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Our New Family

It’s hard to write my life like this. I wanted to write about a lot of the things that have been happening to us, but I didn’t really know where to put it or even how to write it. I’m not a writer (well, I write contracts at work), so bare with me. I’ve been reading this subreddit for a few months now, due to what’s happened, so I’m going to try. Of course, I had to change some of the details to keep this safe.
I guess most important my and my daughter’s background, and how we got into all of this. It’s still new enough that it’s hard to really form the right words I’m looking for. I feel like I’m going into an AA meeting or something. Well, hello, I’m Michelle and I have an amazing life. I’m 34, which is still young but definitely awkward to be single at my age. I like to think I’ve aged pretty well, but it’s been hard enough trying to raise my daughter, Kacey. I had her at a way too young age while still in high school and it has basically stopped all other pursuits in my life. Her dad isn’t in the picture at all and hasn’t been since she was about three years old. I was previously engaged when she was much younger, but that fell apart and I think she still holds it against me a little because it’s the only dad she’s known.
Anyway, I’ve worked for the last twelve years as a secretary for a small, family-owned construction company. It’s what I like to this of a job that pays okay, but it wasn’t really the career that I was ever looking for. I had dreams of college and traveling, but I’ve actually only even left my home state once or twice when I was a kid. I’ve put a lot of focus into my daughter instead, trying to give her a future that I didn’t have. She fought back on that though, and routinely got in trouble with her high school and numerous awful boy choices. But, I was able to save up and send her to college along with her volleyball scholarship to a good state school, something I had always dreamed of. One semester down and she got caught smoking pot with a boy on campus and she ended up losing her scholarship, and with it, the means to keep going. She came back home to live with me again. The idea was to focus on community college, but she ended up getting a job at the mall, then fired, and now is not really doing anything. She has been pretty crushed about the whole thing, and I think she’s afraid she’s going to end up like me.
Which in a long way, brings me to me. I wasn’t happy with my life, though I am happy to have raised my daughter. I wouldn’t change anything, but I was trying to find “the one” and settle down. Most dating sites I’ve tried (and trust me, I tried them all) just led to a lot of one off dates. I’ve tried my best to keep my appearances up (and I’m being vain here, but I pride myself on staying fit with just the right curves for my size (I’m only 5’3″)). But I was always a single mom with a kid at home, so that made every prospect in my town pretty bad. No one wanted the “baggage” so here I was, single and just waiting for my daughter to go off to school. Even then, I still didn’t have any luck. It was getting pretty desperate. I was never very adventurous, but I knew I wanted more than this.
About 8 months ago when my daughter had exhausted her funds and just moved back home a few days prior, I was at work just doing paperwork (and browsing Reddit) when HE walked in. He was mature looking — maybe late 40s, and put together, and instantly I knew from his smile that I wanted him. He had come to sign some papers for a new construction project he was overseeing, but I instantly engaged every flirty tactic I had. It’s hard to describe his instant effect on me. I still get butterflies thinking about it. Thankfully, my boss was out on an early lunch meeting, so he sat and kept me company while I stalled and helped him with his paperwork. The conversation went well and I was immediately impressed by his way with words. He seemed more like a politician than someone who was dealing with construction. He complimented me on my daughter, saying we looked a lot like sisters. (I have photos of us all over my office.) I was flattered. She definitely has the looks I wish I had had at her age, so it was a perfect compliment to hear.
But as it turned out, he said he’d have to be in town a lot to take care of his interests here, and I offered to show him around, and he quickly asked me to dinner that night. I closed up super early that day and rushed home to get ready. I remember Kacey giving me a hard time about me putting on my “date outfit”, but I was dressing to impress. The place we were going to eat wasn’t too fancy, but I still put on a nice dress and heels, and did my hair/makeup up.
I remember being way more nervous than I’ve been for any date in a long, long time. He pulled up to our small house and I immediately felt inadequate. The house is a tiny 960 sq foot two bedroom that was even ugly in the 1970s. He drove a BMW and I drove a beat up Civic. He obviously had means and I obviously was just some podunk girl grasping at straws. But my fears melted away when he came to the door and said hello with his calm smile. Kacey came to the door and said hello, and gave me a nudge and an impressed face. I was a little excited to have a catch like him for once!
He told me more about his life at dinner, and I just ate it up. He was divorced and trying to expand his business to the town that I lived in (related to oil field work). He said he had sold his house and now just has a small apartment he uses as a launching zone, but mostly staying on the road and supervising his various projects through the state. He talked a lot about travel, but he was going to be in town on a weekly basis. We drank more than a lot of wine and I think I was just melting at the prospect of finding someone with their life put together that was also attractive and seemingly very into me.
After another bottle of wine and a lot of getting to know each other, he offered to drive me home for the night. I was getting a little worked up and selfishly was hoping he would invite me to his hotel, but he was also considerate and polite, so I knew I should just hope for a second or third date. As we pulled up, I knew the date was over and he walked me to my door. I was drunk though, and I leaned into his ear and asked him for just one more drink inside. He was polite and refused, but I put on my cutest sexy face and asked him “pleaseeeee” and he caved. I knew there was a chemistry between us. What I didn’t think about was how much our house was in a state of disarray. Kacey’s stuff was still in the living room and kitchen, and the kitchen itself was so run down, that I felt bad for bringing him in. Kacey was still up and doing things, so I offered to take our wine to my bedroom. And he accepted.
Although we were sitting with wine glasses in our hands, they soon ended up on my dresser and I ended up all over him. I was very drunk, very horny, and I had to have him. He was stern and commanding, and it made me feel like a little girl in his company. My kisses felt awkward like I was 16 and just learning how to be romantic. He told me to undress and I did, slowly, hoping to tease him a little. He started to unbutton his shirt and was working on his belt, but stopped to watch. I felt like a deer in the headlights. It has actually been well over a year since my last time. But I was now completely nude except for my bra and underwear. He told me to take off the rest and let him see. I feel comfortable about my body, except for my breasts. They were too big and had started to sag a little, and it was my most upsetting physical feature. I had a hard time, but I was able to show him myself completely as a I was. He came over, still half undressed, and kissed me from head to toe. He told me to get on my knees, and I did. I felt like his orders were calm and well meaning, so I just felt comfortable doing whatever he said, even though I’ve never had sex happen like this before. But before I knew it, he had his pants off to show a very large erection. He was bigger than almost every guy I’ve had before, and I was thrilled/a little scared. He came over to me, and then slid his boxers to the ground, letting me see it all — just before he pressed it against my lips and I started to work it in my mouth.
