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Make Your Daughter Suck My Cock

Rachel has been sucking off the young men in her neighborhood. One afternoon a young man who she had been with once, came back for more. Rachel told him she was married and was not doing that anymore. He insisted she not only blow him but she get her daughter to do it with her. Rachel told him no. He threatened her with some pictures he had. Rachel lived very comfy now with her new husband and her daughter was so happy to be out of the trashy house they lived in before Rachel married this rich man. Rachel started sucking his cock. He told her to go get her daughter. Rachel brought Jessica in to the room, she was only 18. Rachel did not want her to have to do this but explained to her they would lose everything. Jessica did what her mom asked. Rachel opened her blouse and climbed up on the couch smothering him with her tits. Jessica on her knees sucked and jerked him. The two women licked the sides of his cock together paying close attention to the head. Jessica pulled her DDD tits out for him to play with. They jerked him off in to Jessica’s mouth. Rachel told her to swallow it and she did. Rachel saw the look of disgust on Jessica’s face as she swallowed so she told her to give it to her in a kiss. Jessica transferred the cum left in her mouth to Rachel. They told him they were even, he laughed and said maybe.

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Amateur porno video with nice girls. In a remote place far away from people, two very young little sisters have sex for all their wishing. These skanks fuck again and again for money to pay a huge debt.

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Cory Chase and Angie Noir – Lesbian Taboo Affair

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Tony is hanging out at home when his brother Joe shows up to hang out. Tony has just ordered an escort and is telling Joe about it. Joe wants to hang out and join the fun so they wait for her together. When the escort shows up, Tony is in shock to see that it is his daughter. He tells her that she must leave, but she tells him that if she goes without the money her pimp will beat her. She decides that maybe she can give them a little show so they feel like they got something for their money. She starts to do a little dance for her Dad and Uncle. She shows them her breasts and lets them touch them. Then she touches their cocks and asks them to remove their pants. Now she is sucking their cocks, one at a time. Dad and Uncle Joe are completely turned on at this point and as she sucks her Uncle’s cock, Dad starts to fuck her from behind. They take turns fucking and getting their cocks sucked until Uncle Joe shoots his load in Veronica’s mouth. She swallows every last drop. Now it is Dad’s turn. He gets her doggy style again and she tells him to cum on her ass, but he is so turned on that he cums inside of his daughter! Dad and Uncle Joe are exhausted and lie down to take a nap as Veronica gets her stuff together to leave.

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Seeing her friend Molly asleep, Cory slowly gets behind her with a strap on cock. She lightly licks Molly’s pussy, careful not to wake her. Realizing Molly is deeply asleep Cory slides her cock inside and fucks her. She thrusts deep into Molly, fucking faster and faster.

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Daisy Summers – Protecting The Stepsister

When Johnny Sins finds his step sister Daisy Summers flirting with his friend Jason, he tries to warn her that Jason just wants her for her tight teen body. But when she insists that all she’s looking for is a taste of some nice big dick, Johnny does the only thing he can to protect her from his horny friends and whips out his fat cock! As soon as she sees that massive member, she strips down and starts stroking, licking, and sucking it. After sucking that fat cock for a while, she starts fucking it just to see if it’ll fit in her wet teen pussy.

