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Rachel Taboo Tales

PART1 – Rachel plays a straight-laced widow whose late-husband ran up huge debts with a shady underworld figure. One day he calls at her home demanding his money. Since Rachel can’t pay it, he makes her perform in a video that he can sell for a fortune in a niche market. Rachel is horrified when she learns more about it. The video is to be a porno, and her co-star to be is her own stepson!

PART2 – Rachel was the sexy, hedonistic wife of a wealthy businessman. Due to her own horny nature and her husband’s commitment to his work, she often cheated on him with other men. Her favorite types were those young, virile, eager to please ones. She felt no shame or guilt and doing so, and even playfully competed with a girlfriend to see who could seduce more of them over a week. At present they were both level on four. But Rachel felt sure she could break the tie and pull ahead. Home alone while her husband attended another of his business trips, she reclined in a chair beside her pool, sipping on a martini and speaking on the phone with her friend. The next object for seductive wiles would be coming over very soon, she explained. He was a young landscaper whom she had called out to look at her garden – and a lot more besides, if her luck permitted. As soon as he arrived, Rachel went to straight to work on him her subtle, sexy and suggestive way. First she showed him the area out back that she would like him to re-design. At the same time she stood before him with her big breasts pushed out and her rounded hips cocked provocatively. To whet his erotic imagination, she mentioned how she enjoyed sunbathing topless – or even naked – at her place. The young man laughed shyly, but he certainly had no problem with a voluptuous lady like Rachel doing such a thing. Later, in the house, she discussed the job with him more detail. While he showed her some of his designs on his laptop, she made sure to lean close that he could see down her cleavage. She also crossed and uncrossed her long legs – presenting him a good sight of her toned thighs beneath the short hem of her outfit. After this phase of flirtation, Rachel told the landscaper that she wanted him – and only him – to work on her garden. She would pay him extra if he declined to bring his colleague along. The landscaper agreed, and Rachel asked him to estimate price on the work to be done. Meanwhile, she went off to room to get changed. There she donned some tight red lingerie that graced her luscious, curvy body to perfection. Next she put on a black satin suspender belt and sexily slid a pair of black silk stockings up her sleek, bare legs. Over everything she wore a silky robe. Thus dressed, she presently headed back to the landscaper, and boldly made her opening move. Do you finds me attractive? She asked of him as she opened the robe and let it slide off. The landscaper got one look at Rachel bared in her lingerie and stockings and nodded with a lump his throat. He was all hers from that moment. Once again Rachel the irresistible cougar had worked her magic and ensured herself another day of hot-young-stud fucking. Joining him on the couch, she got to him put his work aside. Then she asked him to give her the attention that her husband deprived her of so much. The landscaper willingly did as he was bid. Praising Rachel’s legs, he started to kiss all the way up their silk-clad length. In a short time her and his hot employer were stood in a passionate embrace, French-kissing and letting their hands rove over each others bodies. Rachel always took great delight in cheating on her husband. Aloud she mentioned that there was a chance he would come back and catch them having their fun. Not that she cared. Soon she was lying back on a couch, her legs parted and her panty crotch pulled aside, writhing and moaning as the landscaper expertly licked and tongued her exposed pussy. It was an epic pleasuring – which she continued to enjoy on her hands and knees and with the landscaper behind. Following this she unclasped her bra to free up her lovely big breasts. While the landscaper fondled and suckled upon them, she shared a long kiss with him and straddled his lap to smother his face and allow him to nurse on her all the better. For his part, the landscaper rubbed his fingers over her wet, panty-covered pussy. Then things got even hotter as Rachel went on to suck the landscaper’s hard cock with all immense sensuality and skill at her disposal. Again and again she eased her tight-drawn lips from tip to balls. By the end of it, she had the landscaper raring to fuck her brains out. The action came in the doggy-position, and Rachel got all the satisfaction she could have hoped for out her young lover. From behind he gripped her lips tight and thrust his cock into her depths with the greatest of enthusiasm. Rachel’s face contorted in lust-ecstasy, and she gasped and cried out in delight while her big breasts swayed under her from the force of her fucking. Finally, kneeling before the landscaper, she jerked down the home stretch until he shot all his hot white cream to her open, smiling mouth. Rachel loved her boi-juice, and she afterwards smeared it happily over her lips. Did you like that? the landscaper asked. Rachel smiled back. She sure did. She then held up her finger sporting a diamond ring given her by her husband. She said it was a good job for him that he kept her sweet with such things. Otherwise she would have finished with him ages ago. Then she turned her attention back to her latest conquest and made him promise to take his time on the landscaping job, and not allow himself to become distracted by some of the other horny women in the neighborhood. Rachel was thinking of her friend and competitor. And, with that, she told the landscaper she had to go make phone call. In terms of weekly fucks with young studs, Rachel was one up and in the lead – and eager to let her friend know it.