I had never really been turned on just by giving head, but the authoritative tone of the night had turned it into something more, something dirty and subservient. And then I realized that I liked it a lot. I knew I was already wetter than I ever should be, and I was ready to feel him. But he continued to hold my head, longer and longer with each stroke, starting to force it further back into my mouth and into my throat. I had some experience, but I wasn’t very practiced or ready for taking that much. He did it slowly and soon I had his balls pressed against my face as I took it all. Only after that did he pull out and tell me to get on the bed. I asked him if he had a condom, but he only said no and nothing else. I wanted this too bad to stop, and I silently complied and started to lay down, but he told me to stay on all fours and I felt him climb behind me. He said something to the effect that I was so wet I must have really wanted him. I think I said sorry, and he said I like a girl who knows when she’s wanted. It turned me on to no end. And then I felt his tip press against me and I gasped, trying to keep quiet. My daughter’s room was across the hall and I’ve remembered from her exploits that everything is very, very audible. But I couldn’t really keep quiet. His size and thickness was more than I expected. I felt him slowly work all the way into me and I felt like I was going to burst. He started to pump into me and I felt myself pushing back against him. He kept the perfect pace until it felt like a machine piston. Both my butt and my breasts were slapping so loudly against him that I felt like an animal. There was nothing to keep this quiet. I knew it was building and I started to shudder, feeling the first wave about to hit me. I opened my mouth to scream but grabbed a pillow and let out an Earth shaking orgasm. I lost my breath! I couldn’t even scream. It was one of the few orgasms I’ve ever had from normal sex, and by far the best. But he didn’t stop pumping. I was his, completely. He asked me if I was on birth control and I said “yes, come in me” as best I could between breaths. Then I felt him pull me into him with enough force to make me gasp for air and he started groaning and I felt him fill me up with a lot of very hot come. And I was at peace.
He pulled out and I tried to lay on my back and catch my breath, but he pulled me to edge of the bed and told me to help clean him up. It was strange but comforting to hear his voice. So I licked him clean, tasting both myself and him. He was still hard and even as he got dressed, still was mostly erect. I offered him a shower or to spend the night, but he said it wasn’t a problem, kissed me on the cheek, and let himself out. I locked up and I could hear Kacey listening to music. I had wondered how much she was subjected to for that, but I was also still shaking and trying to recover. I crawled into bed and slept so amazingly peaceful.
I’m sorry if I went into too much detail, but that was one of the most amazing experiences in my life, and it sets up everything that happened to us after. I didn’t see him again that week, but we constantly texted. I was never much of a “sexter” but with him, I loved it. Most of our conversations changed into raunchy talk within just a few minutes. He had me so worked up at my office that I had to go home and change my underwear once. It was like that every week until he would come in. When he would, we would have mind shattering sex each and every time. He became my boyfriend officially on Facebook within about two months and we spent a lot of time together at the house. Kacey was generally apathetic, though she’d tease me about somehow finding such a catch. She did it enough that I was actually starting to become annoyed by it. And more and and more, I started to find her talking to him and even being flirty. I didn’t think too much of it because she is always her flirty self when she’s out in public. But it was still enough to make me a little jealous when he would be talking and laughing with her. Sometimes he would come in early while I was at work, so they’d just have the afternoon together.
Every time he came in, he always brought gifts and spoiled us. He would never let us say thank you, but the gifts came with him having more power over our house. He was convincing enough that we started cleaning the house a lot more, working out in the mornings together (to a workout program called Insanity), and cooking more dinners at home. If anything, his view was technical and focused and it made us a lot more productive and happy. I lost enough weight that people at work immediately took notice. But it was also other things. He would buy me a dress, and I’d have to wear it. He’d ask me until I put it on. So sometimes I’d be wearing a fancy dress and heels just around the house. He criticized my posture and started making me stand up straighter. It was a bit controlling, but I didn’t mind it all that much. One week I came home from work and found that my outdated kitchen has new countertops, a backsplash, and new appliances. I literally sat down and cried. He was saving our family.
Whereas we would never eat together as a family, now Kacey, me, and him would all sit around and eat together and share stories every night. We’d watch a movie together on the couch (that he also bought, a giant sectional). This was in public, but in private, everything was an order and I started to get into a routine. I learned all of his kinks and I started to become a big fan of them. He was into the submissive housewife fantasy, and I can say that I liked it as well. He would tell me what to do and I would do it. For a while, I was usually silent, but I learned he liked “Yes, sir” and “No, sir”, so I started saying that. (I found out that when he was really turned on, he’d have me call him daddy, and that drove him wild.). Although I liked to be quiet in the bedroom, he made me make sure I was loud and energetic. I felt bad for Kacey, but this was the most sexually liberating experience of my life. Still, she always teased me about it.
I had never really experimented with anything sexual. Before this, I had only one dildo that mostly sat in a drawer. But now he had bought me all sorts of toys and things to play with. I usually wouldn’t use them unless he was around, but I felt like my sex drive was more amped than it ever had been since maybe I was a teenager. One thing I originally objected to was anything involving my butt (because I had a horrible experience with it any time a guy tried), but he started by just using a lot of lube and finger inside me during normal sex. That was fine and actually enhanced sex. He said he wanted to get me ready and take all the time I needed, but he bought me a butt plug to help me prepare. And he ordered that I keep it in all the time to get used to it. I originally said hell no, but he kept talking about it until I tried it, at least around the house. I actually started to feel sexy and turned on knowing that I was hiding a secret right out in the open. Eventually, he persuaded me to wear it at work and it was the single most exciting sexual adventure I’d ever had. I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the day and touch myself. When I would report all this back to him, he would say how proud he was of me. I really do feel that his compliments make me feel like such a better girlfriend.
