, use my tight ass.” She moans. Throwing her to the couch he fucks her like the slutty sex secretary she is. Shoving his dirty cock into her mouth and making her taste him and lube him up for more ass fucking fun. Ms. Chase has no shame anymore, doing exactly what her master wants of her until he shoots his big load into her welcoming mouth. Her duties over Cory goes to comfort her crying friend. “I needed this job. Fuck!” Krissy Lynn cries. Cory explains that she can have the job if she wants it, she just needs to put in more effort.

Scene Three: The Accountant

Putting aside her pride for her , Krissy takes the job and walks into her bosses office with her first accounting report. He makes her bend over the desk and read it to him. She tries not to whimper as he pulls up her skirt and slides down her panties. As she reads his hands slide up and down her exposed pussy making her gasp as she speaks. “Just fuck me already!’ She yells. He pushes her to the couch and grabs her big tits as his dick plunges into her. He makes her keep reading as he uses her tight milf body. He even lets her touch herself and cum on his big cock. “Thank you” She moans and he shoots a big load over her hairy pussy. “Go get cleaned up” He says, sending her back to work. “Thank you master” She replies.

Scene Four: Holiday Party

She’s been working there for a few weeks now and the pay checks have started rolling in. At the office Christmas party she walks into her bosses empty office and remembers fondly the rough fuck she got. Just then her boss walks into the room. “I wasn’t snooping, I promise master” She tells him. “Can you please do it to me again?” She asks, getting to her knees and telling him how bad she wants to be fucked. She takes out his cock and hungrily sucks on it, transformed into the perfect office slut. Looking up at him she spreads her legs and lets him use her hot horny body until she’s cumming like a whore. “Thank you master” She moans, her earrings jangling and bouncing as he fucks her. “Cum on my ass master” She begs him and feels the hot load cover her. He slaps her on the ass and tells her to get out of his office.

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Jealous Cuckold – Hard Anal Fucking

You started to feel it… that pain deep in your stomach… you knew she was lying to you. Day in and day out… the two of you were growing apart. Sometimes you could smell him on her but even then she’d always have some perfect excuse. You wanted to believe her… but you knew. And once you started snooping through her phone… you wish you could have unseen what you saw. But now the images of her fit and hung lover were burning in your mind. You knew she was going out to fuck him again tonight, but you couldn’t stop her. Maybe part of you subconsciously enjoyed knowing that she was about to get fucked by another man. When she came home early in the morning you pushed her to the ground and shoved your hard cock in her mouth. Your dick was so fucking hard and you felt so angry…betrayed… but the smell of sex on her and the thought of his cock inside her was driving you mad with passion. She denied it over and over and it just made you want to fuck her even more… to fuck the truth out of her. She laughed, “You know don’t you? You know that I’ve been with someone else. I let him fuck me bareback. Does that make you mad? Now both your cum is all mixed up inside my pussy”.
You’d never fucked like that before…and you loved it. But you wanted it to stop. The only problem is, your girlfriend Meana has a mind of her own…and now that she knows how the two of you fuck when you’re angry and jealous? Well she’s not about to just turn down her side dick AND go back to having boring sex with you. No she’s not going to stop fucking other men. She’s going to keep making you crazy with jealousy… starting with fucking her bull lover right in front of you…on your fucking couch. Because she likes what it does to you.

Clip Contains: 2 Sex Scenes. Feel your jealousy and anger boil over into passion as you fuck the truth out of your girlfriend. You cum inside her knowing that her lover’s big fat load is still deep within her tight, wet pussy. She likes what it’s doing to you… she likes the anger and the passion in your cock. So she brings her lover over to fuck right in front of you, knowing that it will drive you mad…and make you want to fuck her even harder. **Cheating Girlfriend. Lying. Snooping. POV Sex. CreamPie. Cuckolding. Bull fucks your Hotwife. Cum On Tits. **

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Milf’s First Lesson in Blackmail

Cory is an extremely beautiful milf with huge tits. I’ve been very blessed to have her at my treatment center for the last two weeks. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything I could use to blackmail her with – until today. Looks like her insurance is about to run out, and it would be a real shame for her to have to leave before she gets all the treatment she so desperately needs…

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Bad Santa Family Humiliation

Peaceful Christmas full of love and happiness? Let’s just forget that! Christmas this year will be a terrible nightmare. Mad Santa came on Christmas Eve and picked a family that will receive his gifts. The dad got a beating, the mother got tied to the radiator and they both had to watch him violating their innocent daughter. The merry old guy, beloved by everyone, showed them his dark side. He fucked the beautiful daughter with his huge cock and destroyed her virgin asshole with a baseball bat. Brutal and twisted Christmas! Be advised, this is only for courageous people!