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MILF island, Two Mothers

Rachel and Stacie were MILF sisters. Each had a grown son – Brian and Ricky. One summer the four of them went for a month long vacation on a remote tropicisland where they had the run of a luxury condo. Also in attendance was Rachel’s husband, Frank. Sadly, however, Frank had to go back to the US almost as soon as he arrived. As the head of large corporation he was often called away on important business. Such was the case now. Rachel was none too pleased to see him go. It was a reminder of Frank’s workaholic nature and the fact that he so often put his job before her. Their marriage had been void of romance for a long time, and Rachel had been hoping to restore some of it while they were on the island. She wanted to find a place so remote that he would be forced to focus on family and forget work for awhile. There was something unnatural about this distant island. There were myths of a long forgotten race of people who once inhabited this island. It was said that they practiced strange sexual rituals and that on certain nights you could hear the cries of passion on the wind. So much for that. Yet things were not much better for her sister. Stacie was a divorcee who had not been with a man in several years. Since both siblings were immensely horny, their sex-starved status was almost impossible to endure. But, as it happened, there was relief at near hand – in a highly forbidden form. It began one hot morning when Rachel and Stacie were bathing beside the pool and their son’s were playing around close by. On glancing the young men’s bodies – bared, toned, and glistening in the light – the two sisters become aware for the first time of what hunky specimens they were. They shared excited comments about them under their breath, and each secretly experienced a taboo moistening in their pussies – for son and nephew alike. A seed of lust was sown in that moment. It was a only a matter of time before it grew and overwhelmed them. By midday, the quartet had already started flirting with one another. Numerous beers and wines helped things speedily in that direction. Sat as they were in the downstairs the living-room, there was much hugging and mischievous teasing between them. That night, dressed in only her nightie and robe, Stacie lost her sense of direction while looking for her room. When she walked in on her nephew Brian getting ready for bed, she apologized and made as to leave. But then she saw that he was rubbing his leg. Apparently he had pulled a muscle in his thigh. Stacie remembered how he had given her a sensual shoulder-massage earlier in the day. Now she felt she should return the favor to him. Soon Brian was led face down on the bed and Stacie was running her hands down his back and legs. Both she and her nephew grew increasingly excited by this intimate contact. In time Stacie’s robe fell open to reveal her low-cut nightie and her huge, swelling cleavage. Growing hotter, unable to keep the robe tied together, Stacie eventually took the whole thing off. As Brian turned on to his back and got an eyeful of his voluptuous, sexy aunt, he instinctively reached up and began stroking her shoulders. It was enough to push both of them over the edge. In an instant aunt and nephew were openly touching each other in a sexual way. Then Stacie pulled Brian’s cock from his shorts, stroked it hard, and commenced to suck upon it ravenously. Neither of the lust-crazed pair felt any hesitance or shame about what they were doing. They were committing a taboo act, and perfectly okay with it. In due time, after her long oral-pleasing of Brian, Stacie knelt near to him so that he could finger her exposed pussy while she jerked him off. Her nightie had fallen loose by now, and she used her free hand to play hornily with her big breasts. After all this foreplay, Stacie got down on her hands and knees and begged her young nephew to fuck her deep and hard from behind. Brian gladly went at it. He pounded his big cock into Stacie’s pussy until she cried out at the top of her voice. Such was the force of his thrusting that Stacie’s whole body shook from the impact. There was equal passion when Stacie later got on top of her nephew and rode him long and hard in the cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl positions. This was her first night of fucking in far too long, and she made up for it by working herself up and down the young man’s cock with a tireless frenzy. Come the end of it, she was a panting, thoroughly satisfied MILF. Meanwhile, Rachel and Ricky were having a private aunt-nephew meeting of their own. Rachel had originally come to his room to say goodnight. But events took a different, hotter course to their shared lust for each other. When Rachel drew close to the young man, he turned around, grabbed her, pushed her to the wall, and started kissing her hotly. Rachel acted shocked for propriety’s sake. Then she gave up herself to pleasure. She had been wearing a short skirt and a tight lace top. These came off very quickly under her finished eager hands. With her big breasts uncovered and her panties disposed of, she lay back on the bed, parted her legs, and welcomed her nephew moving down to kiss inside her thighs and then tongue her wet, needful pussy. The young man enjoyed a long feast, and then moved up to fondle her breasts and suckle upon her nipples. Afterwards, Rachel took over. Having sucked her nephew cock big and hard, she climbed on top of it and happily fucked herself up and down on it. This went on for some time – until Rachel switched things