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Naughty Niece Creampie

Chelcee Clifton hears that her old Uncle Matt has a job opening with his company. Although she is not qualified for the job, she convinces old Matt to “interview” her. She uses her 18 year old body and cocksucking skills to get his attention. After he fucks her on the couch and cums on her cute ass, she takes him to the bedroom for more cock riding. She seals the deal by telling him to blow his load in her fertile young pussy in a dripping creampie! Part 1 includes her flirting with matt, sucking his cock, getting her pussy licked and getting fucked on the couch Be sure to check out all four Chelcee Clifton videos on here.

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Translesbian Sisterhood

My sister Nina, who I haven’t seen for a long time, came home for her college break. She is very hot and has all the guys horny for her at school. She told me about her new boyfriend and I got curious and asked her intimate details about their relationship. The conversation ended in a hot fuck session having my big sister’s hard cock inside my ass and pussy and a nice creampie in my butthole.

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Cristi Ann in Parental Guidance

Scene One: How to keep a boyfriend

What a day Cristi says coming home from school. She explains to her mom that she’s having boyfriend problems. He’s going to dump me if I don’t have sex with him She explains. She’s worried that she will be terrible in bed. Cory understands her daughter and only wants to help. I really love him She tells her mom. Cory asks her to show how she kisses him.  I’m not judging you. I’m here to help you Cory tells her. They begin to kiss and Cory gives her advice. You should spread your legs when he kisses you Cory tells her sliding her hand between her daughters legs. Cristi lets out a little nervous moan at her mom’s touch of her sensitive pussy. Then he gets on top of you and gropes you, and all you have to do is lay back and enjoy it She says opening up her daughter to a world of sexuality. Oh god mom Cristi moans as her mom takes off her shirt and rubs her cute little pink panties. Give me a show Cory tells her slapping her ass and making her stand and take off her panties. Cristi takes off her mom’s shorts and explores her body. She’s never looked at another girl like this before. Cory wants to show her daughter what real pleasure is like. She bends down and slides her tongue along Cristi’s pussy making her scream for her mom and cum for the first time. Do you want to try it on me? Cristi is instructed on just how to seduce someone. She licks her mom’s pussy and tits as Cory guides her mouth. Cory builds up to a great orgasm from her daughters cute little tongue. Oh you gave mom such a good orgasm She moans. Thank you for teaching me. Mom you’re the best. Cristi says as they kiss. She goes to call her boyfriend who has no idea what he’s in for!

Scene Two: Staying a Virgin

My mom gave me some really good advice Cristi tells you. She pulls up her lacy white bra for you to feel her perfect young breasts, moaning at your touch. Your hands feel so good on my breasts she whispers, nervous to get topless for the first time. Cristi gives you a strip show showing off her new pink thong and her gorgeous young body. Ok I know we’ve never done it before but… I’m going to give you head. I’m so nervous and excited She tells you. She rubs your dick on her face, not sure what she’s suppose to do with it. You tell her to put it in her mouth and she’s not sure about it. She licks it and sucks it tentatively but she can’t do it. I need to stay a virgin She tells you but doesn’t want you to be angry. You can stick it in my butt? I trust you Cristi tells you and spreads her legs. She needs to stay a virgin but doesnt want you to break up with her so she will let you put it in her ass. Her ass is so tight that you can’t get it in and Cristi doesnt know what she’s doing wrong. That’s when Cory walks in. Hi mom! Cristi says embarrassed. Cory see’s what the problem is and decides to help them. Cory oils up her daughters ass and your cock to get you both ready. She guides you in and rubs her daughters pussy as you thrust in and out. I can’t believe your in my ass Cristi moans. You’re cock slips out and you bring your cock to her mouth. Cristi slides her mouth around you and sucks. I’m doing it mom! She shouts. She gets on all fours and lets you fuck her ass from behind. Cristi is moaning as you fuck her and Cory wants to get in on her daughters action. She slides underneath her daughter and licks her pussy as she gets fucked in the ass. You slide your cock from the daughters ass into the mothers mouth and back again, fucking everything. Cory tells her daughter that it’s time to ride him. You lay down and Cristi slides her tight ass down on top of you. Cory helps her fuck you hard and fast. The girls moan for you, Cory sucking on your cock and helping you fuck her daughters ass. You better not cum inside of me, cum in my mom’s mouth Cristi tells you as you fuck her to the edge. You shoot your big load all over the mom’s mouth and show Cristi what cum looks like. Cory wants her daughter to know what it tastes like so she kisses her, pushing the cum into the little girls mouth. They kiss and eat your cum. I’m so happy I could help you guys out Cory says.