As the months passed, Kacey and I got used to him being around and his strict house rules. It may have been worse, but he would spoil us with all sorts of things, usually dresses, shoes, makeup, massage certificates. I caught him correcting Kacey’s posture and telling her to walk like a lady, and was actually pretty entertained that he had somehow tamed her as well. And for all intents and purposes, we always looked miles more classy around the town and at our house than most of the people. People took notice. He convinced me to start dressing a bit younger now that I’ve been working out. And I appreciated that. He had me get my hair cut and dyed more like my daughter’s than anything I ever had. He started to tailor my wardrobe more like Kacey’s than mine too. It was all classy, but you could tell it wasn’t designed for me. You don’t see a lot of 34 year old moms wearing skirts and crop tops. I felt good about myself, but I know all I talked about was my issue with my breasts; I wanted a reduction so they just didn’t feel so gross.
So a few months ago, I got home and he showed me all the paperwork. He had contacted a plastic surgeon and set up an appointment for a consult. I was appreciative, but scared. I was going to change myself and he had already spent so much money on me. But he wouldn’t take no for an answer and we spent a Monday off work driving into the next major city over. The surgeon seemed friendly and there was a definite friendship between him and my boyfriend. Apparently, they had gone to college together and this was a friend discount. Two weeks later, I was back there to get some model quality boobs. And they were. Originally, I had just wanted a reduction, but he offered to reshape and use implants to make them really perfect by a series of other alterations to them at the same time. It was more than I was into, but I trusted to the surgeon, my boyfriend was highly supportive, and I wanted to feel pretty again. And they turned out…. big. Whereas I had big ones before, they were natural and had enough sag that they didn’t really stand out. But now I had a set of more or less pornstar boobs. Initially, I cried and said I really hate them and didn’t want to look like a bimbo. But when I tried on the crop top again, I looked amazing, even without a bra. Modern science can be amazing!
Literally everyone noticed though. My boss who was a married family man in his 50s was way more, uh, interested in me than ever before. I think it’s a mixture of the younger clothes, better makeup/hair, my new body, and the fact that I was usually on edge from hiding a butt plug inside me while I texted my boyfriend. Either way, everyone was flirty with me and I started to feel really, really sexy for the first time in my life. If my mom had still been alive, she would have been mortified, but it’s my life, so I’m okay with it now. My daughter, on the other hand, started to really attack me for some of my choices. She accused me of trying to copy her (and to be fair, we had the same benefactor so we started to look more and more alike). But I had to remind her that this was my first time to be happy, and that she should try it some time. It started to become more tense on family nights. I could sense that she was either jealous of the attention or upset that I was changing myself.
I can say that my boyfriend really started to take notice of me. It’s not that he didn’t before, but now his hands were all over my body and my new boobs. I think they’re too big and fake to call them breasts anymore, haha. He started to spoil me with more and more revealing clothing and skirts. He loved seeing legs and butts, so he would always give me heels and wedges along with skirts that are honestly a bit too short. But after this, they started getting a little too short. Combined with this, he didn’t like me wearing any underwear in the house. So, I had to always act like a lady like he wanted, but also while trying to balance some outfits that were getting to be downright slutty. I could almost feel his eyes on me at any moment, even if he wasn’t there.
It snuck up slowly, but I can see it now that we both started to dress a little more provocative than before. I didn’t mind it for myself, but even Kacey who used to rock sweatshirts and jeans would now be wearing skirts and tight blouses. She didn’t have nearly the amount of boobs or butt to worry about. She took a lot more from her dad and ended up taller (5’6″) and more, uh, streamlined than I was. I tried to talk to him about this, but he said it was a good balance between sexy and professional and was good for a lady. But, I also pointed out that she just had an on and off boyfriend and stopped working too. But, he wasn’t phased and just smiled it off. I knew that she had been seeing someone for a few months, but she wouldn’t really talk about it. In fact, she wouldn’t really come out of her room until my boyfriend would come into town.
I could tell that she had been very affected by him. I had already been using the love word with him, and I actually heard her call him dad when I was just out of earshot once. It was strange because she never called any of my previous boyfriends dad. But I was glad that someone was there for us. In the last few months, she did start getting out more to see her boyfriend. She said things had got more serious. It made for an empty house when they were both gone. I still texted him constantly, but his work had been getting busier and busier and I started missing him more than ever.
I was actually becoming jealous of my daughter because she was starting to fall head over heels for this guy. She usually picked bad ones, but she said this one was different. I was happy for her, but in the last few months, I just felt sexually frustrated and more alone than I ever had been. I had been doing everything I was told but I was getting less sex and attention than ever before. I felt like a childish little girl, but I had already become accustomed to being pampered I guess. Over the few months that I’ve been using my buttplug, he’s been working me up to a larger, and larger size. One night when I was on the verge of crying, he showed up unannounced and led me into my room. He asked me to show him my plug, and I did. It was easy to show him now that I couldn’t wear underwear around the house, and that I was usually wearing a skirt. So I just pulled it up and bent over for him. The first ones had little crystal ends, but as they got better, they became sturdy rubber plugs.
I felt his hand rub up my pussy from behind and then I could feel the pressure being released as he removed the plug from me. I moaned a little, mainly because I was so worked up and frustrated. I heard him chuckle a little, and I again felt like slut for reacting so much. But instead of a new plug, he told me to get onto the bed onto all fours. I said “yes sir” but he said “yes, daddy I think you mean”. He rarely if ever wanted me in doggy style, but today was different. I heard his belt loosening and it hitting the ground. I started to squirm at the anticipation. I had grown accustomed to having something in my butt and had actively wanted to try anal with him after learning to enjoy it. I felt the cold of the lube on my butt and I knew I was ready.
