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Sister Sperm Diet

Diet crazes seem to come and go…..but this one is really taking young girls by storm!!! There is a new Diet that all the young girls are on, called the “Sperm Diet”. As it turns out….Sperm is very high in protein…and low in carbohydrates……and if you eat/drink a Diet of Sperm exclusively for several weeks….you will lose weight…and feel great!!! A sort of “cleansing”. Blaire has been on the Sperm Diet for a week or so….and she is feeling great, and she has already lost 3 pounds.

The problem with the Sperm diet is….trying to find sources!! Blaire sucked off her boyfriend so many times during the first few days of the Diet…that he is currently in the hospital suffering from dehydration. Desperate….she asks her older Brother Chuck if he would do her a “solid”….and give her some Sperm.

Chuck is baffled by the odd request…..and is reluctant……but Blaire offers to let him lick her Cunt for a while first….and fuck her……if he’ll promise to give her the “nectar” she so desperately needs. Chuck gives in….and after Blaire face sits him….and lets him have a poke at her…..she gets what she wants…. a mouthful of fresh Sperm. “Thanks for my Dinner” Blaire declares as she swallows it all down. What kind of crazy Diet will they cum up with next???!!!

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Sex-Ed Homework With Daddy

Lily is getting frustrated. She is failing Sex-Ed at school….and she thinks that the material is not making any sense to her, because she is a Virgin. When her Dad comes to her room to check on her….Lily explains her dilemma to Dad. Dad tells Lily that she probably needs to experience all the material mentioned in the text book…..to fully understand it. With Dad’s help….Virgin Lily gets the FULL tutorial on Sex!! To start with, Dad teaches her what “cunnilingus” is. He hikes up Lily’s skirt, and begins to lick her tight, young pussy. Lily moans with pleasure. To teach her the definition of “orgasm”…Dad focuses in on her “clitoris” and licks her to her first orgasm.
Dad then shows Lily how the reverse of oral sex on the female works…..by taking off his pants and showing Lily how to suck a cock. Lily even learns to relax her throat muscles and administer Deepthroat!! Dad shows Lily what “69” is…where they can combine the two oral skills she has learned so far…and Lily experiences a second orgasm!! Next, the two check the text book to see what else is in the curriculum and Lily questions what “missionary position” is….so Dad lies her flat on her back…and mounts her!! Dad goes very slow at first…but when she seems to enjoy it….Dad really goes to town on her!! Dad shows Lily “spooning”….and “Doggie-style” and when Lily starts to get flush…and begins to sweat….Dad senses she is aroused immensely and goes down on her again…bringing her to an earth shaking third orgasm!!! Shortly after giving his young Daughter her third orgasm in 25 minutes….Dad unloads inside her…filling her up with a big creampie. Lily seems to understand Sex much better now!!!

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Daddy watch how Son fuck Mommy

Mom has had it!!! Fresh out of the shower….Mom tells Dad…”That little bugger did it again…..he keeps Jerking-off to me every time I take a shower!!! I can’t take it anymore!!”. Dad explains that young Conor’s behaviour is normal for boys his age…that he is full of raging hormones….and any naked female is going to have an effect on him. “But I’m his MOM!!!” Mom cries out. Dad assures her that this “awkward” phase Conor is going through will pass. Since Mom is at the end of her rope…Dad has an idea. “Maybe if we just let him have a go at you….he will get it out of his system…”. Mom is appalled by the suggestion…but since she is also very desperate for a solution….she agrees to give it a try. Mom and Dad call Conor in, and confront him about Jerking-Off to his Mom. Conor is very embarrassed, but before he can opt out of the experiment…..Mom gets his pants down and starts to carress his penis. Mom is shocked at the enormous size of her Son’s cock….and she soon warms up to the situation!! With Dad watching, and coaching…Conor Pumps away at his Mother!! Mom even takes some Spit-Roasting from Hubby and Son , as she sucks Dad’s cock, while Conor Pounds her from behind. Conor finishes by Tit Fucking his Cougar Mother until he cums on her huge Tits. Mom had so much fun, that she tells Conor to ask for Mom’s help next time, instead of Jerking-Off behind her back!

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Mom Cured My Viagra Boner

Poor Brad! One of his friends at school had some Viagra. Brad took a pill…..and thought that it wasn’t working….so he took two more!!! Panic stricken….with a raging, relentless Boner that is approaching 4 hours….Brad has a dirty magazine, and he is masturbating furiously trying to ejaculate, so the painful erection will go away. Unfortunately, his efforts are not working…..and he can’t seem to cum no matter how hard he tries!! The grunts and groans coming from his room make his Mom come in….concerned….and wondering what all the noise was. An embarrassed Brad confesses to his Mom that he overdosed on Viagra…..and that he has had an erection for almost 4 hours. Mom goes into emergency mode….and Mom’s first instinct is to call Brad’s Sister in to Fuck him fast, so he can cum….but turns out that she is at Cheerleading practice!! Left with the choice of hospital….or Mom….Mom decides that she will “take one for the team”…..and let Brad Fuck her so that he can finally cum!! After a good Motherly cock sucking…Mom sticks her ass in the air….and invites Brad to go to town on her. Brad Pounds away at his Mom from behind….and then Mom gets on top….and literally Fucks the cum out of Brad!! Mom’s Cunt fills up with 4 hours of supressed boy semen!!! Hopefully Brad has learned his lesson. Never take 3 Viagra pills….unless you have a Cunt, other that your own Mom’s, to exert your energy upon!!

