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My Scissoring Stepmom

Jordi has no idea his stepmom Leigh is part time lesbian! That is, until he walks in on her scissoring their neighbour, Mrs. Koxxx. But instead of snitching on his stepmom Jordi is going to join these two thick housewives in a secret fuck session!

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German Taboo Morning Sex

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Mommy and Brother House Rules

Ive always fancied myself a loving mother; Im traditional and old fashioned. When a ruckus is heard suddenly from across the house (where my Son and Daughters bedrooms are), I storm into my daughters room only to catch the whore has stolen one of my sex toys! The reason behind all of the yelling and fighting! Shes such a bad little girl; she lies and tells me that he put it there but I know my little boy, he wouldnt do that! I cant believe how this little slut immediately blamed her sweet, innocent brother instead of taking responsibility for her own disgraceful actions. Her ruthlessness towards him didnt end there with the accusations either; the little bitch kneed my poor boy right in his precious manhood causing him to cry out in pain! Not Mommys baby! Its time to teach this little slut how to properly treat a man. I order her onto her knees before him, scolding her for injuring him and not doing as he says in the first place. I tell her that she must make it up to him by to worshipping his beautiful cock with her mouth until he feels better again. Once Im satisfied my baby boy has received a sincere and worthy apology from his awful sister, I force her to remove her panties and lie on the bed so that I can prepare her tight fuck hole to be penetrated by his young, hard and eager cock. Like any good mother would, I start by inserting one finger at a time into her, then another; the little whore is wet! My faith of raising a classy, obedient lady such as myself has been restored! I give my little girl a few gentle, motherly licks before I step out of the way of my perfect boy to have his way with his gorgeous sister. I remind him not to waste his cum on her face but to make sure he cums inside of her. She starts crying about how she is not on birth control and I tell her it’s the only way I will ever be a Grandma! Were such a wonderful family! My children are so lucky to have a mother who loves them like I do!

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I Owed Uncle Phil!

Dear Diary,
Today I was I trying to take a nap when my Uncle Phil came into the room. Ohk so normally when Uncle Phil talks to me it’s because he wants something so I wasn’t to shocked when he said he had waited long enough for the butt sex I have been cock teasing him with. Uncle Phil wanted me to pay up on my word to give him my tight asshole again. Well although I owed Uncle Phil already the hustler I am I decided I wasn’t giving anything up unless I got something out of it too. (Although the anal sex alone was me getting something really great out of it I wanted more! I mean DUH look who were talking about.) Anyway Diary! Uncle Phil agreed to rub my back if I gave up my ass which was a total win win. Two things I absolutely love in one package deal how could I go wrong?! Uncle Phil was quick to drop his pants for me, once they hit the floor I went to getting his cock nice and hard! I had him lay on the bed where I got on top and eased his cock into my ass and started riding him. FUCK was my pussy leaking I was so wet! I was soaking Uncle Phil in my cum when I hopped off and started sucking my ass and pussy juice off of him. Mhmm did it taste fucking amazing! Uncle Phil and I went back to fucking and every so often I would go right from my now gaping asshole to my mouth, I just had to keep tasting myself! Uncle Phil couldn’t hold back once we got into doggy style. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me so the nasty little girl I am I just had to tell him to cum in my ass for me. That set off Uncle Phil’s trigger and before I knew it he drained his balls deep inside me. Haha geez Diary talk about a good time! You know what I am still waiting on that 3 sum with Uncle Phil, Daddy and me! Maybe I should of asked for that inside of a backrub! Humph!

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Family Fraternity

A bond like no other, a brother or a sister that you gain through hazing. The only bond that runs deeper is family. Sure all fraternities and sororities have their rush weeks, rituals, parties and loyalties to be proven by eager pledges willing to do whatever it takes to belong. Dastardly tasks and sworn secrets. Every fraternity and sorority has its secrets. Every family has its secrets too. See what happens when seasoned, sinister, sorority slut alumni Mommy, the past president of pi delta pi. And Frat Daddy, the past president of Lamda Lamda Lamda plan a hazing ritual for their son and daughter. Now time honored hazing traditions are met with taboo, true nepotism, and shameful secrets. Secrets that will only be kept if the two pledge siblings can do what it takes to make the rush.
Phase two of the sibling pledges initiation. Mommy tells her Daughter that it is time for her to suck the cocks of all the Frat boys in the room. And her Brother will watch her do it! Her son complains a bit and Mommy decides to put his whinny mouth to work on her pussy and ass till she cums. He wants to be a member of Lamda Lamda Lamda he’s going to have to work too. Along side his sister, on his knees like a good boy. Chi gets to work on one dick at a time then Mommy gets horny and greedy she wants to see her slut daughter with two dicks in her mouth. Mommy is demanding her to suck better and pushes her head down deeper making Chi gag. Mommy shows her by example how it’s done sharing a big cock with her daughter. Mommy even makes Chi suck her own Father and Brother at the same time. When Mommy and Daddy decide that she has earned her slut reward she gets her first load of cum to her pretty face, but there is more sucking, gagging and draining of balls to do. Mommy holds her daughters face and beams with pride as Chi takes load after load to her face and Mommy tells her that she is a vision dripping in cum. Her Daughter takes 7 loads like a true slut! Mommy then sucks the thick glaze off of her face and swaps cum spit and kisses her daughter, the newest pi delta pi member!