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Wife`s next maid used and fucked

The other day my wife accept a new maid. The previous maid did’t come out to work… why?! The reason for my wife was unknown. The new maid was younger than the previous one, she was sexier and seems she did not wear panties, at least all the two days that she worked, I did not see her panties only she wore pantyhose and her sexy maid uniform. In one day, my wife go shopping and I stay alone at home. A new young maid is already cleaning up in our house. She was finishing cleaning in the bedroom and I decided that now is the right time.
This cutie did’t wear panties again only just pantyhose, seamless pantyhose tan color. I began to touch her, she began to resist. I was persistent and my cock was deep in her throat. She asked me to stop. But when I began to fuck her pussy through seamless pantyhose, she began to like it and she began to have pleasure. I was ready to come as at this time she was already at the limit and could no longer restrain herself, I made her get an orgasm! It was great, after I cum in her pussy, my jets of cum pour out and shoot inside her. After that, she pulled her hose and left me. I see her tomorrow again.

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No Incest, but great video

After that, my boss wrote to me in the chat. “I’ll call in a few days and then we’ll get that hotel room.” “No fucking way, you bastard. I’m never letting you touch me.”
I’ll come to a meeting that would preserve my reputation. My boss was from the first day obsessed with me and he wants to fuck me, I always rejected any of his proposal for a meeting anywhere. He said that it would still happen and laughed. But what happened two days ago made me embarrassed and his last message…
I was not going to undress for my boss. I said that I will not do this and I do not care that he can fire me. He told me to dance for him, I did not want to do it. But in some magical way I do this, I undress for him. I vaguely remember everything that was happening, as if it was not with me, as though my boss was controlling my mind, I did everything he wanted. When I wake up from the magic d.o.p.e, I was in the sperm of my boss, as it happened I can not remember. He used me, dirty bastard.

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Secretaries Ruin Your Valentine’s Day

Your secretaries are plotting against you: If you’re going to ruin their Valentine’s Day, they’re going to be sure yours is ruined too.You’re on your way out the door but stop in to remind your secretaries that they can’t leave until they finish those reports you’ve had them working on. They beg you not to make them stay late on Valentine’s Day, and they show off the outfits they wore for their dates later tonight. Though you’re going home to your wife, you can’t help but be turned on by these two hot women. Olivia lifts her skirt & you can’t believe she’s not wearing any panties. You know you’re supposed to be saving your cum for your wife, but you have no choice at this point: if they want to fuck, you’re going to do it. Mallory & Olivia take turns giving you a blowjob & riding your cock, but they’re just not impressed by your gifts to your wife & berate you as they use you. Olivia complains about how the roses don’t smell good, and Mallory says your super cheap chocolates just wouldn’t cut it if you were her husband. You’re cocky & think you can have sex with these ladies then also pleasure your wife later, but Olivia knows you better than that. As they drain your cock of every last drop of cum, the gravity of the situation sinks in: You no longer have flowers, chocolates OR a hard cock to give your wife later. You’re so screwed.

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No Incest…but is amazing video :)

Kimber has remained faithful to her loser boyfriend for years! Years of marginal sex and little to no romance. Well, she finally has a chance to have her pussy smashed by a big hard cock and she’s not passing it up!

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Fucking The Neighbor’s Son

Sandra’s husband is away on business and she needs something in her house “fixed” or at least that’s what she tells Susan, the mom of her barely legal neighbor. Sandra phones her neighbor Susan to ask if she can borrow her son to “help” her around the house with a few things. When the neighbor’s son arrives at Sandra’s house it’s obvious that the only thing Sandra needs from him is his cock in her mouth and a good hard fucking to go with that. Sandra seduces him and in no time she is choking on his young cock and is bent over getting fucked from behind as the neighbor’s son makes Sandra repeat to him how much bigger his dick is than her husbands!!! The video ends with Sandra bent over and her ass covered in cum as she smiles and says to her neighbor’s son, “I can’t wait to have you come over and “fix” something again.”

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