to the missionary position. Here Rachel moaned and cooed under a deep, hard pounding. She and Ricky were so horny that they continued to go at it spoon-style. Indeed, Ricky got so carried away that she ended up blowing all his young seed deep into his aunt hot, tight and fertile pussy. Rachel gasped as she took it all. She was not on the pill or any other protection. There was a real chance she might have been knocked up by her nephew. Yet she was not all that concerned. She saw something amusingly wicked and kinky in such a possibility. As with her sister and her son, she and Ricky felt a distinct lack of guilt about what they had done. Three weeks later, on another lovely morning, Rachel and Stacie were sitting out in the fresh air, enjoying a heart to heart talk. Each of them acknowledged how healthy and happy the other had come to look of late. During the course of the conversation, Rachel even told Stacie about her nights of passion with Ricky. Many more had taken place since the first one. The same was true for Stacie and Brian. And so confession was met with confession. Each sister had striven to hide their forbidden conduct from the other in the belief that it wouldn’t be understood. But such concern had been unfounded. The siblings actually understood and sympathized with the other’s actions completely. They both felt that something great had come from their time with their nephews. What troubled them was that they would be leaving the island in a couple of days. It did not seem possible that their taboo relationship could continue in the outside world – with the likes of Frank around to catch them. Therefore, sadly and reluctantly, Rachel and Stacie agreed to tell young men that all the recent forbidden sexual fun would have to come to an end. Brian and Ricky were surprised to find out that they had each been with the other’s mom. But there were no hard feelings between them. They felt only regret that their wonderful sexy adventure was coming to a close. However, Rachel and Stacie had something up their sleeve to soften the blow. They were determined that the four of them should finish things off with a bang. It would be one last tremendous fuck involving them all on the hotel’s king-size bed that night. Everybody loved the idea and could not wait for the time to come. When it did, there was no holding back. Things began with Rachel and Stacie busily stroking and sucking their nephew’s cocks as at the same time. The young men leaned back groaning and smiling from the incredibly skilful pleasuring that they received. The older women were dressed in just their nighties – looking as sexy and comely as ever. On the heels of the long and intense warm-up activity, there came a torrid spell of fucking. Both aunt-nephew couples went at it hard and wild in the cowgirl, then doggy-, then missionary positions. Rachel and Stacie moaned and cried in delight as they welcomed thrust after thrust of their nephew’s big cocks into their hungry pussies. Then, after Rachel had finished a sixty-nine with Ricky, she and her sister did the most taboo thing of all. In their crazed horniness, they each started jerking and sucking off their own sons. They could not help themselves. Deeply and lovingly they licked and worked their lips back and forth along their young men’s hard shafts. Brian came first. He blew all his hot load over his mother’s hands and his own stomach. Nearby, Stacie pumped her son’s cock for all she worth. Rachel came and urged the couple on – straddling Ricky’s face so that he could lick her pussy out in the process. Finally, the young man unleashed all his pent up man-juice. Stacie kept her lips sealed around his cock the whole time. His every drop shot down her throat, and she ended up swallowing it all. Afterwards, she knelt in a daze, hardly able to believe what she had just done. Then Rachel came over and put and around her, smiling. She said there was nothing to feel guilty about. The sex had been worth it. The greatest thing they had ever experienced. Stacie nodded, smiled, and licked a last bit of her son’s cum that hung on her lips. Rachel leaned in and French-kissed her sister to share to share the taste of it express her own sibling-love. Never would any of the taboo-breaking foursome forget their wonderful

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Stepmom Videos – Ava Addams, Daisy Summers

Daisy and Seth are both studying anatomy for their doctor’s permit. They cant seem to get the human heart right because of all the complex intricacies that are involved in its complex structure. The human heart is a very intricate motor that pumps blood through out the body and makes sure that the human machine is working at optimal levels. They were just about to give up when Daisy’s step-mom Ava Adams walked in and told them that she would help them because before she became a step-mom she had a very lucrative career as a nurse, However she isn’t one now, she still has a good memory about how the body works. She tells her step-daughter that she can help her find the best way to get them to remember what the heart does and what it regulates, like for instance, the hard erection and the stimulated clit. But in her lessons Ava uncovered there was a lot more than anatomy that was being overlooked in their school careers. Ave soon discovered that tney were also lacking in sexual skill. Well its a good thing that step-mom was there to save the day. Because now they are going to get a lesson that you wont be able to get from books. The art of fucking your step-mom.

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