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Taboo Oral Explosions

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Watching My Daughter Go Black

Radio shows loves controversy, so is it a surprise that one would feature “Dads addicted to Interracial Porn”? You’re about to witness the show’s host — James Bartholet — go over what’s expected of his guests before they go live. His guests? You might remember Bob, who watched his youngest daughter, Piper Perri, bang Isiah for a record contract. Bob’s about to go on air with his oldest daughter, Iris Rose. In addition to his oldest daughter, Bob’s brought Isiah in, too. The radio show might be good, but what goes down before is great. Bob’s going to watch his favorite black guy turn his eldest daughter into a cum dumpster, even if she’s not on birth control!

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Tiffany Watson in Trading Places

Scene One: Innocence
Wife walks in dressed in hot lingerie, telling you about a special surprise she has in store for you. I saw you looking at our daughter the other day while she walked around in her underwear so I took a picture for you. She pulls out a printed picture of your daughter wearing cute bra and panties. I want to make you cum while you look at your daughter.She gets to the ground and begins to suck you. Don’t look at me, she says, look at your daughter. She pulls off her clothes and compares her body to the girl in the picture then She gets on top of you and fucks you as she taunts you, saying how sick you are and how she is hotter. She holds the picture in front of her body and tells you to stare at it and you cum. You sick fuck, she tells you. I hoped it wasn’t true that you had sexual feelings for our daughter but you just came she says in disgust. I’m leaving you

Scene Two: Forced
Mom comes in her lingerie from previous scene and is angry at her daughter for being more attractive than her. Rips off her daughters clothes and spanks her. As the daughter screams Cory takes off her panties and shoves them in the daughters mouth to taste her fathers cum while being spanked. Then forced pussy licking while Cory taunts her for being a cum loving whore.

Scene Three: Is This Normal
Cory drags her into into the bedroom for her husband to see. She’s dressed in mom’s lingerie (With the bra too big) with outlandishly whorish make-up. Is this what you want. You don’t want a real woman like me, you want a young little slut like your daughter She yells. Cory makes her masturbate for her father. She slides her hand down her panties and rubs herself, humiliated with no pleasure. Cory gets mad that she’s not doing it like a slut and sits behind her using the daughters hands like a puppet rubbing her breasts and pussy. Cory forces her daughter to cum, choking her with one hand and destroying her pussy with the other. She see’s your hard and asks if this is what you want. She pushes her daughters head down on your hard cock and helps her give you a blowjob. Her hand on the back of her daughter’s head pushing . You don’t want me anymore, you just want this inexperienced mouth on your cock. She can’t even give you a good blowjob Cory yells at you as you cum on your daughter’s face.

Scene Four: Now Official

Cory forces her daughter to get on top of you, seeing that your hard again, minutes after cumming on your daughter. She plays with her daughter’s body angrily, giving you everything you want from her. She lays her daughter down and lets you fuck her while she screams for you to stop. You sick fuck, fucking your daughter. I’m so glad I’m divorcing you Cory says. What’s wrong with you? Violating your daughter’s virgin pussy! She snaps a picture to use in the divorce. You cum in your daughter as you fuck her on the bed. Cum oozing out of her pussy Cory tells you that she hope you got her pregnant because she’s going to use that as evidence to get everything from you in the divorce. Hope your happy with your slut whore daughter she says.

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Uncle Forbidden fruit

Scene One: Family grown
This is the story of Cory’s rich, powerful and domineering brother that has paid for everything in Cory’s life. Once a month he visits her and uses her, but now that her daughter Amara has turned 18 the deal has changed. This is Amara cumming of age….Amara’s uncle is coming into town and Cory takes some photos of her daughter to show him how much she’s grown. He also sent Amara some very stylish and very expensive European clothing and Cory makes her put on. Amara is uncomfortable with the revealing clothing and the photos. Cory explains that she has to do better and that she’s going to take sexy photos of her daughter striping out of her new clothes. Amara has no choice but to do what her mom says. Cory poses her like a sex doll, taking naughty photos of the nervous and humiliated girl.

Scene Two: Uncomfortable Position
It’s just then that her uncle walks into the house. He demands the photos and gets angry when their not what he wants. Assume the position He tells Cory. oh god Cory says in desperation, getting to her knees and taking off her clothes. He orders Amara to lick his balls and suck his cock just like her mother.I don’t want to do this, Amara thinks as her mom is fucked on the couch and she’s ordered to suck him when he’s done fucking. She just wants to leave but he forces her to kiss her mom as she is fucked. Then its Amara’s turn. Reluctant and shy Cory yells at her until she complies with his every wish and demand. Ordering them to the floor he cums on both their faces and leaves them.

Scene Three: Forbidden fruit
Amara’s uncle has given mother and daughter some lingerie to wear for the photo session he’s going to have with them. He enjoys watching how humiliated and shy Amara is as he forces them to kiss, touch each other and lick each other, snapping photos the entire time. You have to do it Cory tells her daughter, demanding that she obey. Cory instructs her daughter on how to fuck and forces her to break through her shyness. Oh mommy Amara pleads as he fucks her around the room. She gets to her knees and looks into his eyes as she’s told to say. Please cum in my mouth, I want to share it with my mom Her uncle gives her exactly what she asks for.

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My Step-Sister Stole My Record

That bitch! Rachael Madori, Small Hands’ step-sister, stole his vintage Yellowcard record! These two are always fighting, but thankfully I was there to sort out my son and his step-sister’s differences. If he was going to be mean – well she likes it when you’re mean, you can’t just antagonize her! She and her father make me very happy, after all. And I mean VERY happy. I gave him a pointer on how to get along just right with Rachael.. by making out with her and getting her pussy nice and wet, so that he could sling some dick into her ass and sweet little cunt and work through their differences!

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