When I pressed his head against me, I was already shaking. It was hard to maintain composure. Nothing could have prepared me for the feeling for it sliding into me. I felt my body wrap around his head and then him push inside me. Unlike a buttplug though, he was much longer and thicker all around. I start gasping, maybe moaning, I’m not sure how to describe it. He stopped when he was completely inside of me and I felt full in a way I’ve never known. While still inside me, he leaned over me, and found one of the toys he had got for me: a tiny vibrating egg on a string that he sometimes had me use. He turned it on and started rubbing my pussy with his cock still inside my ass. He pushed it inside me. The sound changed and I started feeling it working inside. And THEN and only then did he start to move back and forth in my ass. Harder, and faster, harder and faster. Even with the preparation I wasn’t prepared. We usually talked dirty so I started to say “daddy, please harder”. And he started to say very loudly “what are you baby?”. I was confused by I tried. “I’m your girl, I’m your dirty girl.” “No, you’re my anal slut, my cum slut. Tell me what you are.” “Daddy, I’m your anal slut, your cum slut.” He grabbed me from behind my neck and started to pull me hard against him. Usually he was like a piston, but this time he was erratic and grunting. I knew instantly that he was about to cum inside my ass. The thought of that, combined with the egg inside me, was driving me wild. I kept moaning “fuck my ass daddy” and he kept shouting “louder, louder”. I was literally screaming it and then I felt a fucking explosion filling me up. I can’t describe how it feels to have someone cum in your ass, but I knew that I was in heaven. He was jerking my body like a play toy, slamming me into him. I could feel his balls slapping hard against my pussy, and then like that, I started to cum too. It was unlike any other orgasm I’d ever known.
This man knows how to work a woman. When he and I finished, he pulled out and I instinctively moved over to clean him, but then froze at the thought. But his dick was still hard and he pressed it against my lips, putting his hands on my head for control. I did it. I cleaned it all. I tasted his cum and my body, but it wasn’t gross. It was sexy. I was still so turned on. The egg was still inside me. Finally, he removed it and we showered together. My stomach wasn’t used to anal though, so I ended up feeling pretty sick after. It was worth it, don’t worry. I started to feel like he had some ownership of my body. Like he had made me and I was his plaything. Something about anal just changes what my body is used for.
Instead of sleeping with me, he said he had to go and he left. At the same time, my daughter popped out of her room looking absolutely strange (probably at listening to me) and said she was going on a date. My house was empty, but I was full. It felt nice to have been so kinky and so perfect for him. A lot of my life was now about me and my romance, and much less about my work and self hating. I was truly in love with him.
Kacey came in as I was watching Netflix. It was almost midnight on a Tuesday but I couldn’t sleep after what I experienced. She was looking a little rough herself. She had dressed up in heels that were a little too tall, a crop top that was a little too tight, and a skirt that was definitely too short. I knew she had been with her boy. I was about to call her out for her outfit and her behavior, but I quickly noticed I had essentially the same clothes and I had just been screaming at the top of my lungs for a man to fuck my ass. I guess I can’t criticize. She was still making comments about my boob job so I really had no ground.
A few times during the week, I would hear her trying to sneak in quietly at night. I didn’t really care though. She was a grown woman and could make her own choices. It was pretty common for her to stay out late with her boy. My only advice was to be safe and call me if anything ever happened. I wouldn’t judge. I told her that. She always gets quiet though. But one night, I heard her talking softly and maybe a giggle. She was sneaking her boyfriend it. I got deadly still and quiet in my bed and I just listened. And then I started to hear it. The moaning, the gasping, it was starting. I heard the creaking of her bed. I knew it was wrong to listen. I thought about turning on music, but I didn’t. I listened to her moaning, getting louder and louder. It was hard to hear voices exactly, but the short hushed moans were unmistakable.
I know it’s fucked up, but it went on for a long time. And somewhere during that I had started to rub the outside of my pussy. I felt gross but I am always so horny lately. I was just going to rub myself but the moans started to morph into something more. It wasn’t hushed anymore. It was loud. I could hear her crying out like an animal. I swear I felt jealous, envious even. I used a little lube and started to work a model cock into myself. I imagined being young again and getting it that hard. I imagined how much I wanted it in me. I was biting my tongue but even I was panting a little. I heard her unmistakably shout out “fuck fuck fuck you’re making me cum, I’m cumming” before she gave one last scream. In my mind, it was so hot. I kept shoving the dildo in me over and over and I knew I was about to get there. I came eventually, still playing back the sounds in my mind. As soon as I did, the ultimate wave of guilt washed over me. I felt disgusting.
It took some courage but I told my boyfriend exactly what had happened yesterday. I was hoping to get a look at him but he was gone. When I made a little crack to Kacey about it, she had a sort of goofy smile on her face but didn’t say anything. She must have known how loud she was. I got a text back later that day from him. And instead of calling me a pervert, he said that was the hottest thing he ever read. And he proved he liked it with a strong photo. It was enough that I was already wet and I showed him a photo of my outfit today, then it off, then my wet fingers. He had me suck them clean over the phone. I felt proud to have made him so randomly horny.
Sadly, we started texting less. Or rather, he responded less. It was getting harder and harder to see him. I felt like I was losing him a little after that. I wanted to do anything to win him over again. Instead I just felt sexually frustrated. Kacey was routinely sneaking her boyfriend in and the only satisfaction I got was listening in to her sex life. I guess I became kind of obsessed by it. It was the only thing that was getting me off lately. I still felt dirty, but I also remembered how much my boyfriend loved it. So I kept on.
I think I should have seen this coming, but later in the week, I was in the kitchen with a limited view of the living room and front door. I had just kissed my boyfriend goodbye and he gave me firm squeeze on my butt. We had previously had some loud kinky sex before dinner and I was again feeling satisfied. I was cleaning up from our meal and I noticed Kacey saying goodbye to him as well. Nothing unusual, or so I thought, until I saw his hand touch her butt and give it a very firm squeeze as well. I was mortified.
I didn’t really know what to say. I got quiet and I just tried to explain it as how he is, and that it didn’t matter, and it was just affection, but I was blind to even the possibility of what I would find out. I didn’t say anything to Kacey. I just went to my room and tried to ignore it. It was nothing. He’s just affectionate. Kacey left at some point and I was woken up by the sound of her having sex again. It had become almost a tradition at this point. I guess her boy didn’t have a good place.
I touched myself as usual, making any feelings I had go away, but as I started to finish, I got a text from my boyfriend saying he was back and coming in. I was indisposed so I just told him to come in my room.
He walked in and I was nude and spread open for him. This had lifted my spirits and I was ready. I told him I had been listening and that we should see if we can have a competition on which room could make the most noise. He chuckled and said I would definitely win.
He had already taken off most of his clothes, but he got close to me and kissed me. His mouth tasted different. When he pulled down his pants, I could smell it. I could smell sex. I think I said something like “Who did you fuck? Who is she? Why didn’t you tell me?”
My heart sank. He just smiled like nothing was wrong and said that I already knew. My heart sank. I really couldn’t believe my ears. “You were touching yourself to us, you have been for weeks.”
