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Like Mother Like Daughter

Chloe is in big trouble. Mr. Masters, the councilor, scolds Chloe for wearing a very inappropriate hallowed costume to school. Bratty Chloe sits smug in her slutty school got costume until her mom, Shay Fox, is called in. Mom is very disappointed in her daughter smdMr. Masters threatens to expell Chloe. Shay asks if there is anything they can do to avoid this… Mr. Masters decides that he wants to see MOM in her daughter’s costume. If they wish to avoid cChloe getting expelled, they have no choice but to comply. Shocked Shay declares that it is a ridiculous request as Chloe strips out of her costume. There is no way that her daughter’s outfit will fit over her huge tits. But mom does as she is told and the outfit is snug but looks pretty damn sexy on mom. Mr. Masters mentions this and mom gets turned on by the attention. Mr. Masters takes it upon himself to slam mom against the wall and give her pussy a good reeming in her daughter’s slutty outfit. Chloe feels left out but Mr. Masters gives the girl a good fucking too while mom plays with herself. Then the councilor cums all over mom and daughter’s tight, round asses as he blows his load. Both mother and daughter will be eagerly meeting with Mr. Masters again next week and it looks like Chloe gets to stay in school after all.

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Threesome Family Breeding

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Naughty Niece Creampie

Chelcee Clifton hears that her old Uncle Matt has a job opening with his company. Although she is not qualified for the job, she convinces old Matt to “interview” her. She uses her 18 year old body and cocksucking skills to get his attention. After he fucks her on the couch and cums on her cute ass, she takes him to the bedroom for more cock riding. She seals the deal by telling him to blow his load in her fertile young pussy in a dripping creampie! Part 1 includes her flirting with matt, sucking his cock, getting her pussy licked and getting fucked on the couch Be sure to check out all four Chelcee Clifton videos on here.

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Mother/Daughter Yoga Lesson

When my sister moved back home a few weeks ago I was very worried… She was acting different and I was scared Mom would just kick her out again. My sister had changed a lot while she was gone and she convinced me to try a few things I never thought I would do… Of course Mom caught us… But the good news is we’re a happy family again, just a little different from before, but definitely very happy….

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Lesbian Incest Party

Well, this is just fucking fantastic. Huffed Anya as she reluctantly followed her mother into Aunt Ashleys house. Why do I have to go here? Couldnt I just stay home? She whined. That is MY sister and YOUR Aunt, you will stay the weekend and you will have fun. I need a vacation away from you. Her mother spat back at her as they entered the house and greeted her aunt. Mom was in a hurry to get away, she said hello to her sister, kissed Anya on the forehead and left. Aunty Ashley and Anya had Chinese takeout for dinner and watched tv. After dinner they were doing the dishes when Aunty started brushing up against Anya in a weird way. Aunty then yawned and suggested they go to bed. Its early, Im not tired! Anya protested, but Aunty just said they had errands tomorrow and that they could watch a movie from the bed. Anya walked into the bedroom where her aunt was already in bed. Aunty couldn’t believe what Anya was wearing! It’s 80 degrees outside! She playfully but sternly made Anya remove her PJ’s saying, Your skin needs to breathe! Its so hot in here anyway. Anya resisted, she just wanted this weekend to be over. Turn around she said annoyed. She got undressed and crawled into the bed. Aunty started getting touchy like she sometimes did. What is that? Anya removed the covers and shrieked, shed never seen anything like it; she knew what a penis looked like but Aunt Ashley was a ladyit was a sort of belt with a dick attached to it. Oh, this thing! giggled Aunty, its just my strap-on She said and grabbed Anya throwing her down Let me show you some things that you need to learn. Aunty told her as she made Anya put her big rubber lady dick in her mouth. Thats my good girl, she had her niece lie on her back, Im going to take your virginity, she told her. There was nothing Anya could do but it was ok because she was starting to enjoy herself. Aunty put her cock in Anya and started fucking her wildly, after a few minutes she had Anya get on her knees, she put her cock back into her and said This is called getting fucked doggy style. Suddenly Mom came bursting through the door, Anya, you little slut! What are you doing with your aunt? She screamed and started taking off her clothes. Mom stood over Anya, Youre going to learn how to eat pussy, she said, This is how your aunt and I learned Aunty Ashley and Mom started kissing, Do you want me to fuck you sis? Aunty said to Mom. Its been so long sis, yes! Turns out the entire thing had been planned! Mom and Aunty just wanted Anyas virginityand they got it; keeping it all in the family just they way they wanted it.

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Mother vs Daughter and her Boyfriend

Scene One: Cheating fuck
“I know it’s wrong fucking my step-daughters boyfriend, but he’s so hot” Cory says to herself getting dressed in her sexy dom outfit. She brings him into her room and sits him on the bed. He can’t keep his eyes off her. “I don’t think this is right, I can’t have sex with you” He tells her. But she doesn’t take no for an answer and seduces him. Cory sucks on his big dick until he’s so hard that he can’t help but do anything Cory says. They 69, Cory releasing every ounce of sexual energy into him. She slides his hard cock inside her and fucks him, knowing how hot it is making a man cheat with her. He cums all over her hairy pussy leaving Cory exhausted. “What the fuck!” Holly screams walking in and finding her boyfriend fucking her mom.

Scene Two: Dom Mom vs Daughter

“You dirty little whore of a step-mother!” Holly screams. She challenges Cory to a death match for the love of her man. Cory towers over the tiny Holly and asks if she’s ready for this. Cory throws her to the couch and licks her tiny pussy. “Who do you think you are you tiny little twat” Cory taunts her, telling her about fucking her boyfriend. “I’m going to make you cum and cum” Cory tells her. “Is that right?” Holly asks, injecting Cory with a tiny needle. “Does the poison burn?” Holly asks sliding the butt plug into Cory’s tight ass. Cory moans as the heat from the poison flows through her pussy. In and out the plug is jammed into her ass making her cum.
Broken and moaning Cory watches Holly put on a strap on and fuck her already sensitive pussy. “Oh it’s going in so deep!” Cory screams. Holly makes her cum over and over destroying Cory once and for all. “That’s for fucking my boyfriend!” Holly says, leaving Cory to her fate.

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Dad Does Anal with Daughter and Her Friend

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Mommas Memoirs – Incest Movie

Unforgettable encounters with stunning MILFs are played out on the screen for us fans of the ever hungry, most experienced babes.

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Incest Pornstars Go Crazy After Party

Nightmoves awards draws pornstars and producers from all over the nation to kick off the award season. With an action packed 4 days of Tampa’s finest strip clubs everyone gets pretty ramped up and there’s no telling what happens back at the rooms… Until NOW!!!! DNA Studio b takes you behind the scenes with the Desperate Pleasures family causing all sorts of hotness to erupt all night long. Camille Black and Hope Harper brought Lauren Phillips back to the room for a night of pornstar insanity. Russel grand hooked up with 2 young hotties all week and barely set foot outside the room between shows. If you want a look inside the pornstar life then this is for you.

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Drunk Moms Don’t Care

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