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I came home from work only to find my wife Addie, in the shower with another man. She tells me this is her way at getting back at me for cheating on her. Addie already had his dick deep inside her when she tells me to shut up and watch as she takes it. I had no other choice but to sit there as my wife gets stuffed with this stud’s big huge cock in my home. To top it off Addie drops to her knees and lets him cum all over her face.

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Babysitter Creampie Seduction

You know better, but fantasizing and jerking off to your babysitter Meana is all you that keeps you going these days. You try to initiate sex with your wife, but after you had your son, she just doesn’t care for it anymore…. And her body just isn’t the same. You know it’s cliche, but you love how your babysitter fawns over and compliments you all the time. She’s a young woman after all and she’s learning how to control men sexually. She doesn’t quite have the hang of it yet…she’s shy and a little awkward sometimes. But you love that about her. You love her innocence. You’ve even touched her a couple times… just ‘accidentally’ of course. And each time you do you know her little pussy gets wet. Whenever you drive her home, you always pull over somewhere to jerk off after while you look at her pictures on facebook.

Tonight was date night with the wife. Maybe you two had a little too much to drink at dinner, because you don’t remember getting home. You wake up with your pants around your ankles and a hand on your cock. FINALLY…. Your wife obviously wants to fuck. But as your eyes get clearer you realize that it’s the babysitter. She giggles. Apparently your wife is completely blackout comatose in your sons room. She says, “I think you guys had a little too much wine because you both just came home and forgot about me”. You push her off…. But you don’t want too. You want her to keep going. She doesn’t seem so shy and awkward now. You can’t fucking help it. The sexual tension between you two has been building for years. She says, “If I were your wife I’d fuck you every night” and slides your cock inside of her. You don’t know if it’s the wine or the fact that you haven’t fucked in months… but you let her do it. You think to yourself that you’ll just fuck her quickly…but she’s playing with you. She likes to moan loudly and talk about your wife as she rides you, It’s like she wants to get caught. You beg her to stop but she keeps going and you hate yourself for wanting it so badly and for being so selfish. Finally you can’t take it anymore and you tell her to get off of you as you start cumming… but she won’t get off… she makes you cum inside of her.

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Natural big breast beauty, Melanie Hicks, sits back on the bed in a tiny jean skirt and pink shirt. Melanie introduces herself, where she’s from, and what she likes. Melanie shows off her all natural size 34 D breasts, jiggling them in her shirt. “I’m here to suck some cock.” Melanie starts to slowly strip off her clothes, beginning with her top. She massages her big breasts through her lace bright pink bra, before stripping it off completely. Melanie pulls off her jean skirt, and slowly peels off her pink thong over her ass. Melanie jiggles her ass, and lays back on the bed. Melanie spreads her legs open wide, and plays with her wet pussy. She squeezes and plays with her nipples while rubbing her clit with her fingers. Melanie moans in pleasure as she pleases herself, and then begins to crawl over to your cock. She starts to suck your cock, licking and sucking every inch. Melanie grabs your cock tightly, and sucks on the head. She looks up at you with her big gorgeous eyes as she grips your cock with both hands, and strokes as she sucks all of it. You thrust in and out of Melanie’s mouth as she strokes and sucks your cock. She lays back as you move your cock in and out of her mouth. Melanie licks up and down the sides of your cock. She squeezes her breasts together, and let’s you fuck her tits as she licks the tip of your cock. Melanie continues to suck your cock, and sucks and licks on your balls. She strokes and sucks your cock until you cum all in her mouth. Melanie shows off your cum in her mouth, playing with it with her tongue before waving goodbye.

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Bad Girlfriend

You don’t usually go to parties… but the promise of plentiful single women and an open bar enticed you to a birthday/house get together. Upstairs the guests were drinking, laughing, dancing… having a great time. Good looking women smiled at you over their red plastic cups. You went downstairs to set your coat down and couldn’t help but eavesdrop on a young woman’s conversation with her boyfriend.

She’s sexy…flirty… she says it’s her Birthday, but she’s not interested in the party. The more you talk with her…the harder your dick gets. She wants it bad… but you know she has a boyfriend. He keeps calling her on the phone…she picks up…but she’s running her hand up your thigh and squeezing your cock. She pretends like nothing is going on as she sucks your cock. She has the perfect excuse for every sound as you slide your bare cock inside of her. You fuck her hard and deep. She loves it. She stares you in the eye as she talks to her needy boyfriend on the phone. It turns you on knowing your fucking another man’s girl. And she just can’t help herself. All she wants for her birthday is some stranger’s cock. Why sex so much more exciting when you’re fucking someone you’re not supposed to fuck?

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Clip Contains: A very bad girlfriend wants stranger dick for her birthday. And you’re the lucky stranger. Her needy boyfriend keeps calling her on her phone but she won’t stop sucking and fucking your cock for anything. Try not to make a sound as you pull your bare cock out of her pussy and shoot your load all over her perfect ass.

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Freeze and Fuck

Between the lingerie modeling app and, his favorite, timestop app, Max has been getting a ton of use out of his tablet lately. His latest unsuspecting lingerie model is a gorgeous redhead named Pepper. She strips off her overcoat to reveal a classy set of lingerie that any discerning lady would be happy to own. Max is not actually shopping for lingerie, however. He uses the timestop app to freeze Pepper’s lithe body in place. Max strips off her bra and notices Pepper’s nipples are the loveliest shade of pink. Feeling his cock stiffen in his short, Max frees it and slides it in Pepper’s thigh gap. Her tender flesh and warm pussy brush against the skin of his cock with each savory stroke.

Max places Pepper on her knees and slides his throbbing hard-on in her petite mouth. He can see the head of his meat pushing against the side of her pale cheeks. Remembering that he forgot to workout this week, Max improvises by hoisting Pepper’s body up and posing her on his cock like a sexdoll. Finally, he plays her face down, ass up and slides his veiny shaft into her tight, pink slit. Pepper’s soft pink labia hug the meat of Max’s organ with each thrust, and her ass, big for a such a thin waist, shakes . Max shoots his load inside Pepper and is too spent to care about re-dressing her. He simply unfreezes her as-is and lets her sort it out. That’s what the tip is for!

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Young mother “turning music down”

Young Mother Bribed Me with Her Skill

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Addison and I have been talking about experimenting in the bedroom and bring in a young stud for her to play with. I found a nice guy name Johnny, I surprised her with him. She was so eager to fuck him, she instantly grabbed his hand and put it right on her tit. I took a seat and watched my hot wife get fucked by this stud, he filled her up with him warm hot cum. I know this will improve our marriage, maybe we will even do it again.

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Vanessa’s husband is away on a business trip, so she decides to invite you over to her house… She always sees you watching her from across the street, checking her out, so she knew you’d be interested in coming over today. She’s been such a hot and horny housewife and her husband rarely ever gives her attention! She pulls her white tank top off, revealing her white, lacey bra. She slowly pulls her black jeans down, showing off her big ass in a tiny white thong. She pulls her white bra off next… very slowly… and then shakes her big tits in your face. You’re mesmerized by her and you just can’t help it! She teases you by putting her hands down her panties and rubbing her clit, before she bends over and pulls them all the way down. You can’t take your eyes off of this blonde goddess, who is now standing there completely naked right in front of you!

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