I wanted to pass out. I got up, but he spun me around. He told me to bend over, but I didn’t want to. “Do it, it’s okay” He spun my body around. I want bent over the bed. I was weak, I just stood there in shock. I felt him touching me, rubbing my pussy. I felt numb. Broken. I wasn’t very wet anymore. His cock was though. He rubbed it against me; it was still slippery.
When it entered me, I shuddered. He hadn’t bother taking my plug out. I felt too full. I felt him slide into me, then out, I started to feel it. I was wet. “Talk dirty baby.” “yes daddy”. I started to moan. It felt good. I wanted it. “Fuck me daddy. Fuck me. I don’t care just fuck me. He was grabbing my waist, I was barely tall enough with the bed. But he didn’t stop. I was standing on my tip toes so that he had a better angle. I started moaning. “Scream it you little slut”. It was so dirty, so mean, but I did. I started screaming like a pornstar. I couldn’t think about anything except getting off now.
I knew I should stop. But I didn’t. I tried not to think about my daughter. But I did. I thought about her with this old man, I thought about her being fucked like I am. I wanted to hate it. But I was too horny. I let it happen. I felt the wave of heat rush over me and my ears went silent. I was cumming. I shouted “come in me daddy” and I felt his pace quicken until he shot just a tiny bit inside me. I knew where the rest was.
I cleaned him like usual, but instead of a shower, he just climbed into bed and stroked my hair. He called me beautiful. He was still mostly hard and was playing with my nipples. He was still rubbing against my pussy. I really did want more. I wondered what my daughter thought. But I wanted more. And so I moved my hips and pressed into him until we went a second round, which was probably his forth.
When I woke up, he wasn’t in bed with me. I didn’t know where he was. It felt like a dream. I got up, got dressed, and went into the kitchen. He was in the living room watching something. It was Christmas Eve so he didn’t have work to be doing. I felt awkward and out of place. Kacey was making breakfast. She caught my eye, smiled a strange apologetic smile, and kept on. I must have made a strange face because she wouldn’t look at me any more.
Christmas Eve was a lot more silent than before. We finished breakfast and exchanged one present beforehand. The one he gave us first was a massage and spa package at a resort. We both got the same thing. I was grateful, I think.
We still hadn’t said anything, but now we were at the dinner table where he usually required conservations. But it wasn’t working. He tried to force it and we both have one word replies. Finally, he said “Kacey is your daughter, and loves you very much. I showed her your texts when you were listening to her.” I was out of breath. I looked down at my untouched meal. “Now Kacey, Michelle loves you just the same. She’s a little jealous, but only because she thought you were getting all the attention” I didn’t look up. “God dammit, say something!” He was getting angry.
He looked at Kacey and told her to get under the table. Kacey’s eyes got wide but she placed her napkin on the table and got down below it. I couldn’t even believe it. She unzipped his zipper and the next sounds I hear were unmistakable. She was going down on him. In the kitchen, under the table, right at my feet.
I started to get up to go to my room. But he said sit. So I just froze there. Like before. He started telling me how much he loved us. How much he’s helped. How much he knows that we like this. He told us how good we are and that he loves us. He wants us to be open and free. Kacey was still working him. I watched his eyes light up. I felt sick like the other night. But listening made me also feel horny, and jealous, and dirty, and wrong. The wave of emotions was a lot to process. But he did it for me. He told me to pull up my skirt and playing with myself. “You too Kacey, if you want”.
We locked eyes and I watched his flicker and she continued to suck, now moaning between gasps. I was turned on. Disgusted, but turned on. I had become some slut. My boyfriend (our boyfriend?) started to make wild faces and I knew he was turning wild at the situation. “Make daddy cum, do it now while she watches”, but he said it calm and authoritative. He groaned and his eyes rolled in his head. My fingers were rubbing myself and I couldn’t stop now.
“Come up but don’t swallow”, and she appeared back at the table, looking disheveled and confused, with her cheeks puffed out and mouth filled. “I want you to kiss your mom” Kacey looked at him with a panicked expression. I was still touching myself but I felt my body skip a beat. “Kiss her, you have to share”. She leaned close to me smelling like cum and sex, and slowly, unsurely kissed me. “Kiss her like a lover, share it”. We started to kiss, awkward at first, but then I tasted his cum and swished in my mouth. We made out like a drunken first kiss, his cum running down her chin and then mine. One hand was still touching myself, but I started to wrap it around her head. I had never kissed a woman and her lips were soft and sensual. I’m not sure how long our kiss lasted, but when it was done, I looked around and saw him smiling like it was the proudest accomplishment.
He ordered me to my bedroom and I was happy to go. Kacey looked on wonder what to do, but he told her to wait her turn in her room. And she scurried off genuinely like it was Christmas. When we got to my room, he sat me down on the side of the bed, and then spread my legs apart (my skirt now around my waist). For the first time ever, he went down on me, passionately and in such a way that felt adored. This was his way of showing me love and I accepted it. I was moaning but this was passion and not just a fuck. When he stopped I was already on the edge of orgasm. He laid me down and got on top, pressing his weight into me and making love to me tenderly. He didn’t cum but I did twice in a row. When he finished, I wasn’t allowed to clean him. I got told to go to bed and get ready for Christmas. I heard Kacey’s door opening and shutting. Her turn I guess.
I laid around feeling like a sexual creature who had finally been satisfied. I was ashamed and humiliated at the dinner scene. At first. But I did know his love and in any other way, I just had a kinky experience. I tried to not think of her as my daughter, but it was impossible. It’s my daughter who I share with my boyfriend. It’s my daughter who gave him head at the table. And I just sat there. I got off to my daughter. I had been for weeks. I started to feel horny, and then guilty, and the thought of the kiss we shared, it drove me to touching myself until I fell asleep, listening to the sounds from the other room.
I woke up Christmas morning having not moved an inch. I got showered and cleaned up. Neither him nor Kacey were up yet. I started business as usual with getting the house ready. I was going to try and cook a ham that day, so I was focused on the meal. Slowly they both got up and started doing chores around the house. Once things died down, we started to open presents. On top of the spa package, we each got several outfits and designer purses. The real surprise for me was that he gave me the keys to his BMW. He’s getting a new model, and now it’s mine. I no longer drive a Civic. I started to cry on the spot and they both hugged me tight. Kacey on the other hand got a new Mac and a new Canon camera. I assumed it was perfect because she started to cry too. We were already looking like messes.
It was back to being ourselves. We were talking and laughing, lots of hugging, and a lot of kissing, though it would still take some getting used to. I’m still very jealous and her getting kisses and touches that I want. But it’s a crazy situation so I’m not letting it get to me.

