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Babysitter Edges You

Ready for soccer practice, kiddo? Oh…oh my, were you masturbating? No, no it’s ok, that is totally natural, please don’t be embarrassed. Listen, it’s best to talk to a mature woman about this, and we know each other pretty well as I’ve been caring for you a while now. I understand that your hormones are raging and you need to find ways to unwind increasingly often.

You frequent the bathroom more times than a boy your age should, so let’s find a way to calm you down together.
I need you to feel comfortable while we do this, so after I take all of my clothes off, I want you to take your penis back out, ok? That’s better, this is the first time you’ve seen a naked woman in person, isn’t it? I want to give you something that you will never forget, and can never get again: your first time with a woman. Most boys your age have their first sexual encounter with an inexperienced girl who doesn’t know the first thing about pleasing a man. I, however, can provide you with so much more. Are you ready? Lay back.
Now, we’re going to go at my pace, ok? That means slowly and gently – I want you to relax and enjoy the entire process. Feel the squeeze of my hand, the lick of my wet tongue, my warm lips kissing your cock head. Something you need to learn as you become a man is that sex isn’t all about the orgasm. It is about how you get there. This is why I’m here, to teach you.
Featuring 20 whole minutes of edge play.

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Our long-awaited 6th episode of Big Butts and Beyond. Mrs. Scribbles has measured some of the finest asses porn has to offer, and she chose Mandy Muse and Valentina Jewels as the plumpest, juiciest of the land. So we invited Mandy and Val back to House of Fyre for our first ever Bubble Butt Bring-Back.
Mandy Muse and Valentina Jewels proudly show off their roundest assets as they bounce and shake, tease and caress. One of the most awesome things about this scene is the chemistry between Mandy and Val. They loved having sex together and with Laz, and it’s absolutely clear they’re having an amazing time. They love tormenting Laz with every inch of their bubble butts. They face sit him, squish his head between their asses, and ride his dick while arching for your viewing pleasure. This is one scene you do NOT want to miss!

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Unknown MILF get young boy creampie!

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You Could Never Satisfy Me Like This

I could not have asked for a better birthday present from my wife. She made the hottest video for me of her with another man.. And she looked so good taking his huge cock! I grew harder and harder the more I watched her, bouncing her big ass up and down his shaft. My wife loved fucking this young stud, I have never heard her moan so much from taking dick! Vanessa swallows his cum before wishing me a happy birthday!

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Old grandpa get teen pussy!

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Don’t Screw My Mom

She needs cock bad! Hard and in her wet pussy! Fucking until she can take that hot cum in her mouth! She can’t wait to get down on some man rod, but dude, Don’t Screw My Mom!

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No Incest, but it’s Meana Wolf :)

It’s been 5 years since you proposed… you still needed to finish your degree, pay off that student loan and get her the ring that she deserves. But how long can a woman really wait when there’s no end in sight? Sometimes she jokes that if you don’t hurry up, she’ll find some other man to take care of her. You know she’d never do something like that. She loves you too much. She’d never cheat on you or leave you for someone else. She’s an angel. And yet… something doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s because you two have been fighting lately… you promised you’d fix the sink. But you’re so busy with your studies. So you called a handyman to come and fix it. She’s there alone with him now… Maybe it’s your intuition….maybe you just miss her…but you just want to hear her voice on the phone. Could she? No she couldn’t… she’d never… she’d never cheat on you… right?

Clip Contains: Unbeknownst to you, your sweet little fiance is at home seducing the Handyman right now. She’s tired of waiting for all your promises, so she decides to have some of her own fun. After all… the Handyman is rugged, tall, handsome… AND he can fix the fucking sink. You call her up to make sure nothing funny is going on… but your fiance is so smooth she takes that handyman dick while you blab on the phone and you don’t even know it. Can you blame her for wanting that thick bare cock inside of her? **Cheating Girlfriend, Cheating, Hotwife, Unaware Cuckold, Bareback Sex, Facial

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Homewrecker in Passionate Massage Affair

When this faithful housewife MILF finds out that her husband has a second marriage, she goes off the deep end. She decides to payback her cheating husband. Her girlfriend recommend that she go see a male escort. To calm her nerves and not dive straight into sex she gets the Massage & Sex Package. Upon arriving the escort, makes her feel comfortable. He starts off with a baby oil massage that leads into a whole body oil massage. They fuck passionately missionary style. He creampies deep inside her and asks if she is on birth control. She tells him no, but they enjoyed each other so much that they did not care.

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Helpful Babysitter

Everybody complains about their babysitter: “She’s lazy!”, “She’s always on the phone!”, “She barely does any work!”. Well not me! I’m the perfect babysitter model! I’ll take care of the little ones, I’ll take care of the laundry, of the food… I’ll even take care of the head of the family! That’s right! If my employer is feeling down and his balls are deep blue, I’ll make sure he shoots his big overdue load all over my big natural titties! How could I not? His nagging wife never shows him enough attention… I even heard she doesn’t suck his cock! Outrageous! This clearly is a job for Amedee the super-babysitter! Not one drop of cum will be left in those blue balls and my employer will be truly satisfied! I might even get a pay raise!

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Cory Chase Is Creampie MILF

Fuck my neighbor Cory is hot. She’s always in that swimming pool behind her house in her tight bathing suits, it just drives me wild. My favorite hobby is watching her through her back living room window. One day when she’s alone in the house my hopes and dreams come true. She opens up her robe and begins masturbating right there on her couch. She glances in my direction and screams in anger. “Get over here!”

A white hot fear takes over me. I’m in so much trouble. I nearly faint when she whispers “Did that turn you on?” My eyes open up wide and I’m frozen to the ground as she slides over to me. Pulling down my pants she exposes my hard cock and puts me in her mouth. I can barely think, her warm lips around me, as she goes back and forth on me.

“Fill me full of cum” She whispers to me, hopping up on the couch and spreading her legs. My body goes on autopilot as she takes me and fucks me silly. Moaning and thrusting I feel myself quiver and shoot my sticky hot load deep inside of her.

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