Thank you mom Cristi kisses.

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Alex Has Two Mommies

Alex!! What are you doing??? You are supposed to be in bed, baby. How many times have we told you not to spy on your Mommies? You know you’re only allowed to play with us we we say it’s okay… No babe he’s never going to learn if we keep letting him disobey us and then rewarding him… Alright, fine… C’mon honey you can get in the bed with us and play. But son, you really need to ask first next time….

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Natalia Grey Taboo Gamer

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Jerk It In Pregnant Mommy’s Kitty

With her pregant belly in full bloom Ms. Johnson and her step daughter compare each other’s clitoris to see who’s is bigger. One thing is for sure, they both have sensitive plump clits and anything or anyone can trigger an intense sexual response from either. When Vicky’s brother Rick brings him closer he too gets caught up. With Ms. Jonson’s blessing, Vicky starts to suck her brothers cock and strokes his manhood into her mom’s wet pregnant pussy. Rick soon explodes a hot load of cum deep in his mom’s pussy, much to her please and Vicky’s discontent.

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My Scissoring Stepmom

Jordi has no idea his stepmom Leigh is part time lesbian! That is, until he walks in on her scissoring their neighbour, Mrs. Koxxx. But instead of snitching on his stepmom Jordi is going to join these two thick housewives in a secret fuck session!

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German Taboo Morning Sex

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Mommy and Brother House Rules

Ive always fancied myself a loving mother; Im traditional and old fashioned. When a ruckus is heard suddenly from across the house (where my Son and Daughters bedrooms are), I storm into my daughters room only to catch the whore has stolen one of my sex toys! The reason behind all of the yelling and fighting! Shes such a bad little girl; she lies and tells me that he put it there but I know my little boy, he wouldnt do that! I cant believe how this little slut immediately blamed her sweet, innocent brother instead of taking responsibility for her own disgraceful actions. Her ruthlessness towards him didnt end there with the accusations either; the little bitch kneed my poor boy right in his precious manhood causing him to cry out in pain! Not Mommys baby! Its time to teach this little slut how to properly treat a man. I order her onto her knees before him, scolding her for injuring him and not doing as he says in the first place. I tell her that she must make it up to him by to worshipping his beautiful cock with her mouth until he feels better again. Once Im satisfied my baby boy has received a sincere and worthy apology from his awful sister, I force her to remove her panties and lie on the bed so that I can prepare her tight fuck hole to be penetrated by his young, hard and eager cock. Like any good mother would, I start by inserting one finger at a time into her, then another; the little whore is wet! My faith of raising a classy, obedient lady such as myself has been restored! I give my little girl a few gentle, motherly licks before I step out of the way of my perfect boy to have his way with his gorgeous sister. I remind him not to waste his cum on her face but to make sure he cums inside of her. She starts crying about how she is not on birth control and I tell her it’s the only way I will ever be a Grandma! Were such a wonderful family! My children are so lucky to have a mother who loves them like I do!

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I Owed Uncle Phil!

Dear Diary,
Today I was I trying to take a nap when my Uncle Phil came into the room. Ohk so normally when Uncle Phil talks to me it’s because he wants something so I wasn’t to shocked when he said he had waited long enough for the butt sex I have been cock teasing him with. Uncle Phil wanted me to pay up on my word to give him my tight asshole again. Well although I owed Uncle Phil already the hustler I am I decided I wasn’t giving anything up unless I got something out of it too. (Although the anal sex alone was me getting something really great out of it I wanted more! I mean DUH look who were talking about.) Anyway Diary! Uncle Phil agreed to rub my back if I gave up my ass which was a total win win. Two things I absolutely love in one package deal how could I go wrong?! Uncle Phil was quick to drop his pants for me, once they hit the floor I went to getting his cock nice and hard! I had him lay on the bed where I got on top and eased his cock into my ass and started riding him. FUCK was my pussy leaking I was so wet! I was soaking Uncle Phil in my cum when I hopped off and started sucking my ass and pussy juice off of him. Mhmm did it taste fucking amazing! Uncle Phil and I went back to fucking and every so often I would go right from my now gaping asshole to my mouth, I just had to keep tasting myself! Uncle Phil couldn’t hold back once we got into doggy style. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me so the nasty little girl I am I just had to tell him to cum in my ass for me. That set off Uncle Phil’s trigger and before I knew it he drained his balls deep inside me. Haha geez Diary talk about a good time! You know what I am still waiting on that 3 sum with Uncle Phil, Daddy and me! Maybe I should of asked for that inside of a backrub! Humph!

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