My son and I had another… talk

My son and I stayed in for new years last night – he had plans to go out but something happened with his friend and his friend’s girlfriend getting into a fight or something so his plans fell apart. We had a good time hanging out watching the NYE coverage (and the Mariah Carey shitshow) and drinking a little bit.
Well, after the ball dropped I was pretty buzzed and apparently my son is a total lightweight and was a little more than buzzed. We were just winding down and talking about random things. We were talking about the Mariah Carey thing and I said I’d get my laptop to see if it was on youtube yet. My son drunkenly joked that “that thing still works? i figured you just used my computer all the time now” and laughed. I kind of did a “ha-ha, very funny” sarcastic laugh, and he said something along the lines of “oh yeah, that’s only for porn or watching me jerk off” and then his eyes kind of went wide, like he didn’t really mean to say that.
We both were kind of just silent for a little while, just staring at the TV. He surprised me by breaking the silence, even though it was very quiet and almost under his breath, by saying “i don’t mind”. I actually wasn’t sure what he said at first, and asked him. It took him a second or two but he said it again, louder. “I don’t mind.” and my heart started pounding a little bit. I asked him what he meant. He hesitated again and kept staring at the TV and said he didn’t mind that i watch his videos. It kind of put me in shock and I didn’t really know what to say. He picked up on the silence and said “its alright i know you watched them again”. I was staring at him but he kept looking right at the tv, and seemed really relaxed (because of the alcohol I’m assuming). I also noticed that he was starting to get hard… he had flannel pajama pants on so it wasn’t very hard to notice.
I asked him how long he knew, and apparently he’s known for some time now. He drunkenly admitted that he liked knowing that I watched them. I asked him what he meant, and he kind of shrugged it off and said that “it’s just kinda hot knowing you watch”. I could definitely tell he was hard at this point. I didn’t want to say anything, really. But I was buzzed and curious. I prodded a little, and asked if he was serious. He said he was, and then said I must find it hot too, since I watch him. I told him I did enjoy it. Then he asked if I wanted to watch him now, and he finally looked away from the TV and at me, and he kind of started rubbing himself over his pants. He was on the other couch next to mine, lying down facing the TV (think of an L setup for the couches). I think I said “if you want me to”, and he turned around on the couch, still lying down but just facing the other way. It didn’t really make a difference from my perspective, but I think it was easier for him to look at me than when he was facing the tv. He slid his pajama pants down, and he was very hard. He started stroking himself, right in front of me.
I asked him if he was sure he wanted me to watch, and he nodded his head. I asked if this was something he’s thought about doing before, and he nodded ‘yes’ again. At this point the combination of my buzz + getting horny kind of started taking over a little, and I kind of started talking dirty to him. I asked him if he thought of me a lot when he “did that”, and he said not until he realized I’d been watching his videos. Then he said he “did it with those panties”, and I kind of shivered. I asked if he washed them after, because they seemed very unused when he gave them back to me, but he said that he didn’t cum in them, just “wrapped them around and stroked”. I had been sipping on more wine since this ‘conversation’ started, so I was slightly more buzzed, and much hornier. I asked him if he liked “using mommy’s panties”. He let out a quiet moan, and kind of picked up his stroke pace a little, and said yes. I asked him if he wanted to use some now, and he quickly nodded ‘yes’…. and then without really thinking, I just slid my sweatpants down, and took my panties off in front of him, dropped them onto him, and laid down on my couch facing him. I started playing with myself. He started stroking with my panties. No words were said for a few minutes, until he said “I’m going to cum, mom.” That kind of pushed me over the edge, and I moaned and started cumming. I watched him buck his hips while my panties were wrapped around his cock, and he let out a few moans. He let out a long “Mmmm” kind of sigh, and kept slowly stroking/rubbing himself, and then fell asleep. My heart was racing at this point. My post-orgasm guilt skyrocketed. I picked up my cum-soaked panties from him, and got up and threw them in the wash. I grabbed a washcloth and cleaned him up a little, then threw a blanket over him.
We talked this afternoon once he finally woke up. I was half hoping he was blacked out and didn’t remember a thing, but that’s not the case. We both very much remembered it. We had a very serious conversation, and kind of put everything out there. I asked him what his expectations were, if he was OK with what happened, if what he said was true (he said yes), etc. I laid down the guideline of, obviously, he can’t say a thing to anyone… which he found amusing, and reassured me that he would definitely not tell anyone he knew about any of it. I made sure he didn’t expect things to escalate at all from there. He was very OK with it, and said that while he finds it hot that I watch him, he’s never considered anything more than that… which was relaxing to hear, for whatever reason. Like I’ve said in the past, I never really wanted anything to happen, and was always very content with fantasies and just watching. Well, we kind of established that that’s all it will be. Watching. This was a LONG conversation. We both admitted to enjoying it. I admitted I probably wasn’t going to stop watching his videos, and he admitted that he’d want me to watch in person again. I told him that he can ask me if I want to watch whenever he’s “about to start”, and then of course he asked if I wanted to watch then…. which I didn’t refuse. He asked where, since we were in the kitchen. I told him we can go to his room, so we did. I sat on his bed next to his computer desk, and he sat at his desk and masturbated. Just like one of his videos, stroking and then cumming into his garbage can. Yes, I masturbated on his bed. It felt strangely normal. We were both done, I got up, said I’d let him know when dinner was ready, and then the rest of the evening was extremely…. normal. Relaxed. No tension. It was strange, but nice. Like an insane weight off of my shoulders and conscience. No more secrets, no more lies.
We ate dinner, and he went out with his friends. He’s still out now, and I’m getting ready for bed. I’m sure a lot of people will be very surprised by this update and sudden escalation of things, and trust me, I do not blame you. I feel the same way… it was VERY sudden and very unexpected, and happened so fast. I did not expect things to go this way, but… I guess like the song says: blame it on the alcohol. I’ll be around for a little bit to reply to comments etc as usual, but I will be going to sleep soon.