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Power Girl Creampied and Fucked Hard

Phew, you would not believe the day I had. I spent all afternoon fighting Metallo. Talk about a tough customer. I used every asset at my disposal – including the two on my chest – and he didn’t so much as crack a smile. I think he’s really lost touch with his humanity. I kicked his metallurgic ass back to the stone age anyway, but it kind of hurt my feelings. I need a pick me up. See, that’s where you come in.

I know how to get you in the mood. My mouth and tongue never fail to get you throbbing. Let me show you how much I want you, how much I need you.All day long, I’ve been waiting to come over and see you. Or more to the point – feel you. I want you to fuck me hard. Please? Don’t worry about being rough. You know I’m damn near indestructible. That goes for my pussy, too! I dare you to go as hard and as deep as you like.

Mmmmph, you feel so good. You have no idea how badly I needed your cock. That’s it. Fuck me harder! I want every inch of you inside me. Yes! More! Can you feel me cumming all around your rock hard dick? Don’t stop now. Keep going. I want you to pound me until you explode inside me. Fuck me harder, now!

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A Hard Choice

My ex-girlfriends daughter was always a little bitch when I was around, and after I catch her throwing a college kegger when her mom is out of town, I decide to give her an attitude adjustment, the hard way. She doesn’t like her options, but she takes door number two, which is the door to my bedroom.

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Molly Jane cumshot compilation (Incest included)

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The Babysitter Experience

First off, we didn’t even need a babysitter. My brother and I are both in our thirties, but for whatever reason our Mom still doesn’t trust us to be alone in the house if she’s gone for more than a day. Yeah I guess we’re losers, who cares, but that’s not important… Anyway, this time our Mom left for a vacation in Panama City Florida or some shithole like that, and asked her friend Sara to watch us. Sara used to babysit us all the time when my brother and I were younger and we both had crushes on her… But it had been awhile since we had seen her last. So a few days into her “babysitting” us, she leaves alone for a few hours to go on a date… When Sara came home she was acting very strange, and that’s when things got really interesting….

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He Followed Me And Rape Me!

Businesswoman Rachel stayed late at her office to finish up some work. The janitor was there too noisily wiping his broom up and down the hallway floor. Suddenly Rachel’s phone rang. It was her husband saying he had to cancel their anniversary date for that night and leave town for a week on business. Rachel was very unhappy with him. First of all she had wanted to spend some rare quality time with her husband. For another thing she hated being left home alone. She always felt vulnerable there by herself. While she angrily explained this to her husband, the janitor listened in from beyond her door, taking mental notes. Later, Rachel drove home through the eerie moonlit night, and made her way inside. Little did she know that janitor had followed her all the way. Wearing a mask, not making a sound, he even drew within a few feet behind her as she unlocked the door. His gaze fixed hungrily on her shapely calves exposed by her short skirt. When Rachel headed on through the open door and swung it shut after her, he skillfully intercepted it, silently preventing the latch from catching. The tired Rachel still had no idea of her impending danger. Instead she mixed a martini in her kitchen, then went up to her room. There she was distracted in complaining aloud about the state of her marriage. At the same time she began undressing. Just when she had made it down to her sexy lingerie, the janitor came silently into the room and closed in on her from behind. He grabbed Rachel in mid-speech, giving her the shock of her life. One strong arm locked around her bare waist. His free hand clamped over her mouth to prevent her screaming for help. Rachel whimpered and struggled in helpless horror as she was dragged over to her bed, shoved down on it, and stripped out of her bra. She could barely comprehend the speed of the janitor’s assault. In mere moments he had bound and gagged her. His hands then roved over her restrained body, fondling her big naked tits, pulling her panties aside to rub her defenseless pussy. With her gag coming loose for a few moments, Rachel managed to make a desperate, tearful appeal for mercy. She told the janitor that her husband was very wealthy and that she would pay him generously if he left her alone. But the janitor was not interested. All he wanted was to fuck Rachel in every way he could. Realizing his unshakeable intentions, Rachel resigned herself to her fate. Just do what have to do, then leave – she told him finally. Seconds later, her ordeal began in earnest. First the janitor forced her legs open and buried his face in her pussy – feasting on it until the hapless businesswoman was reduced to moans and squirms of guilty arousal. Next he wrapped his fingers in the hair at the back of her head and forced her to suck long and deep on his cock. Following that, he gave Rachel such a vigorous missionary and doggy style fucking that her tits shook and her sounds of reluctant pleasure filled the room. Last of all, he freed her hands and hauled her into the sixty-nine position on top him. As the janitor licked her pussy once again, she had to alternate between stroking and sucking his cock until it erupted a load of cum all over her hand. Afterwards, Rachel slumped in misery upon the bed. Meanwhile, the janitor got up and decided to check out her safe. Regaining her strength and nerve for a few valuable seconds, Rachel capitalized on his distraction to run for freedom – naked, screaming, and covered in cum.