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Sister Learning to Share

You can’t be in here, you’re my brother.. No, shut up, you don’t even know that… That’s none of your business… Please just leave me alone… That’s only for Daddy…

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Daddy Say You Made Me This Way

Jessa Rhodes is in her room topless and on the phone. Her step father over hears something suspicious and takes a moment to listen. This young blonde whore is having phone sex for money. He busts in the room and catches his step daughter in the act. He scolds her for smoking and confronts her on her slutty behavior. Jessa doesn’t miss a beat. She tells her step father that all the times he came into her room and fucked her tight teenage pussy has turned her into a whore. She says he is responsible for her depraved actions. Jessa knows how to keep him quiet and starts to play with his cock while dominating him. She has reversed the roles and now it is time for her to get all the sex she wants from her step daddy. He can’t do anything to stop her. He knows that if she tells her mother he will be in more trouble than she is. The two fuck each other and enjoy how close they have become over the years before he jerks off in and on his step daughter’s pussy.

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Eat Your Broccoli!

Why is it so difficult for young people to eat their vegetables? Especially Broccoli!!!! Jemma has been told over and over again by Mom & Dad that she must eat all her vegetables….including Broccoli! She and her Brother Jimmy have just finished Dinner….when Dad arrives home….and notices that Jemma’s plate is NOT clear…..she has once again left her Broccoli! Dad is angry with his disobedient Daughter…and dad tells Jimmy to go to his room, while he punishes Jemma.

Jemma is expecting to be grounded…..maybe a loss of allowance….but she did NOT expect what Daddy had in mind for her!!! Dad decides to administer a “different” type of punishment to his sexy, young Daughter!! Dad starts to grope Jemma….running his hands down the front of her top, and grabbing her boobs. “Daddy….you’re not supposed to touch me there” Jemma says….but Dad continues….saying that as a result of not eating her Broccoli…she is going to have to be sexually violated!!!

Dad makes Jemma get down on her knees and suck on his cock. Jemma actually starts to get turned on by the “unusual” punishment….and asks “Daddy….do you want to lick my little pussy?”. Dad eagerly laps away at her beautiful, pink cunt, and then dad starts aiming his big cock at Jemma’s dripping wet cunt….and Jemma says “Be careful with that big cock Daddy…I’m just a little girl….”. Dad inserts his big cock into Jemma’s tight pussy, and gives her a good, hard Pounding!!! Dad finishes off by cumming in Jemma’s mouth….which, despite the fact that it made her gag…..she says that the cum is still better than the Broccoli

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Secret Stepsibling Shave And Fuck

Gracie May Green was up to her usual saturday morning routine of watering the plants in her see through pajamas. Her stepbrother was also up to his usual saturday morning routine of toying with his cock and watching her. Gracie then made her way into the bathroom to wash off, and stepbro followed. Today would be the day that he steals a pair of her panties for his spank stash. He slowly crept in and grabbed them. He got so caught up in sniffing them and jerking off that he ended up getting his cover blown.
Good thing Gracie needed help, or else he would have been fucked. Gracie asked him to assist her in shaving her pussy. It was hard for her to reach the back area without hurting herself. Stepbrother was super gentle. Gracie could see he wanted to lick it too, so she let him. Before long these devious step siblings were fucking all over the bathroom. Stepbrothers cum was blown all over Gracies face and left there to seal her lips and keep this ordeal forever a secret.

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Daddy little girl wants to cum

Jemma saw her Mom and Dad having sex the night before…and noticed her Daddy’s big, hard cock!! She wants to get Daddy to fuck her too….but knows that he would never agree to do that. Jemma has an idea, however!! She knows that it is very dangerous to wake a sleepwalker….so, the next night, when Mom is away…
Jemma pretends to sleepwalk into Dad’s bedroom….and knowing that he wouldn’t dare stop her….she goes right for his cock and starts sucking it!!! Dad doesn’t know what to do…he has no choice but to play along. Jemma gets his cock nice and hard…and fucks him silly!! Just before Dad can’t hold out any more….Jemma confesses that she really isn’t asleep….but that she really wanted to fuck….and this is the only way she could get him to go along with it!!! Dad calls her a bad girl….and proceeds to cum all over her!!!

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Daddy Popped My Cherry

When Bentley’s Dad finds out that she is still a Virgin….he offers to lend a helping hand. Dad explains that when her Brother Jeffrey was her age….Mom showed him the ropes….so, it would be only fitting that he initiate Bentley.
Bentley agrees to let her Dad deflower her….and she takes her clothes off. dad starts by paying close attention to Bentley’s HUGE natural breasts. Dad sucks on them and gently licks the nipples. Dad proceeds to be the first person to lick Bentley’s tight pussy…and when Bentley inquires about cock sucking….Dad shows her a cool way to do both at the same time…..69!!! After a good round of 69…Bentley gets impatient…and wants to move on to the main event. As Dad enters her Pussy….Bentley high-fives her Dad to celebrate the Popping of Her Cherry!!! dad gives Bentley a good fucking…and then….as per her request….he lets her taste his semen. Bentley loves her first time….and immediately calls her Brother Jeffrey in to have a poke at her too!!!

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