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I’m 25 and a J-man electrician and still living at home. I’m saving bank to move out of mom’s basement. I’m 6’2″, roughly 225 lbs, a decent body if I say so myself. I work out every day. Up at 5, make a fruit smoothie, pump some iron in the basement, have a protein shake on the way to work. As for the cock, a good hard 6.5″ with a very nice girth and a big load when it goes off. I’m the oldest of three, me-25, brother-23 at university, and sister-20 at college

Sarah (not real name), the girlfriend, same age as me, been going out with me for about two years. 5’8″ no idea her weight but I’d say a nice firm body like that, 115/120 lbs. Firm, tight ass, long legs. Beautiful C cup titties that hang just so over a nice six pack. Fuck did I luck out finding her. Looks killer in her tight leggings and sports bra when she does her yoga.

Mom, Caroline (not real name). 46. A nice looking older ladies body. She’s a bit shorter than the gf, so 5’6″ ish, again no idea her weight. But she has a slight older lady tummy, not a bad looking butt and her tits fill a bra nicely. Never really had the hots for her like some of my other friends hot moms. She works as a teacher’s aide working with handicap kids. Has a tattoo, a hummingbird feeding at a flower on her lower left abdomen just at the panty line. I know this because I had seen it a lot as a kid growing up when we would go to the pool to swim as a family less dad as he was usually busy at work. I would go with mom, brother and sister to change in the ladies change room up until I was about 8-9. I have seen her naked a bunch of times. Saw her tits lots and lots of other ladies tits and bushes in the change room. But back then they were different to me not the exciting sexual things they are to me now. She had a very hairy bush back then too and that tat we would see often as she dropped the towel to pull up her panties. We just accepted she had it, I’m sure she told us once all about it, but I can’t remember. Once I started to be old enough to take my brother into the change room, I pretty much stopped seeing her fully naked. She occasionally walked(s) around the house in an old t-shirt and panties in the morning making her breakfast and sipping her coffee watching the morning show till she’s had her shower. Sometimes her panties are lacy, sometimes they’re granny panties, and sometimes they’re sexy cheeky butt showing thong types. Mmm, and I do sneak peeks at her nipples and ass on those mornings

Dad, no real name as he only has a small part here. See mom and dad are divorced. Dad got caught with his cock in the proverbial secretaries’ cookie jar just over a year ago. He left the house, or mom had his shit packed and moved out once the stuff hit the fan. Guess that’s why he was always busy at work!

Greg, mom’s new boyfriend. Over 50, I think. Grey hair. A widower, lost his wife in a car accident or something. I’ve met him twice, so can’t early describe him. Mom says they met at the dog park one afternoon when their dogs got tangled up. They just started talking dogs, then they noticed each other more often at the park. He asked her out one night. One morning after a few dates with Greg she was all happy and cheery and just full of life!. “Good morning Steve, hope you had a good sleep last night” with a twinkle in her eye. I’m guessing she got some last night. One day a few weeks later I booked off early from work and headed home. Greg’s truck and mom’s car were parked outside, odd for this time of day! As I opened the door, the obvious noises of loud love making was going on. All right mom! Gotta see this. So I very quietly snuck upstairs to sneak a peek to see what was making mom moan so loud. Near the top of the stairs I could see her bedroom door wide open, moms back to me, she was on top, sitting straight up, grinding her clit back and forth on Greg rolling her head around moaning “Yes, yes, yes”. His hands were all over her tits. He slaps her one tit hard and she lets out a deep growl and then she falls forward with a moan and I can his cock ramming in and out of her pussy. He grabs her ass and pulls it open and she moans loader as he strokes her anus and slides a finger in her butt. Mmm what a great view of her ass and that cock up that pussy. Silently say to myself All RIGHT MOM!!! And give a small hand pump. Back down the stairs and out the door to let them finish up without me peeping. Now I will admit that kind of turned me on seeing someone fuck like that. In fact I got turned on that I went to see the gf to rip one off myself.

I’ve never really had the hots for my mom but fuck, that was nice seeing her pussy take that cock. I do check out milf, older/younger porn. I do like seeing the age differences. An old cock in a tight young pussy or the other way around, young cock in an old hairy pussy. And of course I enjoy vintage 80’s porn, Kay Parker is such a hot lady of the 80’s, lesbian, teen, etc.

Now my gf and I have a great sexual relationship. She is very much an exhibitionist and loves to show off her bod. As the guy who fucks that, I just smile and let her, as I know she’s mine. She’s popped up on stage for a wet t-shirt contest, gone topless at the beach, has almost walked nude through the house but I reminded her of mom probably not appreciating that like I do. We’ve fucked on the balcony of her apartment, gotten road head complete with the truckers giving horn blasts as they go by. Had a FMF and MFM with friends, so when she said we’re going to a swingers masquerade party, I wasn’t fazed. Although I was curious as to how she found out about it. She said we needed to submit a photo of the costumes we are going to be wearing in advance to see if we are acceptable.

The photo we submitted was us dressed up, if you can say that. Her, a very small purple thong that barely covered her pussy complete with a small gold chain hanging from nipple to nipple Me in a matching small purple grape smuggler thong. And black Lone Ranger masks.