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Fucking your moms best friend

Krissy Lynn is your moms friend and u have always wanted to fuck her! u are hiding in her house just watching her sexiness as she talks on the phone to ur mom, she catches u and asked u to come into the room and turn the light on, she makes u sit on the lounge and she tells u that she has been catching u checking her out and shes going to give u a gooood look at what u want.. dancing sensually and stripping for you, shes wearing an amazing little g string and its just incredible when she slides her shorts off and shakes her big round phat ass for u.. then she decides she going to give u what u want and make ur dreams come true. she pulls ur pants down and sucks u off giving u an amazing hand job and blow job and just loving it before she pulls a chair up and rides u cow girl and reverse cowgirl, completely taking advantage of your young cock. nasty milf.. she lays on the ground and tells u to show her what u have and you drive that sweet pussy hard like u own and spread her legs wide and grab her round the throat as she begs u to cum inside her and u can’t take it, u explode ur load deep inside her and then make her suck ur cock dry!

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Breed Me College Boy

There’s something different about professor Wolf today. She asked you to stay after class so she could talk to you about something…you’re worried. Once the other
students have left she starts asking you questions…Personal questions… it’s hard for you to focus. You can’t help but stare at her panties as she sits on her
desk…her short skirt riding up. It’s almost as if her pussy is calling to you…You can’t help but notice how seductively she’s talking to you…and there’s just
something about her… you can hear it in her voice… you can smell it in the air… she’s horny as hell. She’s asking you about your family history… why is she
asking if there’s any illnesses that run in your family? You can feel your cock start to swell in your pants as she comes closer to you… “There’s just one more thing
I need to know” she says as she gropes your dick through your pants and unzips your jeans. She pulls your cock out as it continues to harden… “I need to know you’ve
got a nice cock…in case we have a baby boy…I want him to have a big dick just like his daddy”… your cock gets harder and harder as she proceeds to tell you that
she’s been waiting for a college boy just like you to breed her. She stopped taking birth control when she saw you sitting in her class on the first day of the
semester. She knows she ovulating today… you can feel it in her skin… it’s red hot. Her smell…there’s something so enticing about her. You know she’s fertile. You
have the same hair colour as her husband and he’ll never think of taking a paternity test… she wants a baby with your superior genetics. You feel your natural
instincts taking over as she begs you to put your bare cock inside of her. You can’t stop yourself…the instinct to breed are so deep…she looks you in the
eyes…”We’re going to have a constant reminder of this moment as you watch my belly swell day after day in class”. You spill your hot seed deep inside of her, shooting
it far up into her cervix, fertilizing her…inseminating her…breeding her.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A hot and sexy ovulating woman wants you to breed her. She’s married, but she’s been waiting for a man with superior genetics to come and fertilize
her…she tells you she wants a baby inside of her…she tells you that she wants you to impregnate her. You feel your primal urges take over. Against your better
judgement you thrust your bare cock inside of her over and over and over again. It feels so good to fuck for a purpose…knowing that you’ll be putting a part of you
inside of her…knowing that she’ll be forever remembering your face as she looks at her baby. You shoot your hot load deep inside of her, the best sperm inseminating
her fertile egg and the unworthy ones spilling out of her drenched pussy.

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I Love My Moms Big Tits

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Slut sister & girlfriend

Harley is right in the middle of getting her pussy pounded by one of her brothers when her phone rings; It is her boyfriend!!! She has to answer or her boyfriend will get suspicious! She answers her phone and carries on a casual conversation as her bro pumps away at her tight little box. Harley’s boyfriend is clueless the whole time, even when she was having a huge load blown on her ass!

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