Well the night of the party arrived and off we went to the hotel. Had a couple of small drinks as we got ready. It was a floor party, the kind where they book the whole floor for the action. We got a room on a separate floor from the party for a little piece and quiet. Finished showering and slipped into our party outfits although it was a little difficult to get my already firm cock into the grape smugglers. Covered up with the hotel bath robes and up to the party we go. Checked in and verified who we were. Dropped the robes in the first room, grabbed a drink and make a round of a room or two.

In the fourth room, there were three guys standing watching the action on the bed and three ladies kneeling in front of these men not watching the action as they were all busy bobbing their heads on the cocks of these guys. Sarah waved at one guy and he waved back and said “Hi, nice to see you here”. On the bed a was couple going at it. A big black guy with a lovely black lady sucking on his monster. We, Sarah says to me, wants a piece of that and goes to the bed. Asks the lady if she can join her. She looks up and say please join me and points the monster head at Sarah. I stand there too, watching my gf start to play with a big black cock and occasionally swap kisses with the other lady. Quite something to see, two ladies worshipping a cock. I start to rub my gf and the other lady. The lady asks if I’m hers, Sarah nods her head with and mumbles a rough “mphphmm phmmm” as her mouth was currently occupied. Then we are asked if she might have me. By all means Sarah says and onto the bed I’m pulled.

Now this lovely black lady is on her knees between my legs and starts to worship my cock. Oh my, that feels great. After a bit she moves up my body and we kiss. Deeply, tongues going back and forth, my hands all over her body. Up a little higher and her tits are in my mouth. Mmmm, fingers in her pussy. Up higher she climbs, and that pussy on my face. Oh what a beautiful black skinned pussy it is. And a very pink clit to suck. Oh my, fucking wet and so delicious. Mmmm, as I’m focusing on that pussy another set of hands grabs my cock and strokes it, cups my balls and starts kissing it. Oh that feels good. Pussy on my face, someone starting to worship my cock.

The delicious black pussy grinds faster and faster and then stops and unleashes a huge squirt all over me, mmmmm. Love it. She catches her breath and then climbs off my face and as she does I look to my side and see the big guy eating Sarah’s pussy and another guy in her mouth. I look down and see another lady is worshipping me but all I see is the top of her head going up and down taking me deep, the black lady grabs my face and kisses me like there is no tomorrow, licking herself off my face. The bed shakes a little and I see the big guy between Sarah’s legs starting to pound her, the other guy is still her mouth. And someone is climbing on me but can’t see with all the kissing going on. Mmm, so wet, so warm. Oh fuck, kissing this lady, I can’t see a thing but that cunt feels so nice.

The black lady moves off, then lady riding my cock falls forward and her tits are right there in my face. “Suck them” she growls as she really grinds on me. Mmm, I take her tits in my hands, sucking those gorgeous nipples. I can hear her growling, moaning. Grinding on my cock. Mmmm. Faster, faster, ” Slap my ass”. Slap, slap. “Yeesss” she moans. Fuck that feels good, God I think I might cum if she keeps up that pace.

She sits up and gets my cock deeper in her pussy. I can feel her heat all the way down my shaft and I can finally see who’s on me. Definitely an older lady as I see her front, her whole front. Tattoo and all! Hummingbird feeding on a flower!!! Holy fuck, I KNOW THAT TATTOO!!! I know that tattoo, oh god I know that tattoo….. Holy fuck, I’m fucking my mom! Is that my mom, no, that’s not mom,, oh fuck. Her cunt feels so so good. Oh god, I’m gonna cum. And then there it is, I unload a big wad into my mom’s pussy.

A little evening delight with my brother.

So, I decided to visit Chuck at school this week for lunch. When I met him he said he was glad I was so eager to keep the fun going and he was hoping to get some more play time in with me before Christmas. I replied, “well, how about tonight?”

So we made plans for me to come back to his apartment later on in the evening.

When I got there I had a specific plan in mind. Not a specific plan really. Just a specific goal i guess. I wanted to do something in public.

I was wearing black leggings, some brown pleather fall boots, a light sweatshirt, a standard sort of fall jacket, and a stocking cap. I rang his bell and he buzzed me up. He asked if i wanted to get comfortable and I said no, I was actually thinking we could go for a walk. He looked puzzled but said okay, put on a jacket and shoes, and we headed out into the campus.

So we walked and we just kind of shot the shit and caught up, and talked about some fetishes and sexy stuff we were into and wanted to try. I was searching the whole time for somewhere discreet enough to duck into and fool around with my brother. The conversation was making me super wet and I could tell Chuck was getting more and more anxious and horny.

Eventually we came to a row of frat houses and student housing. They’re big gorgeous houses, but being in a major city, they’re very close together, providing some narrow walkways and such between them. As we passed one with a gate left open, I grabbed chuck and pulled him into it past some garbage cans. I grabbed him by the coat and leaned backwards against the brick wall of the house, pulling him towards me. I started making out with him and grabbing his butt and his bulge. He jumped right into it with me and his hands were all over me. Up my shirt, down my pants, rubbing my pussy through my panties.

I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, still only about half hard. I stroked it and worked it a bit, then spun us both around and dropped to my knees. I started sucking and licking his cock like a fiend. I wanted that thing nice and hard.

Once it got up to peak hardness, I stood up, kissed him again and said “fuck me”. He moved behind me and pushed me against the wall, tugged down my leggings to about mid thigh, and pushed his dick inside me. I was so wet that there was practically no resistance at all.

He fucked me from behind there like that for a little while. I came twice from the sheer thrill of being in public where anyone could find us. He slowed to a gentler pace and started breathing differently, trying not to cum. I told him to fill me up and he came almost instantly. It made me feel so good to be able to make him cum so quick. The entire night of teasing and hot conversation had definitely paid off.

We got redressed and walked back to his place, stopping at a Starbucks for hot chocolates on the way. Once back I went to the bathroom and let out the huge load he had filled me with. It was a lot. Like, more than I’m used to seeing from a guy. So hot.

Then we kissed goodbye and I ubered home. I couldn’t wait to tell penny all about it.

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